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What's included in my affiliate program?

We are all passionate about reaching our goal of enrolling 100,000's into courses here at the BodyMind Institute. Your income and personal success is directly tied to how well you know how to build a successful affiliate business. This is why we are including a complete education program when you join - as a FREE GIFT.

  • TRAINING INCLUDED - The $29US "Accelerated Affiliate Guide" course is included as a free bonus.
  • ROCKET TO PROFITS - Use successful, proven systems and principles for rocketing profits.
  • LINKED INTO A NETWORK - Join discussions and mastermind groups from around the world.

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Affiliate Agreement

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up Today:

  1. Accelerate your income through our infinity affiliate system. You get paid on all future purchases from your referrals when they purchase more courses.
  2. Keep up with your purchases through your own referral partner center. Learn how to take action on KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).
  3. Increase your earning potential through the multiple marketing funnels we provide from our Faculty Members.
  4. A GLOBAL BUSINESS - Create the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime... AND live the life you want.

AFFILIATE BONUSES - Earn from 14-25% on your first tier affiliate bonuses. Generate a residual income with a 4-5% 2nd Tier Bonus (Ask us about our higher %'s if you have a data base over 100,000.)

SUCCESSFUL NEW IDEAS - Just as you have benefited from the bright ideas of many who have gone before you, now you have the opportunity of generating ideas even faster in our worldwide network.

NETWORKING BENEFITS - As the saying goes... "two minds are better than one" ... what if this were multiplied many times over? Networking brings you every benefit from business to personal development.