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Aspects of Love


Aspects of Love


Love, we know only too well, makes the world go around. But for many of us it’s a painful business or sadly lacking. This course takes us back to basics: what IS love? And how can we bring it into our lives? The ideas are simple and profound, the technique powerful and natural . . . and you deserve it!



“Love is all you need” sang the Beetles. Absolutely! There is no doubt that loves makes the world go around, it’s as essential to a healthy life as water and nutritious food. They go on “It’s easy”. If only! The romantic love we tend to focus on is fraught with pain and anguish. To some extent, given the nature of love and human relationships, that might be unavoidable, but there is much we can do to bring Love into our lives. This short but profound course helps you to do just that.

This Accelerated Learning Lecture (ALL) cuts though all the theories and presents the essence of love: beyond love as a thing or commodity, rather as the fundamental energy of life, a way of being. This powerful and practical course will help you to see love, in all its facets, for what it is . . . and to feel this, deep within your own being.

About your tutor
Single through much of his 20s and 30s, Dr Keith Beasley eventually realised that his lack of a proper relationship was his issue: something that only he could sort out. For the last 6 years he has been with her ‘partner for life’: a deep, meaningful and wonderful relationship. His success is based on a complete rethink on what love means to him and how to approach it. This course summarises his experiences, conclusions and actions taken.

What you’ll get
A video lesson which:

  • explores Aspects of Love (romantic love is not the only love!)
  • identifies Love not as a thing, but as the energy of life
  • includes an exercise to help you connect to Love, as a personal experience
  • suggests ‘next steps’ towards bringing Love into your life

A quiz to help you assimilate the course lessons

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