David Avocado Wolfe Living Nutrition E-Course

David Avocado Wolfe Living Nutrition E-Course

By BodyMind Institute


David Avocado Wolfe Living Nutrition E-Course

$49.00 $24.99

SIMPLIFY nutrition into an UP-GRADE lifestyle!

  • Increase your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Naturally detox your cells, organs and body.
  • Increase longevity, vitality and physical stamina.
  • Balance your hormones.
  • Enhance your brain power and mental stamina.

What you receive:

  • 36 HD Video Lessons With David!
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access!
  • Exclusive Student Forum

“Anyone can benefit from David Wolfe’s knowledge and understanding of nutrition!”
~ Tony Robbins, World-Renowned ‘Peak-Performance’ Consultant and Author


SIMPLIFY nutrition into an UP-GRADE lifestyle!

  • Increase your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Naturally detox your cells, organs and body.
  • Increase longevity, vitality and physical stamina.
  • Balance your hormones.
  • Enhance your brain power and mental stamina.

“Anyone can benefit from David Wolfe’s knowledge and understanding of nutrition!”
~ Tony Robbins, World-Renowned ‘Peak-Performance’ Consultant and Author

BodyMind Institute Faculty Member:

~ Health, Eco, Nutrition, and Natural Beauty Expert ~ David is the rock star of the superfoods and longevity world, is trusted by America’s TOP CEOs, Global Ambassadors, Hollywood celebrities, busy professionals, and even the most powerful buying influence in the nation… the Moms!

Educational Background:

  • Masters Degree of Nutrition from The University of Integrated Sciences
  • Juris Doctor in Law from The University of San Diego (JD) (1998)
  • Environmental and Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara (BS) (1993)
  • Political Science from UC Santa Barbara (BA) (1993)
  • President of the Environmental Law Society at The University of San Diego (1998)

Millions of people around the world look to David for expert advice in holistic health, beauty, herbalism, nutrition, and raw superfood chocolate! David is the celebrity spokesperson for the brand new NUTRiBULLET™ Superfood Nutrition Extractor, co-founder of TheBestDayEver.com online health magazine, and is President of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation; with a mission to plant 18 billion fruit trees on planet Earth!



Do any of these statements reflect your desire? If yes, then David’s Living Nutrition e-course is going to develop your understanding!

  • I am ready to explore a whole new world of nutrition – like making my own chocolate – YES!
  • I am ready to take action and learn how-to make the empowering food choices that will increase my energy.
  • I need an “easy access” understanding of all the aspects of whole food diets and nutrition.
  • I am new to the realities of nutritional sciences, I am looking to enhance my existing knowledge base.
  • I feel ready to view nutrition in a different way, or want to learn more about food than I was taught.
  • I am ready to gain a new perspective about nutrition, in order to create a healthier food environment for me and my family.
  • I have had a serious illness and I’m thinking about “starting over”, but don’t quite know how changing my diet could help me.

“David Wolfe is a nutritionist’s nutritionist.
His knowledge in the fields of raw foods, superfoods, herbs, and chocolate is unsurpassed in the world.”
~ John Gray, PhD, Author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”


  • Learn easy-to-apply tips and handouts which can help even the top nutritional coaches in their client practice!
  • Learn information that you were not taught in school, to help you evolve into wisdom food science information!
  • Learn about food in a way that is fun and easy to listen-to!
  • Learn how-to properly enhance your diet to naturally increase your energy level and detox your body!
  • Learn how-to gain outward health, beauty and self-confidence without relying on models that suggest you need to purchase a product or have surgery!
  • Learn about the internal healing powers of food and transform your gut, brain, and other internal organs!


Curriculum Synopsis

You have UNLIMITED TIME to complete your course, because of your LIFETIME access.

We have divided the video series into two sections, and recommend the following schedule to enjoy instantly immersing yourself in this course:

Weeks 1 and 2: Lessons 1-14
Weeks 3-12: Lessons 15-36

The suggested schedule below will optimize your experiential learning experience, and give you ample time for review and deepen your learning over this next year.

“All the information has been instantly applicable in so many ways in my life!”
Terra Ganem,  Founder mybrilliantbody.com


WEEK 1:  To Living Nutrition

Lessons 1-7: From the simplicity of living nutrition to the methods of naturally raising your metabolism and energy, in these first seven days David will immerse you into a whole new world of nutrition.

WEEK 2:  Full Spectrum Nutrition

LESSONS 8-14: What is the spectrum of nutrition we can access and enjoy?  In this second week David will expand your awareness of all the possible new directions you can explore in nutrition.  It’s an exciting new world waiting for you!

WEEK 3:  Raw Nutrition Science

Lessons 15-16: The science, benefits and simplicity of adding in raw foods.  David will take you through the science and logic of upgrading and ‘adding-in’ vs going 100% raw.

WEEK 4:  David’s Pantry

Lessons 17: What does your pantry look like?  In this lesson you will explore the first items in David’s pantry, and learn how to add a whole new spectrum of superfoods and herbs to your own pantry.

WEEK 5:  Spring Water Science

Lessons 18-19: What is David’s favorite water?  When you learn about, and discover Spring Water (that you personally ‘harvest’), you will see why the Canmore Spring in the Rocky Mountains is one of David’s favorite places to visit when he is in Calgary.

WEEK 6:  David’s Garden Tour

Lessons 20: David is always exploring the science and art of gardening.  In this lesson you are introduced to his garden in Ontario, during the last days of fall.

