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100% Money Back Guarantee

The David Wolfe Nutrition Certification course comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
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“As a graduate of this course I can’t recommend it highly enough. Innovative, informative and truly enlightening. A must for anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of raw and superfood nutrition”.
Nicole French

An Incredible Community!

~ Families upgrading their daily nutrition and health practices
~ Health professionals from all fields of holistic health and wellness
~ Nutritionists, Naturopaths, and Chiropractors
~ Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers
~ Yoga Teachers, Trainers, and Reiki Masters
~ And so many more!! :-)

Is your life super busy? Become Certified in just 10-30 minutes each day!

You’re going to LOVE David Wolfe’s Nutrition Certification program! The information you learn in this extensive course can be applied to your daily life, and used to improve your own health, integrated into your existing knowledge base, and will enhance your career qualifications as a health coach. Enjoy the flexibility of an online video course series that is flexible, and allows you work and finish at your own pace… no matter where you are in the world!

Advance your life and career!  Save 1,000’s of hours and decades of time in learning from David!

  • Your world is your school… Learn online with David from anywhere!
  • Use the information instantly… Next, go offline and practice what you’ve learned!
  • Education that fits a busy life… Improve your life and those of family and clients!
  • Use your certification in dozens of different business opportunities worldwide!




David Wolfe

~ Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert ~ David is a total rock star of the superfoods and longevity world, is trusted by America’s TOP CEOs, Global Ambassadors, Hollywood celebrities, busy professionals, and even the most powerful buying influence in the nation… the Moms!

Educational Background:

  • Masters Degree of Nutrition from The University of Integrated Sciences
  • Juris Doctor in Law from The University of San Diego (JD) (1998)
  • Environmental and Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara (BS) (1993)
  • Political Science from UC Santa Barbara (BA) (1993)
  • President of the Environmental Law Society at The University of San Diego (1998)

Millions of people around the world look to David for expert advice in holistic health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and raw superfood chocolate! David is the celebrity spokesperson for the brand new NUTRiBULLET™ Superfood Nutrition Extractor, co-founder of online health magazine, and is President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation; with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth!

It is a fact that, as we allow new knowledge and apply it to our own lives, the experiences which we have will shift the very way in which we interact with others.  Our energy shifts, vibration changes, and we literally magnetize new experiences, people and events.  And, as you enter tis new phase of your life–by learning what David knows–you will also begin to perceive and connect with people around you, in totally new ways!  David’s information will help you to shift your life’s energy, and you will literally magnetize new positive experiences, people, and events into your life.

You are invited to join a community of others who are also journeying into the deeper knowledge and life wisdom, which David shares with you in this one-of-a-kind online holistic video e-course. As a student with David and our Institute, you are invited to join our discussions in a private Facebook Students Corner.  You can share your experiences and personal angles on the information you are learning. You can become involved in initiatives that other students have… and you even create your own project plans and ideas, and change the world!

This certification course and it’s global community are very exciting. And you can feel part of a new human growth that is happening for thousands of other BodyMind Institute student-learners, in over 90 countries around the world!



David Wolfe Nutrition Certification Curriculum

In addition you receive these key learning tools today:

170 Lesson Transcripts and 100+ Review Quizzes

PLUS you instantly receive:

40 BRAND NEW “Color Cure” Video Lessons

AND David’s exclusive coaching guides.

A message from David:

“I am extremely excited to have you on my team! In this certification program, we become partners in bringing education and cutting-edge information to world, together. My deepest desire is that you take this information and develop massive momentum from my years of experience — condensed into 12 hours of video lessons — to propel you into a career that will take what I have discovered and learned another 1000 times farther!
David Wolfe


Payment Plan $91.39/mo
~ David’s Life Success Philosophies
~ David’s Step-By-Step Coaching Systems
~ Q&A's answered personally by David Wolfe over 5 years!
Unlimited 24/7 Access
365 Day Course Access
230 Video Lessons
100 Handouts & Quizzes
Step-By-Step Coaching Guides
Video Transcripts
1 Final Exam
BONUS: "David On The Road" Video Lessons
NEW: David Wolfe's 40 Color Cure Video Lessons!

