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It’s a wonderful fact that represents the worlds-finest holistic and alternative lifestyles educators. After five years of working to grow the Institute, our faculty has worked with over 4,000 students in 89 countries.

Forward Thinking

Wherever you’re headed, we believe that BodyMind Institute can provide you with the education which will sustainably fuel your personal health and wellness. At BodyMind, you will be able to openly delve into the online courses and topics which matter to your quality of life.

Free E-Learning Video Library

Instantly adopt holistic lifestyles from qualified expert instructors and career professionals through video e-learning. Everyone who enrolls receives exclusive access to BMI’s priceless holistic online library featuring world famous lecturers and contemporary professionals.

Course Guidance Support

So, what are you here for? Where is is that you’re headed, and what are your goals? What type of vital education do you really desire? Our BodyMind Institute Support Director will guide you to the right courses and education path to help you achieve your personal and education goals.

BodyMind Institute Founder, Lars Gustafsson recalls: In 2008, it was on one of my many, many personal trips into the Canadian Rocky Mountains, that I suddenly realized:

Everything that I have been learning and preparing for, in creating online learning for the BodyMind Nutrition certifications, is actually meant to be in support of a much more broad holistic education vision!”

I clearly remember what it felt like to realize that, everything I had been preparing for, was intended to support the brilliant professional instructors (which I would later meet).  In those special personal moments in the mountains, I was enthralled, and I couldn’t wait to take this Canadian Rocky Mountain vision to our BodyMind advisory board. At that time, I had the incredible privilege, honor, and pleasure to retain an advisory board group with 17 of the most generous and intelligent doctors, business and life coaches, and wellness experts.  In one of our quarterly meetings, this group unanimously agreed to establish a holistic education institute.  This organization could carry each of the condensed principles of actionable education, into the many courses our collective of professional instructors could create.  We all held the vision that, together, the BodyMind holistic instructors and the students who seek them out could raise the vibration of the human spirit, and better life for individuals and their offline communities.  Holistic education really took the spotlight at this exciting meeting! Read More >>

We, the collective faculty at BodyMind Institute, are dedicated to learning, applying, and growing ourselves into unique, sustainable, and holistic beings. We support holistic lifestyles which truly focus on the mind, body, & spirit of life. It is our collective pleasure that you are here now; to explore, learn, apply, and share what you’ve learned with others you know. The faculty of BodyMind Institute is supportive of your holistic education.

We are focused on instructing learners who are Holiatry’s brightest stars; career-oriented and personal learners! 

Our missions include providing our online communities with holistic –full-natured–wisdom. It is the wisdom of our own lives which is the wisest of the wisdoms. Life experience helps you to prove your own wisdom. Studying holiatry–in it’s many natural forms–will likely rock your world. Our worlds were rocked, too; when we first began to learn. And you know what? The wonderment has not ceased?! Mother Nature–and holiatry–are beautifully simple and complex; soothing and fierce; real and unthinkable. Each of us on the faculty has fun instructing about all of these types of important life lessons. Isn’t that what lessons are meant for?  To be converted into experience and real life wisdom? We think so. Read More >>

We welcome you to our team, our global family … It’s a delight you are here to get to know us. Each of our mission embodies the essence of the sunrise.  The bright, hopeful energy of a new day that is filled with potential.  We bring this energy into everything we do personally in our own lives, in every moment.  It is from this wellspring of pure potential that we are inspired to bring you our highest and brightest energy, so that you can enjoy magnificent education that uplifts your life and of those you influence. There are so many ways in which our team looks forward to helping you as you serve your community online and offline.   Every course, lesson and support mechanism that we have put into place is meant to serve you and your goals.  Every moment throughout every day that our team is privileged to serve you and our faculty, we invent new ways to bring education to you and those you love.  You will discover so much through the Edu-tainment newsletters, our Facebook and other online communities that can help you implement what you learn.   You will be an inspiration to others all over the world as you share with all of us what you are doing with the education you are receiving. Read More >>

As you enter this new phase of your life, journeying into the deeper knowledge and wisdom that David will bring you in this course, you will also begin to connect with everyone around you in new ways.   It is a fact that as we take on new knowledge and apply it in our lives, the experiences we have shift the way in which we interact with others.  Our energy shifts, vibration changes, and we literally magnetize new experiences, people and events. This is what makes this certification course and it’s global community so exciting.  What is happening for you has been occurring for thousands of others in over 89 countries around the world! So why not meet others and share in your experiences? As a student with David and our Institute, you are invited to join our discussions in a private Facebook Students Corner.   Share your experiences and personal angles on the information you are learning.  Become involved in initiates that other students have.. and even create your own and share them with us. Join us! We are so excited you are here!

“In Melbourne, Australia I was looking for a birthday present and randomly walked into a retail store and came across David Wolfe’s book – Superfoods. ‘Food and medicine of the future’ grabbed my attention and intuition said to just buy the book. Little did I know that 6 months later it would lead me to do a internet search and find out that he had a course. I couldn’t believe it actually existed at the BodyMind Institute. What an amazing discovery! A course that gives you a holistic and fun approach into health and well-being as David provides innovative and inspiring information. Great insight to anyone interested in creating a holistic career. Thank you David for all your hard work, positivity and research! I’ve become a certified raw nutrition coach through the BodyMind Institute as well as a reiki practitioner and my career background is in marketing. I am currently putting together a social media platform called  ‘raw explorer’ – an information portal to enlighten and connect to holistic resources to improve life, health and well-being.” 

Katarina Vrkic Australia,

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