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David Avocado Wolfe

Frank Moffatt

The #1 benefit you’ll receive from taking this course is the opportunity to serve a much broader audience and sharing your gift with the world!

Through this exciting, new interactive medium you will provide the ultimate Win/Win/Win solutions:

  •    For your students (Advanced Education and Personal Growth)!
  •    Your personal and extended network (Revenue Opportunity)!
  •    AND yourself (Expanded Reach and Revenue Opportunity).!

~ Frank Moffatt
    Co-Producer And Teacher In This Course
    Founder: YSF Media Inc.

Are You Ready To Share Your Gift?

Do any of these statements reflect your desire? If yes, then this Accelerated Learning course will be perfect for you in this moment.

Frank Moffatt
  •    I am ready to learn how to transform my knowledge into an exciting online course!
  •    I want to take action and learn how-to convert my offline education into an empowering and actionable online experience.
  •    I have a book, class and/or workshop that I know needs to reach a much larger global audience! 
  •    I am new to the online education world, and have no idea where to start?
  • I feel ready to view education in a different way, and want to be part of the new emerging paradigm of teaching and learning. 
  • I want to share my unique experiences with others!

Leverage your knowledge into financial freedom!

Your Course Creation Guide
Curriculm Synopsis


So how do you create an amazing course?

You must build an outline. To create your outline there are a number of ways and programs that can assist you. Mind maps, Excel spreadsheets, design flow solutions … The key is to build the basic structure first, and to include the funnel system to ensure you continue to provide educational resources to improve the growth and development of your students.


So how do you create a course that inspires others to engage and share?

You must create a course that is driven by your passion and love. The TLC you put into your course creation will not be missed by your students. Passion is contagious, when you speak into the camera or when you are recording voice overs, it’s your passion that will propel others to act.


Once you have created your beautiful course, the next steps will guide you to reach the masses.

Publishing is a numbers game and the bigger your reach the more sales you will secure ... which translates into more people who are benefiting from your wisdom.  Learn how to join all your branding and course material into a unified marketing machine.. and develop networks for maximum reach.


So how do you market your course and monetize your efforts?

Again it helps to have a large following and network ... and if you don’t have one it’s time to start building one. Leverage those around you with similar followings and interested students.  Build a solid following on social media – Facebook , Twitter, Instagram ...• Create a Mastermind group to attain additional information and expertise from your colleagues here at the Accelerated Learning and BodyMind Institutes.

Leverage your knowledge into financial freedom!

Your Course Creation Guide Teachers

Frank Moffatt

~ Lars Gustafsson
    Founder: BodyMind Institute

In 2009, Lars founded the BodyMind Institute to bring the life work of leaders in wellness, life and business education to the world.

Currently 10,000's of students have been enjoying the dozens of courses, 1,000's of video lessons and life changing information from David Avocado Wolfe, Dr. Terry Willard many others!

Through 1,000's of hours invested into creating and polishing online education, Lars and his team have created meticulous, successful, and highly interactive education courses. This extensive experience has been compiled into this comprehensive video and interactive course to help propel you into the world of online education!

Frank Moffatt

~ Frank Moffatt
    Co-Producer And Teacher In This Course
    Founder: Your Second Fifty

Frank Moffatt is an International Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Coach, Music Producer, Movie Producer, and founder of Your Second Fifty.

Frank has spoken in over 15 countries around the world including the main stage at the 2013 BIBF (Beijing International Book Fair). In years past Frank managed his four sons “The Moffatts” to international music stardom, has dined with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Chancellors, and Sultans, has travelled to over 60 countries, and coached numerous youth sports teams to regional and provincial championships.

Today Frank is focused on his position as CEO of YSF Media Corp. overseeing the operations of Your Second Fifty (YSF) home of inspirational education to improve and enhance one’s life throughout their second fifty, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually!

Living by the mantra - Live Learn Laugh Love ~ Lead and keep smiling!

Your Course Creation Guide Advisors

David Avocado Wolfe
David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Teresa de Grosbois
Relationship Marketing Expert

Les Hewitt
The Power Of Focus

Tracy Repchuk
Online Digital Marketing Strategist

Dr. Joe Rubino
Center For Personal Reinvention

Elaine Starling
Why 5% Succeed

Online Education Is The Way Of The Future - A $5 Billion Industry!

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  •    Learn from education, marketing and influential masters.
  •    Become connected to an exponentially growing market.
  •    Network and collaborate with your fellow faculty members.
  •    Develop new skills in teaching, marketing and business!!

Keep it simple. Creating Your Course Is FUN!

Live And Teach From Anywhere In The World!

Discover New Ways In Which To Teach & Prosper

Yes, Now it's Time for you to Join Us In The - Accelerated Online Course Creation Guide

Leverage your knowledge into financial freedom!

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't love what you are learning and see yourself creating courses online within 30 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

You Have Taken Years To Learn And Apply What You Know, Now It's Time To Teach Others Your Simple Solutions...

Go easy on yourself here – Rome wasn’t built in a day and course creators aren’t built in a day either, but over time you will definitely get better. If you require additional support the support staff at Accelerated Learning Institute is here to guide and assist. Now it’s time to move on to Publication.

You Have A Calling To Teach The Masses.

Taking what you know and turning it into fun, engaging and life transforming material is a very special calling.  There are people all over the world who want to learn what you know, and are willing to pay for it.

We understand what you have been creating for all these years.  Your material has been refined through trial and error, and with mountains of personal research, courses and countless hours of contemplation.   It's a gift to take what you know and bring it to the world in a condensed way to help thousands of people save the time it took you to create this material.

Want To Dive Deeper Into Your Online Course Creation Guide Curriculum?

Through this course, you will gain a world of knowledge and be exposed to a large variety of cutting edge advancements in the field of providing integrative education on all levels,,,
~ Financially, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually

  • Course Funnel Creation
  • Accelerated Teaching Techniques
  • Online Education Strategies
  • Audio & Video Techniques
  • Student Engagement Strategies
  • Course Publishing Systems
  • Web Development Hints & Tips
  • Student Engagement Strategies
  • Course Publishing Systems
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5

40) NLP Training
41) Hypnosis Training
42) Electrical Body & Mind (Essential Nutrition Keys)

     a. 8 Simple Shifts Webinar
     b. Alkalinity
     c. Nutrition Vibration and Energy
     d. Maximized Personal Health

43) Mastermind
44) Attitudes - Humility, Eliminate All Pride, Acceptance
45) Your Mission, Vision and Values Statement
46) Power Of Influence
47) Nutrition For Leadership

     a. Personal Health = Ability To Handle More
     b. Calm Body – Calm Mind
     c. Healthy Gut = Maximized Intuition

48) Leadership Principles

Take Things One Step At A Time - Let Us Guide You To Online Course Creation Mastery

There is no risk in moving forward with your intuition and passion.  The only risk you have is by not attempting at all. 

Leverage your knowledge into financial freedom!

"I know exactly the kind of passion and excitement you are feeling right now as you contemplate the significance of taking your work online.  It's an amazing moment!  Relish this time, it's a beautiful feeling to know your work will reach people all over the world - 24/7!  Frank and I are so happy you are here, and look forward to seeing you on the inside!”

Lars Gustafsson

P.S.: Welcome to our Course Creation Guide. You are one of the few who have chosen to take this step! The difference between you and teacher that left this page, is that you will now be able to the most incredible, unique, engaging and fun courses ever!  Who knows what they are missing out on?  You will!  Within the next few minutes you are joining an elite group of teachers who are choosing to join together in a community of integrative teachers - to co-create an incredible future for all of us together!

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