Lesson 01 Video: Allowing Intuition to Guide You
Lesson 02 Video: Upgrading Your Choices
Lesson 03 Video: Accelerated Learning
Lesson 04 Video: How Much Raw?
Lesson 05 Video: Juicing and Blending
Lesson 06 Video: Nuts and Seeds
Lesson 07 Video: Seaweed
Lesson 08 Video: Sprouts and Grasses
Lesson 09 Video: Describing Raw To Someone New
Lesson 10 Video: David’s Pantry – Part 1
Lesson 11 Video: David’s Pantry – Part 2
Lesson 12 Video: David’s Pantry – Part 3
Lesson 13 Video: David’s Pantry – Part 4
Lesson 14 Video: David’s Pantry – Part 5
Lesson 15 Video: David’s Pantry – Part 6
Lesson 16 Video: Spring Water
Lesson 17 Video: An Introduction to David’s Kitchen
Lesson 18 Video: Your First Elixir – Part 1
Lesson 19 Video: Your First Elixir – Part 2
Lesson 20 Video: In David’s Garden – Part 1
Lesson 21 Video: In David’s Garden – Part 2
Lesson 22 Video: In David’s Garden – Part 3
Lesson 23 Video: In David’s Garden – The Crystal Rock

Lesson 24 Video: Accelerated Learning
Lesson 25 Video: Your 2nd Elixir – Part 1
Lesson 26 Video: Your 2nd Elixir Part 2
Lesson 27 Video: Your 2nd Elixir Part 3
Lesson 28 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 1
Lesson 29 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 2
Lesson 30 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 3
Lesson 31 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 4
Lesson 32 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 5
Lesson 33 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 6
Lesson 34 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 7
Lesson 35 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 8
Lesson 36 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 9
Lesson 37 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 10
Lesson 38 Video: Body & Mind Conditions – Part 11
Lesson 39 Video: Industry Legal Points
Lesson 40 Video: Evening Elixir – Part 1
Lesson 41 Video: Evening Elixir – Part 2
Lesson 42 Video: Evening Elixir – Part 3
Lesson 43 Video: Evening Elixir – Part 4
Lesson 44 Video: Evening Elixir – Part 5
Lesson 45 Video: Intro to Sun Gazing
Lesson 46 Video: Foraging for Salad – Part 1

Lesson 47 Video: Foraging for Salad – Part 2
Lesson 48 Video: Foraging for Salad – Part 3
Lesson 49 Video: Foraging for Mushrooms – Part 1
Lesson 50 Video: Foraging for Mushrooms – Part 2
Lesson 51 Video: Foraging for Mushrooms – Part 3
Lesson 52 Video: Creating Your Ultimate Tea
Lesson 53 Video: David Wolfe’s Favorite Book Reviews
Lesson 54 Video: Book Review on Rudolf Steiner
Lesson 55 Video: FAQ – Part 1
Lesson 56 Video: FAQ – Part 2
Lesson 57 Video: FAQ – Part 3
Lesson 58 Video: FAQ – Part 4
Lesson 59 Video: FAQ – Part 5
Lesson 60 Video: Spring Water Science
Lesson 61 Video: A Rare Plant
Lesson 62 Video: Making a Chocolate Treat
Lesson 63 Video: Redefining Beauty
Lesson 64 Video: Maximum Immunity – Part 1
Lesson 65 Video: Maximum Immunity – Part 2
Lesson 66 Video: Metabolism
Lesson 67 Video: A New Spending System
Lesson 68 Video: Protein
Lesson 69 Video: Carbohydrates
Lesson 70 Video: Conclusion
Final Exam


Video Lesson Sneak Peak #1

Video Lesson Sneak Peak #2

Video Lesson Sneak Peak #3


Join thousands of your fellow BodyMind Institute online student-learners in 89 countries!

People from all walks of life around the Earth are truly raving about David’s certification course. They report to us that they are utilizing the principles learned in the course to upgrade their daily nutrition, lifestyle, and overall wellness consciousness.

