Advanced Reflex Therapy for your Business - Colon Link Method

Facial Reflex Therapy for your Business – Colon Link Method


Facial Reflex Therapy for your Business – Colon Link Method


This unique course provides an understanding of the essence of the Hormonal system and the Chemistry of the body, helping you to get a deep understanding of how dysfunction of the Hormonal system affect the entire body, – both physically and emotionally.

The Colon Link Method, Gut – Mind therapy is a method very much used in Facial Reflex therapy for mental issues. The method created by Lone Sorensen is an excellent tool to help to release new and old traumas.

The course is guided by Lone Sorensen, the founder of the international Institute of Reflex therapy, with nearly 40 years’ experience as a professional therapist and teacher.


 This fantastic course give you the right tool to increase your client’s well-being fast and effective.

Old Methods from India, Tibet, Europa and modern neuro-anatomy is the base of the creation of Colon Link therapy by Lone Sorensen.

Colon Link method can be used as additional technique for Facial Reflex therapy, Foot reflexology, body massages, aroma therapy or any other body work.

Colon Link method can also stand alone as a mono method, – very useful as a home treatment helping your family with daily problems related to hormonal- and immune system function, as well as you can use the Colon Link method for yourself.

It’s an easy way to obtain results with very specific health problems.

Who it’s for:

  • For women to normalize hormonal issues and keeping the hormonal system young and well working as long as possible, maintaining the body in optimal conditions for period problems, hot flushes, hair lose, weight problems, sleeping problems, emotional- and mood states.
  • For men it’s very effective to help all kinds of stress related problems such as insomnia, headache, tiredness, prostate, and much more….
  • Elderly can be helped with metabolic and neurological disorders to prevent Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Parkinson’s, – or just to feel well.
  • For children’s health the Colon Link method is useful for constipation, teeth pain, digestive problems and allergy and immune system weakness, such as cold and flu.

Colon Link is very effective to treat emotional dysfunctions and new and old traumas, helping a person to obtain the perfect mental state.

It’s a non-aggressive method totally pain free. Nice to receive and nice to give.

Colon Link method has been used as one of the most fantastic additional method of the Basic Facial Reflexology since 1990. Created by Lone Sorensen with the aim to obtain the most effective results for therapist studding Facial Reflex therapy. Used as a first help in situations with acute need, as during the Tsunami in Japan where many people involved used the Colon Link therapy for emotional stress.

Colon- Link method is developed as a micro – map on the face, hands and feet.

During this course you will learn to treat the Colon Link method from the face.

Help your clients, your family and yourself by using a totally natural method to maintain the body in perfect condition.

Facial Reflex therapy by Lone Sorensen is a fantastic fast, effective, powerful and totally natural way to deal with health unbalances of all kinds. The method based in 7 basic steps and 8 additional methods- each with specific effects on different systems and structures of the body, – to combine individual depending of the individual persons specific need, all organized and combined by Lone Sorensen, developing and working gaining thousands of experiences with Reflex therapy during nearly 40 years, around the world.

Start you study and first experience of Facial Reflex therapy with the excellent method Colon Link.

Content of the Colon Link course:

  • Theory Brain-Gut relationship
  • How the Gut condition affect the Brian and the Body
  • The history of the developing of the method Colon Link
  • How to stimulate the Colon from face
  • Practical work / stimulation of the Colon, reflex areas and points for Hormonal system and Organs from the face
  • Theory about the Endocrine system
  • A case of acute practical use of Colon Link

The course combines theory and practical therapeutic stimulation.


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