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CHRISTINA MELANCON LEIDENHEIMER born and raised South of New Orleans, Louisiana is a raw food pioneer in "Cajun Country." Raised by a farmer, Christina's admiration for eating and growing plant foods began at a very young age. She is a certified nutrition coach (BodyMind Institute), certified Pilates instructor, ACE certified personal trainer, certified detoxification specialist, and an explorer of all things natural. She is currently studying to become a naturopathic doctor. Christina co-founded three successful health and wellness magazines, The Fit Life ( 2009), Healthy Works (2010) and Inspire Health (2012). She continues as the editor-in-chief of Healthy Works. In November 2014, she published her book, Eat Super-Natural. On August 1st, 2015, she published the book, Super-Natural Juicing- a guide to detoxification and juicing. Through her publications, Pilates classes, and one-on-one health/nutrition coaching, Christina is fulfilling her mission of educating, motivating, and inspiring others to join the journey to natural health and wellness. She promises if you come along for the ride, it's one super-amazing journey!