JOIN world-renowned Nutrition Expert, David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe has traveled the globe for 20 years, and in this course he reveals ALL — including all his collected secrets to living naturally, holistically, sustainably, and happily:

~ To live abundantly, you must learn to love and have deep respect for the Earth.
~ What’s the little bit more that you can do each day? Applying ‘adding-in’ principles in every area of your life.
~ Incorporate info on immunity, healthy weight balancing, and cleansing protocols, to keep your vitality strong!
~ Enjoy knowing how to use and apply the latest holistic health technologies.
~ Discover a series of ultimate, raw, “superfoods” and “super herbs” that support your ever-changing body.
~ Upgrade your life and wellness consciousness through eating living food and drinking real spring water.
~ And so much more!

The positive feedback over the past years is simply stunning!

We constantly learn and grow.

“It’s all about humility, learning from the greats, and taking what you learn and applying it instantly in your life.  From these experiences you continue to upgrade, add-in, and pass on this gift to everyone you know.”
David Wolfe

“I found myself not only learning from nutrition basics, herbalry, Chinese medicine, super foods, power mushrooms, but also the most intricate mechanisms of the human mind and body in ways that I could have never imagined learning of before.  Disease as a word disappeared from my mind as David walked us through any single possible power solution you can imagine targeting the common ailments, misperceptions, and health choice based problems in humanity. David masterfully embraces RAW beyond the comfort zones of preparing a smoothie, eating a salad, or using RAW as a fashion statement rather than a lifestyle.  Graduating from this course, has been one of the most exciting moments of my life. I am honored to be part of their team, and most of all, a responsible member of our Human Family, with whom I now share with, what I had the privilege to learn from David & The Body Mind Institute.” ~ Ivonne Delaflor Alexander, President, Delaflor Teachings International

“This is the best nutritional course you can find on the web at the moment with abundance of scientific and esoteric facts and knowledge. You can actually use these materials as a personal health plan (if you are not interested in why and how it works – you just want to eat healthy), or you can dig deeper and explore the biochemistry and agriculture to the finest details. It’s up to you. David is an amazing guy that shares his knowledge in a fun way and you start to appreciate it once you realize how rare that really is – fun and easy to understand language that can upgrade your health in a matter of days. His ability to present facts about fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, sprouts, superfoods and superherbs from different angles is so powerful that before you even reach the end of the course you will find yourself experimenting with presented materials and becoming the healthiest you ever! There is definitely a reason you are here. :)”  Vladimir Sersic

Very engaging and comprehensive!

“David’s Ultimate Nutrition Certification course is such an attractive consortium of up to date, deep down information. I’ve never felt so in the right place at the right time. If this is what school felt like when I was growing up I never would’ve wanted to stop. Being capable of playing the lessons over and over again is so valuable!!!” Mike L.

The puzzle has fallen into place!

“I have studied David’s work for years reading his books, participating in the Longevity Now conferences and watching his videos but after completing this course the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. I am now qualified and inspired to continue David’s dream of passing it all on.  Thank you David!”  Bill Stringfellow

Video Lesson Sneak Peak


Your pace: anytime & anywhere.

BodyMind Institute offers you the online freedom to learn at your own pace.
Your online classroom is wherever you choose, and is accessible to you
24 hour a day, 365 days each year.

Dynamic Learning

Learn, Watch, Practice, Share, and Repeat
Your online holistic video education can be turned into personal experiences.
Once you go offline to practice what you’ve learned,
then you become the teacher!


Questions & Answers

Learn more deeply through questions.
Your inquiry will lead to expansive exploration.
Thinking outside of the box.

“I loved the way the course content was delivered. The format of videos, handouts and quizzes made the learning experience so much fun. I used the handouts as an introduction to the video lesson as well as a summary after watching them.  And the quizzes were a great reassurance of mastering the content and the best preparation for the Final Exam. All in all awesomely delivered and the Lesson Transcriptions were the cherry on top! Especially for tackling both Visual and Auditory learning modes. :)”
~ Daryl Nunes, From Aruba

“I am thoroughly loving this course. I am learning so much and incorporating new things into my life/blender every day. This is so much more than fruit and vegetables ! The tonic superherbs are astounding. I love that you film from your home, the authenticity is refreshing and definitely conducive to learning. I sincerely thank you for creating and sharing this wealth of information. The side effects are amazing !!! I was already very healthy but now, it really is a different world. I absolutely love it.”
~ Isabelle Oliver, California

Your Beautiful Course Certificate
PLUS Special Enrollment Bonuses!

