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Ieva Nalini is an artist and a wellness coach for women. After years of struggling with health problems that led her to a spiritual awakening, she felt a deep calling to assist other women on their journey. Ieva is now inspiring women to deeply heal on many levels, to get in touch with their true selves and regain their self-love and confidence, and to fall in love with their lives. Along with her diploma in psychology and nutrition certification, she has completed various yoga, energy healing, and meditation trainings that assist her in providing the best support and inspiration for women. Find out more about her online: .

Sep 05

How to Let Go? Learning to Surrender Differently

By Ieva Nalini | Emotional Vitality , Spirituality

You were born in the age of Ignorance – the more you know, the more anxious you become, the more you try, the more energy you lose. Sounds familiar? This is what most of people’s lives looks like. You believe that getting more knowledge and putting more effort is the only way to reach something in your life. But is it really true? Haven’t you ever noticed that when you give up trying so hard, things starts to flow? When you give up a desire, it finally manifests in your life? Well this is what the so-called Golden age is about.

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