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By Dr. Keith Beasley, Faculty Member here at the BodyMind Institute
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Are you ready . . . for the next phase of your life’s journey?

Do you want to make a difference?

30% off until 31st March

With so much chaos and uncertainty in the world these days, the best thing any of us can do is become part of the solution (to a better world) rather than part of the problem. One excellent first step is to take up Usui Reiki. Whilst often considered ‘another therapy,’ it is actually a wonderful approach to personal growth and spiritual development. With Reiki training, you’re reminded how to connect to an inner truth and a deeper peace, both within ourselves and the world around.

Reiki is a natural way of developing your full potential for making a positive contribution on this amazing planet. It’s win-win: you feel you’re doing something worthwhile as your soul sings . . . and those you live and work with see a more flowing you!

Actually, it’s win-win-win until March 31, 2017, when we have an extra 30% off Usui Reiki First Degree, the beginners level of training: open to anyone . . .

Or, if you feel drawn to this simple yet powerful method, why not sign up now for our First and Second Degree Reiki Combo Pack? This gives you many more tools for personal and emotional growth): 20% off!

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Dr. Keith Beasley

~ PhD CEng FIQA FHEA PGCertHE Reiki Master Dr. Keith Beasley, PhD has a rare background that makes him uniquely placed as a Faculty Member with the BodyMind Institute. Following 17 years as a Quality and Reliability expert working on state-of the art electronics, he retrained as a Reiki Master/Teacher, eventually running retreats in the mountains of the Algarve in Portugal. More recently he has completed his PhD from Bangor University in North Wales (UK) on ‘Transcending Thought’. These studies confirmed what his engineering and holistic health phases had indicated: that there is far more to ‘knowing’ than we can get from conventional learning.