You will receive a beautiful certificate of completion which you can display proudly in your office.


Nutrition Certificate

High resolution certificate of completion.


FREE Institute Library Courses

$1,000’s in FREE Courses upon enrollment.


Unlimited Course Access

24/7 – 365 day – 1yr Unlimited Course Access


100% Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy a risk free 30 Day Trial.


Join a Global Community

Join students from over 90 countries.

If you already have great health . . . fabulous!  To help you coach others, in this course David shares his coaching tips, philosophies and inspirations that have been most effective for thousands of students.

PLUS … you will have access to ALL of the 100 HD BONUS NoniLand Video Lessons!
NoniLand — Lesson 01: Introduction (2.5min)
NoniLand — Lesson 02: Noni Fruit (7min)
NoniLand — Lesson 03: NoniLand Tea (2min)
NoniLand — Lesson 04: Avocado Tree (2min)
NoniLand — Lesson 05: Weeding – Pt1 (1min)
NoniLand — Lesson 06: Weeding – Pt2 & NPK Fertilizers (2min)
NoniLand — Lesson 07: Upper NoniLand Tour (8min)
NoniLand — Lesson 08: Ayahuasca & Chacruna (3min50sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 09: Papaya & Passion Flower (4min)
NoniLand — Lesson 10: Nitrogen Fixing & Soil Care (12min)
NoniLand — Lesson 11: Tenting & Leveraging Time (2min48sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 12: Durian & Mangostene (4min30sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 13: Cacao Intro (2min)
NoniLand — Lesson 14: NoniLand Misc Pantry Items — And Key Theme of Trust (3min 35sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 15: Quick Piece on Mushrooms (38sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 16: Fresh Coconut (6min)
NoniLand — Lesson 17: Fresh Sprouted Coconut (10min)
NoniLand — Lesson 18: Neem Tree (4min)
NoniLand — Lesson 19: Picking NoniLand Sacred Chocolate (7min)
NoniLand — Lesson 20: Lower NoniLand Tour (11min)
NoniLand — Lesson 21: Shamanic Gardening, Reishi and Comfrey Fertilizer (3min30sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 22: NoniLand Nursery Tour – Pt1 (10min)
NoniLand — Lesson 23: Taking Care of The Soil (2min43sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 24: NoniLand Nursery Tour – Pt2 (12min)
NoniLand — Lesson 25: GMO’s & Things You Can Learn From Gardening (3min27sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 26: David Wolfe’s Take on Balanced Nutrition (11min)
NoniLand — Lesson 27: Making Good Decisions and Stepping Into Certainty (1min31sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 28: NoniLand Nursery Tour – Pt3 (4min33sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 29: Ponderosa Lemon & Bee Polination of a Mango Tree (8min13sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 30: NoniLand Nursery Tour – Pt4 (12min)
NoniLand — Lesson 31-40: Healthy Immunity
NoniLand — Lesson 41: Nourishing With The Highest Elements (2min33sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 42: IMPORTANT MESSAGE — No Single Nutrition System Is The ONLY One (11min)
NoniLand — Lesson 43: Planting A Cacao Tree & A Lesson In Nutrition Ratios – Pt1 (8min)
NoniLand — Lesson 44: Planting A Cacao Tree & A Lesson In Nutrition Ratios – Pt2 (8min30sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 45: Planting A Cacao Tree & A Lesson In Nutrition Ratios – Pt3 (10min27sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 46: Spring Water – Pt1 (5min46sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 47: Spring Water – Pt2 (9min25sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 48: Spring Water – Pt3 (6min23sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 49: Spring Water – Pt4 (5min7sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 50: Spring Water – Pt5 (7min45sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 51: Spring Water – Pt6 (7min45sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 52: Sacred Kauai Blue Room & Topic of 2012 – Pt1 (7min)
NoniLand — Lesson 53: Sacred Kauai Blue Room & Topic of 2012 – Pt2 (7min43sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 54: Sacred Kauai Blue Room & Topic of 2012 – Pt2 (2min28sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 55: Evening Kauai Beach Walk (8min35sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 56: Full Moon Lesson on the Beach (5min)
NoniLand — Lesson 57: Sea Shell Garden Gifts & Macuna Lesson Pt1 (10min27sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 58: Macuna Lesson Pt2 (3min50sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 59: Wild Noni Forest (3min42sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 60: MOTIVATIONAL Piece on the POWER of Writing Down Your Goals (9min10sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 61: Radioactive Fallout Strategies – Pt1 (7min)
