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Millions of people around the world look to David for expert advice in holistic health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and raw superfood chocolate! David is the celebrity spokesperson for the brand new NUTRiBULLET™ Superfood Nutrition Extractor, co-founder of TheBestDayEver.com online health magazine, and is President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation; with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth! With over 22 years of dedicated experience and having hosted over 2750 live events, David has led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods and herbs.

Mar 20

Where Do You Get Your Protein?

By David Avocado Wolfe | Nutritionist

Question for BodyMind Visionary and Health Expert, David Wolfe.

“What is the best way to increase protein in the diet for someone who wants to maintain or increase muscle size (i.e. bodybuilder)? The old way is copious amounts of meat and whey protein.”

Answer: Superfood smoothies and beverages made with a high-powered blender are the best way to go.

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Mar 02

How To Enhance Your Tinctures (Video)

By David Avocado Wolfe | Videos

First revealed by David to enhance your tincture is using a supercharged Zeolite formula developed by Dr. Patrick Flannagan, who after studying Hunza water, created Crystal Energy that “consists of billions of spherical nanoparticles of silica that have the highest zeta potential ever measured”, stated by phisciences.com.

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Feb 29

Soy, Flax and Menopause

By David Avocado Wolfe | Nutrition

Flax is a complete protein source. However, its high levels of phytoestrogens may or may not be appropriate for easing menopause symptoms. Generally, I recommend maca (superfood powder), pregnenolone (coconut extract), and/or deer antler extract for increasing appropriate hormone levels and easing menopausal symptoms.

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Aug 30

Top Foods for Healing Broken Bones

By David Avocado Wolfe | Nutrition

Q&A with leading Health Expert and BodyMind Visionary David Wolfe Question: What is the best course of action to heal and repair broken bones? Should it just be consuming silica rich foods and/or drinking the silica rich teas? Any other things I can add? Answer: Silica-rich foods: Cucumber, bell peppers, okra, sprouts, mature wild grass, root vegetables, and green vegetables. These can be eaten or juiced. The wild grass should be “cow grass.” And be cut just before it flowers. Cow grass is a broad-leaved grass (superior to wheatgrass) that contains blue hues and form a spiral blade during its time of ideal ripeness (before it flowers).

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