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Eyesight Essentials

By BodyMind Institute

Eyesight Essentials


Imagine The Freedom!
Free yourself of the many inconveniences of your contacts and glasses … and truly explore life, work, play and your vision of life.

100% Guaranteed To Work For YOU!

“I began 32 years ago seeking a way to prevent my eyesight from getting worse every year … and ended up 6 months later passing my drivers license test with 20/20 vision!”
Barry Auchettl

What you will receive:

  • In this 10 day vision improvement program, you will be guided through a 10 minute exercise period each day with Barry Auchettl in HD Videos format.
  • PLUS, you receive Barry’s E-Book ($8.97 value) as a FREE GIFT for enrolling.
  • AND, you will receive over 20 HD videos with Barry, guiding you into the deeper and permanent shifts in your vision through life awareness and other incredible insights.
  • You will also receive 10 PDF downloadable guides that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

“After one month, I am now able to read a book without my glasses!!
Teresa Fino, Australia



Barry Auchettl: Vision Educator, Author, Speaker

Barry Auchettl overcame the need for glasses after wearing them for nearly 18 years. As a result, Eye Power was founded by Barry in 1997. His Masters in Education researched the detrimental effects computers have on eyesight, and what can be done about it. He has developed various Vision training programs to help eliminate the potential threat caused by what he describes as Computer Eyesight Syndrome. Barry is also an international speaker, radio host, limitless mindset coach specializing in Sabotage Clearing, and founder of Life Vision Mentoring, Eye Power, Pro Tennis Power and Pro Golf Power.


Course Synopsis

Barry Auchettl has compiled a magnificent vision course for you!

  • Bonus Gift: Barry’s “Eye Power” E-Book: $8.97 Value
  • 10 – 10Minute / day HD Video Lessons taking you through the complete step-by-step program.
  • 10 – Steps by Step PDF Guides to accompany each of the HD Video Lessons.
  • 20+ HD Video Lessons to deepen your experience of expanding your life vision along with your physical vision.
  • Discussion boards to deepen your own experience by sharing in what you are learning and experiencing with others.
  • Hints and Tips Videos for: nutrition, hydration and life.

“Want to hear something interesting?”

“I bought your eBook and made a copy of the eye chart and had it on my whiteboard at the end of my office and would do the exercises whenever I was in my office and as often as I could remember. My left eye started to get blurry and I found reading a chore and so eventually I went for an eye examination and told the Dr. that I knew my eyesight was getting better. He said “Sure it was, we’ll see” and sure enough it was better and I needed a lesser prescription on both eyes but especially the left. Went to optometrist and he took the prescription and could only find a 10 year old one to compare and he asked if I had had eye surgery as he said only surgery usually makes that much of a correction. Cool eh!”

Norm Riopelle

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