NoniLand — Lesson 62: Radioactive Fallout Strategies – Pt2 (5min50sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 63: Radioactive Fallout Strategies – Pt3 (5min21sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 64: Radioactive Fallout Strategies – Pt4 (6min22sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 65: Baobob Tree – Pt1 (10min39sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 66: Baobob Tree – Pt2 (7min38sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 67: Baobob Tree – Pt3 – “Asking The Right Questions” (5min39sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 68: Baobob Tree – Pt4 (8min13sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 69: Baobob Tree – Pt5 (6min41sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 70: Cleansing – Pt1 (9min17sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 71: Cleansing – Pt2 (8min12sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 72: Cleansing – Pt3 (7min20sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 73: Learning & Creating Hope (8min45sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 74: Your STATE of MIND (7min30sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 75: Your state of mind for being on stage. (5min)
NoniLand — Lesson 76: Cleansing and Salt (4min22sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 77: Cleansing the Lungs (7min39sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 78: Cleansing the Liver (5min)
NoniLand — Lesson 79: Cleansing the Reproductive Systems (4min)
NoniLand — Lesson 80: Cleansing the Thyroid (7min38sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 81: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt1 (6min)
NoniLand — Lesson 82: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt2 (6min23sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 83: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt3 (6min16sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 84: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt4 (6min)
NoniLand — Lesson 85: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt5 (5min34sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 86: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt6 (6min31sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 87: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt7 (7min31sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 88: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt8 (4min)
NoniLand — Lesson 89: NoniLand Cacao Class – Pt9 (6min16sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 90: NoniLand Noni-Alo Vera Smoothie – Pt1 (4min47sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 91: NoniLand Noni-Alo Vera Smoothie – Pt2 (8min46sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 92: EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Wolfe & Nassim Haramein – Pt1 (10min)
NoniLand — Lesson 93: EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Wolfe & Nassim Haramein – Pt2 (9min23sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 94: EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Wolfe & Nassim Haramein – Pt3 (9min)
NoniLand — Lesson 95: EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Wolfe & Nassim Haramein – Pt4 (10min)
NoniLand — Lesson 96: EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Wolfe & Nassim Haramein – Pt5 (10min)
NoniLand — Lesson 97: EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Wolfe & Nassim Haramein – Pt6 (9min21sec)
NoniLand — Lesson 98: EXCLUSIVE Interview with David Wolfe & Nassim Haramein – Pt7 (7min)
NoniLand — Lesson 99: Introduction to The Resonance Project



Bonus Coaching Material

The ultimate Coaching Guides from David!
~ Raw Coaching Welcome
~ Raw Pantry Activity
~ Confidential Health Info & Waiver Form
~ Raw Discovery Form
~ Calcification
~ Raw Coaching Session 1
~ Insulin Resistance Questionnaire
~ Raw Coaching Session 2
~ Raw Coaching Session 3
~ Raw Coaching Session 4
~ Herbs and Advantages
~ Raw Coaching Session 5
~ Raw Coaching Session 6




“Learning from David is an enlightening experience that is enriching my life beyond belief. I am very grateful to learn more and more about a simplistic and natural approach to life and health. I am experiencing more inner strength and power and yet, more peace and connectedness all life. Peace and Love to all of you at The BodyMind Institute.”  D. M. Laura



“The whole journey has inspired my passion for healthy nutrition and I found David’s course so interesting in a casual kind of way and learned so much through the way the videos were presented. E.g. while watching David make a chocolate smoothie all this information was delivered in an interactive way! Loved the fun way it was all delivered. I am so inspired now! Wishing you all love and light from Africa.”
~ S. Davis, South Africa

Get ready! You are about to be immersed into a totally interactive and entertaining learning experience which will instantly accelerate your life and health career!

