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For over forty years, Terry Willard, Cl.H., Ph.D., has studied the medicinal properties of plants. He is recognized as one of North America’s leading Clinical Herbalists. He appears regularly in the print and electronic media as an exponent of responsible herbal use. He is the past-president of the Canadian Association of Herbal Practitioners, a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild and in the Canadian Health Food Association’s Hall of Fame. Dr. Willard is the author of twelve books on the subject of Herbs including the pivotal Wild Rose Herbal Series – a series of three textbooks written to educate herbalists. Two of his books, Mind-Body Harmony and Dr. Willard Flower Essence: Emotional Alchemy and Spiritual Evolution, have been particularly popular with the general public.

Nov 25

You Really Are What You Eat!!

By Dr. Terry Willard | Nutrition

A new study suggests that the connection between your food’s biochemistry and your own may be more intimate than we thought. It seems that tiny RNAs usually found in plants can be found circulating in blood, and animal studies indicate that they are directly manipulating the expression of genes. Is this genetics or Epigenetics?

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Sep 15

Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 5: Herbal medicine

By Dr. Terry Willard | Blog

In this, our fifth and final blog on The Liver – Our Great Alchemist, we are going to go through the protocol that I have found over the last 30 plus years to be the most effective to regulate, balance and yes, Detoxify the Liver. But before we do that, I want to recap the journey we have gone through so far. In the first blog, we saw how our liver worked somewhat like an alchemist, tucked away in a dark corner, doing many jobs tirelessly, transmuting nutrients and toxins into golden health.

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Sep 11

Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 4: Deficiency and Excess

By Dr. Terry Willard | Blog

So far in this alchemical adventure, we have looked at a few of the transmutation aspects of the liver, or “liver energy”. We have delved into the aspect of liver detoxification and how it counts on a three-phase process (numbered I –III). We also took a glance at assessing if phase I or phase II were working properly. Now it is time to change our focus onto two other aspects of liver strength: deficiency or excess. Again, we want to find a balance here. Some people might display one or the other of this balance. If they display either set of the symptoms strongly, then we used the appropriate botanicals. Fortunately, as we pointed out in our last blog, liver energies are particularly well suited for treatment with botanical medicine.

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Sep 05

Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 3: Assessment

By Dr. Terry Willard | Blog

Welcome back for all the people that have managed their way through the somewhat nerdy part one and part two of The Liver – Our Great Alchemist. So far, we have seen that the liver is our internal alchemist, working in the shadows, undertaking many tasks at the same time. The liver also converts many nutrients, food stuff, botanicals and pharmaceuticals into golden opportunities for healing. We reviewed the two major phases of liver detox phase I and phase II. We also threw in a third phase (phase III) that is not covered by most textbooks on liver detoxification.

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Aug 28

Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 2: Detoxification

By Dr. Terry Willard | Blog

In my last blog, I introduced the liver as – “Our Great Alchemist”. We saw that just like an alchemist, the liver is always hard at work in the shadows, accomplishing many tasks at a time. One of these major tasks is that of detoxification. We would like to concentrate on this task in more detail in this blog. There are two major phases of detoxification in the liver. Some would even argue that there is a third phase that we will touch on here also.

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Aug 21

The Liver As Our Great Alchemist – Part 1

By Dr. Terry Willard | Blog

One can easily visualize the liver as an alchemist in their lab, working secretly and passionately on ten different projects at once, surrounded by a vast array of lab equipment, never seeming to take a break. The liver is just like this, always working on many functions at once. Indeed, the liver is a major organ in the body and like the brain, lungs and heart, we couldn’t live without it.

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Aug 05

Cardiovascular Disease Part 3: Avoiding Heart Failure

By Dr. Terry Willard | Physiology

This is one of the most diagnosed health issues in both men and women over the age of 45; but the problem starts way before this age – in the routines of our lifestyle. In our first two blogs in this series, we talked about how the mind and emotions (part 1) played an important role in cardiovascular disease (CVD), then continued onto health in the arteries (part 2). In this blog we are going to concentrate on the heart; but the heart of the issue is not the organ – it is lifestyle! Even though this is one of the most prominent causes of deaths in the world, it is one of the most preventable.

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