Foundational Movement Therapy Essentials


In this Foundation Movement Introductory course, you’ll not only learn about
increasing your Aerobic Capacity and to Run Further, you’ll also learn about:

  • Natural vision improvement
  • Relief from Chronic Back / Sciatica, and Hip Pain
  • Limp Relief
  • Relief from recently Broken Bones

Within the entire FMT Essentials, you will learn to become to the best YOU that you can be!

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Product Description

Within The FMT Essentials, we illustrate the key methods to walking, sitting, breathing optimally, as well Eye optimization to help with myopia.

What You’ll Learn:

  • 10 odd yet effective protocols to walk to fully engage your body, and relieve the majority of that lingering pain, from your hips down.
  • Tools to sitting to resolve all your back pain issues immediately!
  • Breathing techniques to increase oxygen intake.
  • Increase your running distance, as well as any sport related activities length, without feeling as fatigued
  • Rid yourself of nearsightedness once and for all, within 1 week!
  • 1 FULL hour of videos
  • Quizzes after each video to show that you’ve understood the concepts

In return, you get to be pain free as long as you embrace these principles.

  • In the walking segment, you will learn to walk in 10 different ways to engage and activate neglected muscles to re-create balance within your structural body.
  • Learn to sit and breathe optimally to constantly maintain a pain free state.  This also increases digestive capabilities as well as oxygen intake.
  • In 20 minutes of video, you’ll learn all the tools you need to rid yourself of myopia (short-sightedness) once and for all!  AND within a week, you will see progressive change within your eyesight.