Alexandra Luppold

~Master Gardener, Reiki Master/Teacher, Body Talk Practitioner, and Nature & Systemic Constellation Facilitator

An author, Reiki Master/Teacher, Body Talk Practitioner, and Nature & Systemic Constellation Facilitator–Alexandra Luppold brings wisdom to everything she does. Alexandra is a Master Gardener from Germany who immigrated to Canada in 1998, and has since fully realized her dream of owning an organic garden.

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Alexandra has produced organic vegetables for fine dining restaurants since 1999. And today, she is the manager of Chiron–an organic medicinal herb garden for the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. Alexandra uses a spiritual, biodynamic and organic approach to gardening.

“I respect every living thing as a creation of divine love. I love, live and respect Nature’s rhythm and law. I use holistic resource management. I apply organic and biodynamic techniques. I respect the energy sources and grow the produce in my garden without any additional artificial energy sources.

The Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden is open to gardeners and non-gardeners alike.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was the founder of Waldorf schools and the biodynamic, a free thinker living, working and teaching in Germany. It may not be a coincidence that he edited the whole of Goethe’s scientific writings in Weimar, just 20 km away from my childhood town, Erfurt.

Planting, seeding, harvesting and application after the constellation of moon and the planets in our solar system is very old knowledge applied by many wise men and women.

It makes sense to me, big water bodies are moving with magnetic energy of the Planet Earth and the pull of the moon. Our own body has 80 per cent water and how do we feel around full moon! So why would one believe that plants are not influenced by it?”

Alexandra Luppold

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