30 Day Meditation Oasis with Ariole Alei at BodyMind Institute

30 Day Meditation Oasis

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See how your life changes by experiencing the profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing that arises through meditation.

This, easy-to-access e-course features:

  • Audio Downloads, Hints and Instructions, Letters and Introductions
  • Guided meditations to follow your intuition and experience renewed life purpose

Whether you’re new to meditation or seeking an alternative approach, this is a practical course suitable for anyone!



The 30 Day Meditation Oasis is a virtual course based on Ariole K. Alei’s 40+ year dedication and passion for meditation and personal transformation. You will learn about the practical tools to help you release stress, overcome fears, and choose love. Deeply enjoy step-by-step guided videos which take you through Ariole’s “4 Core Meditation Techniques”. Through practicing the 4 Core Meditation Techniques, Ariole has earned the respect of global leaders by a unique ability to bring out the best in you. Receive Inspirational Emails throughout these 30 Days. Scribed in Ariole’s unique fashion, you will feel as if she is speaking directly with you. Enhance your clarity and fortify your confidence as you actively apply the deep wisdom gain in this course throughout the full scope of your life.


How can Ariole Alei help you? 

An executive life and leadership coach, Ariole has met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other world leaders to discuss her visions of “A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership”.

“Thank you for bringing me into your wonderful world – you are so unlike anyone I have ever met… Pure presence and I feel wide-eyed like a kid seeing magic. Thank you, all the light and love.” Testimonial from Chandra Crawford, Canadian Nordic Skiing Olympic Gold Medalist

“The time I have invested with Ariole has given me huge returns in the area of personal growth and relationship development. She is tender, insightful, humorous and a gifted teacher. I am a better leader, mother and life partner as a result of my time with her.” Testimonial from Lesley C.

“Ariole is flat out brilliant. High energy, high integrity, high quality communication. She is a powerful, visionary leader in fields including, but not limited to, relationship counseling, spiritual practice, new thought paradigm training, and personal development. Ariole thinks well outside mainstream boxes and helps people tap into universal truths that grant access to depth, richness, and clarity that so many people seek on their life journeys.” Testimonial from Aaron C. Entrepreneur, H.O.P.E. Retreats Core Team


About Ariole

Ariole K. Alei is a prolific initiator of leadership and consciousness methodologies. She is dedicated to an upshift in human consciousness as we deepen our collective values in respect of all life. As an Executive Life and Leadership Coach, she assists her clients to soar to new vantages of clarity, enabling a rapid expansion of their potential including creativity, curiosity, insight, and the generation of innovative pathways to success. An Author of eight Books, Ariole’s Audio Library hosts nine teaching Series. Also an inspirational Speaker and a dynamic Motivator, Ariole leads individuals and groups through various forums of Facilitation into profound new inquiries and richly resourceful discoveries. Ariole’s vivacious presence catapults others to new heights of fulfillment, freedom, empowerment and joy.

Ariole’s life story is eclectic. Initially an internationally touring professional dancer, she became a solo artist, choreographer, and designer following the successful healing (deemed a ‘miracle’ by the press) of a broken knee and hand. She has since temporarily retired and returned to the stage twice – following fourteen year and seven year hiatuses, the most recent return being at the age of fifty-one.

Ariole has been intuitive and insightful since childhood. A natural capacity to vision possibilities, she inspires and ignites passion and potential in others.

Ariole participated in the United Nations Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992. She has since designed innovative group visioning processes in England, India, Canada and Wales including Workshops, Retreats, and Seminars.

A dynamic leader and profound visionary, Ariole has met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to discuss her visions of ‘A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership’. In this context, Ariole has been passionately engaged in service to a global project since 1988.

To discover more about Ariole’s LIVE Tele Courses (an exclusive and intimate opportunity to learn virtually with her in an interactive format), Books, Retreats, Workshops, Corporate Seminars, Transformational Process Facilitation, Performances, and inspirational Blog, visit http://www.ariolealei.com/urlight.


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