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~ Professional Chef, Instructor and Detox Counselor at PureJoyAcademy.com, Lifestyle Counselor, Co-owner of Pure Joy Academy and Owner/Director of PureJoyPlanet.com Elaina Love began teaching raw food courses in 1998. She is a pioneer of low-glycemic and gourmet raw foods. She has created some of the recipes and everyday products which are used by professional raw chefs around the planet. Elaina has authored 3 popular recipe books, and is known for her “recipes that work!” In 2010, after 12 years of teaching, Elaina co-founded Pure Joy Culinary Academy. Since the academy opened, she has thoughtfully certified hundreds of students around the world. Each of these proud graduates now knows exactly how to be a raw food chef, and can instruct others around then–with an emphasis on Holistic Nutrition! Elaina has created the online "Raw Chef Certification" available exclusively here at the BodyMind Institute. Visit Elaina Loves' Pure Joy Academy here >

Jul 18

Are You Feeling Hot, Fat, Bloated, Lackluster, or Just Plain Tired?

By Elaina Love | Blog

If so, then you may want to consider doing a short or long fast on juices. Summer is the perfect time for fasting since it is hot and usually our appetites are not quite so strong. A bonus to fasting during the summer (or anytime) is that it reduces all inflammation in the body. So if you feel puffy, itchy, cranky, have eczema or any other skin condition or any ailment for that matter, fasting will clean out your body so you can feel fresh and new again!

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Jun 30

Fasting For Freedom

By Elaina Love | Spirituality

Summer is the perfect time in Arizona to fast. As the temperature climbs above the 100s, food sounds less and less appealing. Fasting on juice is awesome for 3 reasons: 1. You can have all the juice you want without feeling heavy or tired. 2. You stay cool as your body does not heat up from the energy required for digestion. 3. The most important for me: A sense of peace, freedom and Pure Joy! Today is day 3 of juices.

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Dec 15

Green Juice, Coffee, and Travel

By Elaina Love | Nutrition

I keep teasing my partner Chris that I’m going to start a website called coffee and green juice.com. I even have a song that I sing with a Jamaican accent when I happily dance around the kitchen with my juice in one hand and coffee in the other. Here is my thought process on this whole yin-yang balance thing: Green juice is highly alkalizing for the body and makes me feel super happy, joyful and high. Coffee is highly acidic for the body but also makes me feel super happy, warm, comforted and I get lots of stuff done. Both seem good to me.

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Jul 04

How Does Food Affect Your Fitness Routine?

By Elaina Love | Nutrition

I’ve been training for a marathon for almost a month now. My body is getting stronger and more muscular by the day (cool!), and I am actually starting to eat less! I think it’s because I’m really putting thought into what goes in as it will show up at the workout tomorrow with me. On days that I have eaten too late at night or too many fats (Hello avocados, olives, pumpkin seed oil, and almonds) my legs feel like lead and my breathing is labored from the start.

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