WEEK 7:  Body and Mind Solutions

Lessons 21: Want to live with abundant health? Discover super foods, herbs and solutions for your body in this lesson.

WEEK 8:  Foraging In The Garden

Lessons 22-24: David loves foraging for live food in his own garden.  This inspiring lesson will take you into the world of growing your own live, nourishing and exciting food.  Why not use these weeks to begin or expand on your own garden?

WEEK 9:  Foraging & Wild Crafted Tea

Lessons 25-26: What can you learn when you follow David into the forest?  Along with the world of mushrooms, discover how to create your own wild crafted tea.

WEEK 10:  Beauty – Chocolate – Balance

Lessons 27: David redefines the meaning of beauty, bringing out the magnificent energy and beauty that comes from within.

Lessons 28: The definition of balanced nutrition takes on a whole new meaning with David’s insights in this lesson.

Lessons 29: How much better can it get?  Making a raw chocolate with David Wolfe!  In this in depth video lesson you will discover how to make your own raw chocolate treats that are LOADED with super food nutrition.  This is chocolate that is not only incredibly delicious, it is magnificent for your immunity, metabolism, weight loss, and longevity!

WEEK 11:  Nutrition & Cleansing

Lessons 30-32: When you have been exploring the depth of nutrition as long as David has, you begin to see that there is no such thing as a single diet that is right for everyone.  This series eplores this insight, along with cleansing and the power of asking questions.

WEEK 12:  Color Cure Intro Lessons

Lessons 33-36: Explore David’s epic research into the science of color.  In this series of lessons, David will inspire you to immerse yourself into adding us much color into your nutrition and life as possible.



Now you have the rest of the year to review and interact with students worldwide in the exclusive course discussion forums, and catch things you may have missed in the previous 16 weeks.  And of course, new material will be added as we film with David around the world!

Everything about this course is about action.  As you had fun learning and applying the information in the previous 12 weeks you upgraded your mind and body in all areas.

“David’s courses are such an attractive consortium of up to date, deep down information. I’ve never felt so in the right place at the right time. If this is what school felt like when I was growing up I never would’ve wanted to stop. Being capable of playing the lessons over and over again is so valuable!!!”  Mike L.


If there was one gift that you could give to your body, it would be the gift of true health and well being. Understanding nutritional foods allows you to make choices that empower you from the inside-out! From basic nutritional overviews, to more-involved explanations which involve molecular process, David’s e-course will provide you information that matters to your total health and well being.

“What’s the best that can happen?” This is a great question! As you delve into more than 30 lessons in David Wolfe’s Living Nutrition e-course, you will certainly begin to look at your daily food in a whole new way!

“I found myself not only learning from nutrition basics, herbalry, Chinese medicine, super foods, power mushrooms, but also the most intricate mechanisms of the human mind and body in ways that I could have never imagined learning of before.  I am honored to be part of their team, and most of all, a responsible member of our Human Family, with whom I now share with, what I had the privilege to learn from David & The Body Mind Institute.”  Ivonne Delaflor Alexander – President, Delaflor Teachings International

Millions of people all over the world LOVE David’s no-nonsense approach to nutrition.  His personal experiences to uncover the nutritional benefits in unknown food and water sources from all over the world is considered to be a pioneering effort!

“As a graduate of this course I can’t recommend it highly enough. Innovative, informative and truly enlightening. A must for anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of raw and superfood nutrition.”  Nicole French


How-to go at your own pace. David Wolfe’s Living Nutrition is a video-based education course that honors the way you currently learn. You will enjoy all of David’s program videos and materials during the times that are most convenient to you, in a location that is most comfortable to you. And most importantly… you can delve-in at your own pace.

Learn what you actually need to learn. Does traditional “text book” teaching about nutrition leave you feeling confused or bored? David “gets it” and adapted the Living Nutrition e-course into a unique series of video presentations. This premier online video course shows you what you want to know, and will help you to develop momentum to enhance your everyday quality of life.

Master what to do to further improve yourself and master your wellness. Take what you learn in this program, and develop your own easy-to-follow nutrition plan that is easy to add-in to your daily life.

Explore how-to to see food from a whole new health perspective. Work with David’s Living Nutrition course tools and techniques, and further ground your understanding of how to add-in nutritious foods without feeling hungry or overwhelmed.


Q1: Why does this course enhance my daily life?
David’s Living Nutrition course is all-about incorporating simple truths about nutrition-rich foods into your diet. Whether or not you are “into” diets, the ways that you eat completely affect your abilities to think, move, and feel a sense of well being. This course will provide you with straightforward information that will enhance many aspects of your real life, without forcing you to eliminate nutritional aspects of your life that you are not ready to change.

Q2: Would my doctor agree with my taking this course?
Hundreds of medical doctors, nutritionists, and food education professionals are in complete agreement with the information presented in this course! David has taken care to provide effective context for the information which he presents, with each easy video lesson intended to build on the next.

Q3: Is this course complex or demanding of my time?
BodyMind Institute has worked directly on your behalf, to section each video lesson, handout, and quiz, in ways that make total sense to the learner. There are many unique insights that you will gain from each of the brief video lessons, and you’ll often notice that even the more information-intensive lessons are easy to watch and listen-to. David is a natural presenter with a positively-inspiring presentation style, and he engages listeners in extraordinary ways. Living Nutrition e-course is designed to enhance and legitimize your current understanding and perspectives about food.


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