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BodyMind Institute Student Spotlight with Debey Hancock

BodyMind Institute Student SpotlightWith: Debey Hancock”I lost 100lbs without any effort! It’s all about the simple shifts into a new lifestyle!” Debey Hancock’s Facebook Pages: Hancock’s story:I started this journey as a way to help my daughter heal from cancer. I knew the body could heal itself it it had the right tools. What I […]

Nina Warda – How to Make Delicious Chard Kale Salad (Video)

12yr old Nina Warda shows us how easy and fun it is to make raw Chard Kale Salad! As a graduate of the Raw Chef Certification by Elaina Love and the David Wolfe Nutrition Certification, she and her brother Alex (14) are launching a website to motivate, teach and inspire other kids and families to shift their nutrition into a healthy and vibrant lifestyle at

Lone Sorensen

~ Founder, Sorensensistem™ Facial and Neuro Foot Reflex therapy, President of the Global Facial Network, Lone Sorensen is an educated therapist in reflexology, acupuncture, kinesiology and neurology. Lone has been working professionally in these fields since 1978. She began her work in Denmark and has since passed through France, Chile, Germany, Cuba and Spain. Lone has 10 years of experience working in Denmark, 13 in Argentina and since 2001 in Spain. Her three introductory reflex therapy courses are available here at the BodyMind Institute.

Elaina Love

~ Professional Chef, Instructor and Detox Counselor at, Lifestyle Counselor, Co-owner of Pure Joy Academy and Owner/Director of Elaina Love began teaching raw food courses in 1998. She is a pioneer of low-glycemic and gourmet raw foods. She has created some of the recipes and everyday products which are used by professional raw chefs around the planet.

Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Stephen Hobbs is an experience-based educator (i.e., mentor, coach, facilitator, instructor). His lived experience is borne of international travel, shifting career foci, 30+ years of practical business mistakes and successes, writing and speaking, and listening to his mentors and coaches.

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