New Career Choice? Add-on? Personal Growth?

Payment Plan $91.39/mo
~ David’s Life Success Philosophies
~ David’s Step-By-Step Coaching Systems
~ Q&A's answered personally by David Wolfe over 5 years!
Unlimited 24/7 Access
365 Day Course Access
230 Video Lessons
100 Handouts & Quizzes
Step-By-Step Coaching Guides
Video Transcripts
1 Final Exam
BONUS: "David On The Road" Video Lessons
NEW: David Wolfe's 40 Color Cure Video Lessons!

There is a magnificent energy to the excitement, passion and continued personal growth you experience through your continued study with David and other masters in health, nutrition and consciousness.  This epic journey you are on is fueled by the wisdom that comes through extensive personal experience and research on the part of masters that have gone before you.  It is an incredibly wise decision to condense your own time to take on information like this, as you save literally decades of time with these video lessons from David.

Sneak Peak Video Lesson #4


MORE Bonus Video Lessons!

The David Wolfe Worldwide Education Tour


~ Part 1 of 2: The First Cacao Harvest in Noni Land
~ Part 2 of 2: The First Cacao Harvest at Noni Land
~ The Raw Food Trucker
~ Chaga Hunting
~ Mugwort
~ Wild Artichoke / Milk Thistle
~ Lightning Tree Reishi
~ Wild Celery
~ Zappers
~ A Night With The Lettuce Gods: Part 1
~ A Night With The Lettuce Gods: Part 2
~ An “Air Well” in Cusco Peru
~ Water Vortex Phenomenon – from Avalon Ontario
~ Mimosa Pudica – from Noni Land

How long is the Raw Nutrition Certification?
The course, comprised of 70 video lessons, is delivered 100% online. Each lesson is summarized by a handout and followed by a quiz and a final exam at the end of the course. You will have access to all elements of the course, including bonus materials, for a period of 365 days from the date of enrollment. During that time, you can watch the videos and retake the quizzes as many times as you’d like. Students have found this to be invaluable for learning and retaining knowledge.

Each year new material has been added from one-on-one filming with David as he travels the world. In 2011 a brand new section was added from NoniLand, with 100 brand new videos! These monumental efforts to keep the course material current, condensed and in depth will always be a hallmark of this course.

Can I see a sample of what the course looks like?
We have provided you with sample lessons right on this page.


Will I be able to contact David Wolfe for any questions?
David has a support team in place to answer your questions and receive feedback. He travels 40 weeks out of the year to meet his students at events across the globe and would love to hear from you. Send David’s Raw Support Team an email at


Can you tell me about the final exam?
The final exam is comprised of 100 randomly selected questions taken directly from the 70 quizzes and over 450 review questions in this highly interactive course. Your best study tools are the quizzes.

To pass the final exam, you must achieve a score of 80% or greater. You have two attempts to accomplish this.


What if I don't finish my course during my access period (365 days)?
You will have access to all elements of the course, including bonus materials, for a period of 365 days from the date of enrollment. During that time, you can watch the videos and retake the quizzes as many times as you’d like.

If you require more time to access your course content, you can renew your course for a fee.

Payment Plan $91.39/mo
~ David’s Life Success Philosophies
~ David’s Step-By-Step Coaching Systems
~ Q&A's answered personally by David Wolfe over 5 years!
Unlimited 24/7 Access
365 Day Course Access
230 Video Lessons
100 Handouts & Quizzes
Step-By-Step Coaching Guides
Video Transcripts
1 Final Exam
BONUS: "David On The Road" Video Lessons
NEW: David Wolfe's 40 Color Cure Video Lessons!