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About the Author was founded to collect the information of many generations of holistic wellness and expertise, and you can now become Board Certified through our Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification! Our goal is to help you–personally and professionally–to achieve a level of awareness and understanding that can only come through experience and many years of intense scientific and life studies. We are so happy to share our knowledge with you! And we aim to forever attract the internet’s brightest and most helpful holistic superstars!

Mar 18

Digesting Raw Foods

By BodyMind Institute | Nutrition

Question: “I often have people telling me (including nutritionists and naturopaths) that raw foods are too difficult to digest and that we should rather eat cooked food. Also, there was recently here in the UK a talk on the radio and an article in the paper about a book that was written about how humans have developed as much as we have, though being the only species that cooks their food and that cooked nutrients are more bio-available than raw nutrients, etc.

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Feb 29

Our Collective Vision

By BodyMind Institute | Blog

We believe that it shouldn’t take 20-30 years for you to get to the leading edge in your industry. We believe that education can accelerate your life, and that there is a way of teaching … and learning … that will spark every level of your imagination and inspiration to take action.

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