Audio Interviews

Faculty Interview With Dr Terry Willard
In this fascinating interview with Dr. Terry Willard, Lars explores Dr. Willard’s extensive 40 year history in the Herbal world, his top keys for longevity in this business, health tips, and so much more!
Faculty Interview With Dr Stephen Hobbs
In this interview Lars explores Dr. Hobbs personal story, along with his top tips in learning, success and creating a well living workplace … whether you are a solopreneur or leader of a million dollar business enterprise.
Faculty Interview With David Avocado Wolfe
In this BodyMind Institute Faculty Interview with David Avocado Wolfe, Lars Gustafsson explores David’s 20 year history in the exploration of the best nutrition, life and business experience guidance. From daily success and health tips, to the latest in the leading edge of the wellness industry, this interview is jam packed with information you can use in your life today!
Faculty Interview With Pat Duckworth
In this interview, filled with laughter and sage advice, Pat Duckworth expands the possibilities in which we can work and live life free of stress and continuous inspiration.
Faculty Interview With Dr Keith Beasley
Dr. Keith Beasley’s background in Quality Assurance was transformed into an inner transformational journey with his experiences in becoming a Reiki Master.
Faculty Interview With Barry Auchettl
As a teacher Barry Auchettl began to explore techniques to stop the deterioration of his eye sight. Within months he had 20/20 vision. A series of profound personal experiences led him into the discovery that our eye sight is connected to our emotions and vision of life.
Living Your Dream Life – Faculty Interview With Dr Joe Rubino
In this “Living Your Dream Life” Faculty Interview with Lars Gustafsson, Dr. Joe Rubino provides dozens of hints, tips and step by step strategies to instantly shift your life into one that is lived with purpose, elevated energy, motivation, and inspired action.
Faculty Interview With Lone Sorensen
Lone Sorensen, founder of the Sorensensistem™ Facial and Neuro Foot Reflex Therapy, and President of the Global Facial Network, takes us on a 4 decade journey of her extensive career in this interview with Lars Gustafsson.
Faculty Interview With Elaina Love
In this fascinating interview with Elaina Love, Lars explores Elaina’s amazing growth in the Raw Food industry. Elaina, founder of the Pure Joy Culinary Academy, reveals how persistence and some simple daily habits can help you create a fabulous career as a Raw Chef. From health tips to business insights, this interview is loaded with valuable, life-changing information that you will take with you into the rest of your life.
Faculty Interview With Corbin Links
In this fascinating interview, BodyMind Institute founder Lars Gustafsson explores with BodyMind Institute faculty member and founder of Coaching Profits Intensive, Corbin Links, best practices and top tips to create a thriving Coaching or Consulting business. Corbin describes how his own personal journey contributed greatly to his discovery that creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical to business success.


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