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Chris Thomson is a Scot with an unusual background and breadth of experience. In the early part of his life, he worked as an economist at the Bank of England, as a researcher in “scientific Chinese”, and as a lawyer in Scotland specializing in advocacy and human rights. In the mid-80s he was appointed Chair of the Natural Medicines Commission in the UK, and found himself immersed in the very different world of alternative and complementary medicine. From this, it was a fairly natural step to train as a psychotherapist in London, and to become fascinated by all aspects of personal development. Chris’ main focus these days is “conscious evolution”, which he defines as “working on yourself, to get as close as possible to your full potential.” He is particularly interested in the evolution of our consciousness, our character and our capacities. All his courses reflect this, as does his recent book “Full Spectrum Intelligence”.

May 20

Mountains As Metaphor

By Chris Thomson | Spirituality

Mountains are a wonderful metaphor for the challenges we encounter in life, and for the way we meet them. They are also a metaphor for the many opportunities and possibilities that come our way, and for the way we take advantage of them. When we climb mountains, we sometimes have to face our deepest fears and find ways of overcoming them.

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