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The 90 Day BodyMind Renewal Program

By BodyMind Institute

The 90 Day BodyMind Renewal Program


Learn elegant, simple nutrient principles that will help you get rid of counting calories, shed the boundaries of portion control, and guide you to experience of freedom to live life without limitation.

“You have taught me new ways of looking at things I thought I already understood well. You showed me that there is always room for learning, and that expanding my mind can lead to some great results.  This program showed that it is possible to get results! I was skeptical, but you helped make it happen!” Shalini Chugh, BSc, MD.

BodyMind Renewal is about CONNECTED LIVING . . . find out how!


How can I fit BodyMind Renewal into my life?

BodyMind Renewal Is Exceptionally Important For:

  • ABSOLUTE RESULTS: The ‘Simple Shifts’ focuses on things that you can do instantly … and shows you what you will get with each shift.  You will build on each success to create incredible momentum in your life!
  • WONDERFUL VARIETY: In focusing on the ‘Simple Shifts’ model of living, you will always be shifting things in your life in delicious, fun and exciting new ways.
  • YOU ARE UNIQUE: Achieve a personal insight into achieving shifts and results that fit your personality, mind, heart and body.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: 5-15 lbs of simple body fat loss and body toning… and beyond!
  • PERSONAL GROWTH: Renewal for mental, emotional and spiritual vitality, balance and peace.
  • ATHLETES: Athletic events such as 5k, 10k, ½ marathon, full marathon, team sports.
  • ACTIVE LIVING: Walking, hiking, biking, and swimming, for any core athletic performance.

Elegant simplicity to create a SPARK in your energy and life!

What would it feel like to embrace a whole new way of looking at nutrition?

  • Elegant, simple nutrient principles that will help you get rid of counting calories, shed the boundaries of portion control, and guide you to experience of freedom to live life without limitation.
  • CONNECTED LIVING: When you are connected to yourself and you are shifting things to improve your life ever so slightly – you begin to feel the connection to everyone else in your life.  A new sense of community, friendship and love will emerge for you as you move into greater levels of taking care of yourself.

30 HD Exciting Nutrition Video Lessons With Lars – Available 24-7!

Unlimited Access For One Year.

  • HD videos streamed through any device, anywhere, and at any time.
  • Available for unlimmited viewing, learning, review and application.
  • Join people all over the world in the exciting movement to learning online – from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere wifi is available.

Simple Nutrition Tips For Your Busy Life

No Matter How Busy You Are – There Is A Simple Way To Success

  • Are you finding that a busy life is keeping you from following a healthy plan?  Let Lars guide you to the Simple Shifts instantly!
  • Follow nutrition the way you live life – in YOUR UNIQUE WAY: Ignore the negative world view of nutrition and step in to a whole new way of living without ‘their’ rules … live your life – your way!
  • Hectic life can propel you to success even faster using the simple keys that are shockingly easy to implement!
  • Discover the #1 reason the world is still chasing after complete dietary changes… and how you can bypass all of this by choosing to follow the ‘simple shifts’ path.


“Way more informative than I could ever have imagined! I am super excited to implement some simple shifts that will start making significant changes in my life. Such an amazing class!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Diana Thorne, Corporate Services Manager


What you will learn and discover:

  • Physical – Mind – Emotion – Hormone relationships, and how to make tiny shifts in your life to create an immediate change in these areas.
  • Balancing hormones and blood sugar for optimal health supported by understanding you personal health program through the guided  Questionnaire.
  • Integral cleansing systems and how to apply the principles of the BodyMind balance to initiate natural and effortless detoxing.
  • Transforming stress into calm inner peace – balance for yourself and others.
  • The theories behind DNA intelligence and using this to heal & repair.

Over the course of the next month – in only 10-15 minutes each day – you will learn & experience nutrition like you never have before! You are about to discover a fast, effortless and natural path to personal success with the BodyMind Nutrition System.

Learn how your body & mind are supported by much more than just food. Sit back and enjoy this unique learning experience with immediate lifestyle keys, hints, tips and nutritional strategies. Built around de-stressing your body & mind, the keys revealed to you will instantly unlock your body’s natural healing & repair functions.

Each simple step guides you to the secrets to unlocking your genes, toning, losing fat, cleansing and never counting calories again! Imagine shifting into a state of peace and calm and flooding your body with the hormones and systems that help you to feel happy and motivated, naturally and effortlessly!

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Parents – create balanced nutrition & a healthy environment for yourself and your family.
  • Sports & Fitness Athletes & Enthusiasts – understand and implement the fundamentals of peak nutrition.
  • Individuals wanting to…
    • Lose weight the natural & sustainable “non-diet” way
    • Tone, tighten or lean up
    • Stimulate their body’s own healing & repair functions
    • Alkalize and cleanse in natural, safe ways
    • Improve energy by day and sleep better by night
    • Reduce stress and increase well-being
  • HR Departments – free access for every employee in your company, allowing them to move through the course at their own pace and convenience.
  • Schools – the fundamental starting point for nutrition and wellness education, and based on a solid foundation of science.

This is an excellent add-on to any fitness or wellness program.

Enjoy learning from the comfort of your home, office or any internet-connection location on Earth – and discover the simple shifts that will last the rest of your life!

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