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Ariole K. Alei

~Executive Coach, Life and Leadership Coach

Ariole K. Alei is a prolific initiator of leadership and consciousness methodologies. She is dedicated to an upshift in human consciousness as we deepen our collective values in respect of all life. As an Executive Life and Leadership Coach, she assists her clients to soar to new vantages of clarity, enabling a rapid expansion of their potential including creativity, curiosity, insight, and the generation of innovative pathways to success.

An Author of eight Books, Ariole’s Audio Library hosts nine teaching Series. Also an inspirational Speaker and a dynamic Motivator, Ariole leads individuals and groups through various forums of Facilitation into profound new inquiries and richly resourceful discoveries. Ariole’s vivacious presence catapults others to new heights of fulfillment, freedom, empowerment and joy.

Initially, an internationally touring professional dancer, Ariole became a solo artist, choreographer, and designer–all after the successful healing of her broken knee and hand–deemed a ‘miracle’ by the press! Following a 14 and a 7-year hiatus–she has returned to the stage twice; most recently at the age of 51.

Ariole’s life story is eclectic. She has been intuitive and insightful since childhood. A natural capacity to vision possibilities, she inspires and ignites passion and potential in others. She participated in the United Nations Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992.

She has since designed innovative group visioning processes in England, India, Canada and Wales including Workshops, Retreats, and Seminars. A dynamic leader and profound visionary, Ariole has met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to discuss her visions of ‘A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership’. In this context, Ariole has been passionately engaged in service to a global project since 1988.

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