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Hi there! I’m holistic mama doc, Elisa Song, MD. As a board-certified, collegiate trained holistic pediatrician, I first founded Whole Family Wellness, an integrative pediatric practice in Northern CA – one of the first and most highly regarded holistic pediatric practices in the country. We integrate conventional pediatrics with functional medicine, holistic nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and essential oils. But I also wanted to share my decades of knowledge as a holistic pediatrician and mama WITH YOU, in a super fun, yet practical and informative way. Even if you couldn’t see me in person, you could still benefit from all of the knowledge that I have to share, and stories I have to tell! So I created Healthy Kids, Happy Kids – an online resource dedicated to empowering parents to take charge of their kids’ health . . . naturally! https://healthykidshappykids.com/ I am also the host of the Thriving Child Summit; find the details here: http://thrivingchildsummit.com/

Nov 20

Pediatrician-Approved Natural Remedies For The Flu

By Dr. Elisa Song | Physiology

Flu season is right around the corner, and hopefully by now you’ve read my article on the Top Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immune System. But now you’re wondering, what if my kid actually gets the flu? Are there any natural options besides Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Sudafed, or just waiting and watching? YES! If you understand how to use natural medicines, you CAN do something to not only help your child feel better, but to help her recover faster!

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Jul 09

Top 5 Pediatrician-Approved Natural Remedies for Your Child’s Headache

By Dr. Elisa Song | Physiology

If you’ve ever suffered from headaches, you know how awful they can be. I, knock-on-wood, don’t often get headaches, but the ones I’ve had have been doozies and I have endless empathy for kids and adults who get them on a regular basis. And of course, when your child has a headache, the first concern that might pop into some of your heads is that something could be wrong – really, really wrong.

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Feb 27

Forget the Size – You Are Beautiful!

By Dr. Elisa Song | Spirituality

I was a fat girl. In middle school, I asked my mom if I could go to fat camp. I wanted to lose weight and for once in my young life be a skinny girl, so away I went. I clearly remember that first mortifying day when all of us kids lined up – girls in leotards, boys in swim trunks – to take our “before” photos. We got weighed and measured, our fat pinched, every unwanted inch discerned. Our “calories in” were counted to the milli-bite, and “calories out” were tracked with every step and jump in the exercise of our choice. That set me up for a lifetime of this-or-that new diet fad or fitness routine in my never-ending quest to be thin – to have that perfect body that every girl but me seemed to have. One summer in high school I decided to drink nothing but orange juice for a month. I tried my hand at bulimia in college along with several of my girlfriends, but wasn’t dedicated enough to stick with it. As with most women on this journey, I yo-yo’ed between 3 clothes sizes – my skinny clothes, my fat clothes, and my average clothes.

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