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Elizabeth Plant is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellbeing Coach, Healthy Eating Advisor, and also a clinical massage therapist, reflexologist, and educator. She resides in the UK, is the mother to a teenager, and loves working with clients one-to-one hands-on to help with aches and pains and uses Skype to coach globally. She recently completed the first year of a degree in osteopathy. Her mission is to support people who want to change from feeling stressed out and exhausted to living more joyfully and stress-free. She teaches her clients to transform their beliefs around eating and lifestyle habits, so they take the actions they need to sleep better, laugh more, and live holistically instead of only thinking about them. Her websites are: www.springtimeholistics.com and www.elizabethplant.co.uk

Feb 27

Strawberry Vanilla Coconut Cream Pudding

By Elizabeth Plant | Nutrition , Recipes

I made these for my family a couple of weeks ago for Valentine’s Day weekend. Although strawberries are technically out of season at this time of year I had seen them in the shops and thought they would be perfect for a heart-shaped theme. They are delicious; you need confidence that they will set well when you beat the coconut. I left them for an hour after making them, covered on the countertop although you could also pop them into the fridge.

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Mar 21

Buckwheat Banana Smoothie

By Elizabeth Plant | Nutrition , Recipes

This morning I made a delicious buckwheat smoothie for my daughter and me. Buckwheat is not a wheat or even a grain but a seed relative of the rhubarb family – it is therefore gluten free. It contains fat and protein so makes a great breakfast meal to get an energetic start to the day. In Chinese medicine it is viewed as a Yang food, i.e., it helps you to warm up. Here’s the recipe:

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