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Genesis – Stress Management Tools 365

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Genesis – Stress Management Tools 365


Stress . . . could be a thing of the past!

Learn key principles for lasting improvements in your ways of thinking and behaving, based upon Dr H’s 12 Stress Management Tools, including:

  • What’s Good?
  • The Logic of Forgiveness
  • Responding (not Reacting) to Adversity

And much, much more. Here’s a sample video from Lesson 01: Part 1 – What’s Good?


My stress tools discovery story (from Dr. Henele):

A few years ago, I experienced a very frustrating day.

Every little thing was ruining my day.

Aches and pains ran through my body.

I certainly wasn’t THRIVING until I remembered

…that I had the power to completely transform my day with a single question.

‘What’s Good?’

Immediately, a calming breath washed over my body and cleaned the stress away and I felt confident I could breathe the aches and pains away.

Your peace of mind can’t be taken away…only surrendered.

Surrendered to the stresses that you may allow to dominate your perception of life.

But with a healthy Breathing Practice, Alkalizing Organic Nutrition, and the right internal dialogue you can learn to reclaim your surrendered peace within moments regardless of the adversities life may bring your way.

Introducing, a transformational 6 lesson course, Genesis Holistic Nutrition’s ‘Stress Management Tools 365’. We’re so excited to teach you Dr. Henele’s 12 unique tools for transforming stress into solutions that bring you peace of mind.

What’s the secret to our success?

Managing stress is so much more than listening to someone tell you what you should do, what you should think.

Managing stress is really about sustaining a shift in focus…away from the negative and into ‘What’s Good?’

Through this class, I have been able to notice problems in my study patterns, and apply small techniques to fix those issues for the better. I have been able to learn my limits and can now work with them for my benefit. These proactive changes are best attributed to an overall change in my perspective. Looking back, I am surprised to realize I was fairly pessimistic, at least in comparison to now. I now find myself at a much higher level of optimism than before. I truly believe this is because activities such as What’s Good…’    (See Manmeet Kaur Continued Below)

Eating Alkalizing Organic Nutrition is a great start to building the energy you will need to discover the untapped strength that lives within you.

Combining what you eat with powerful and practical breathing techniques taught by internationally acclaimed teacher, Dr Henele, will help you weather any storm literally within minutes.

Checkout a brief sample of one of our favorite lessons…

Here is sample video #1: Lesson 01: Part 1 – What’s Good?




You may be thinking, ‘Can it really be that easy? It sounds too simple.’

Think about the last time you were stressed out…where you breathing deeply…like a baby at rest? Or was your breath shallow and speed up? What had you eaten that day? The day before?

Did stress transform you? Or did you transform the stress?

Some stress is inevitable. In many ways it is the necessary adversity that helps us grow…but what if you could learn to systematically put an end to the self-inflicted stresses? End the roller coaster of dramas in your life and your relationships both professional and private?

START TODAY! Learn how to transform any frustration into a wonderful solution in your life. JOIN US!

Start Today. Start Right Now. Start with your enrollment.


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How does it all work?

We know you’re busy. We know that saving time and money means everything to you and the people you love. And we’re here to support you.

By enrolling today you gain access to 6 key lessons with more than 76 videos and 8 hours of guided narration from natural medicine expert, Dr Henele. He shares with you a groundbreaking view of how to transform stress for 365 days. A view that connects how you breathe, to what you eat, to how you think and feel.

That’s 365 days to grow, but grow at your pace, around your schedule! Gain access to information that help you eliminate the drama and gives you practical solutions you can use everyday. Dr H helps you create results you can see and feel.

We’ve seen his unique style of education work over and over and over again for people just like you.

Listen to what one of our favorite teachers has to say about why they love teaching Stress Management Tools:

Here is sample video #2: Lesson 03: Part 1 – Energy Draining Reactions



This Course Includes:

  • 6 Lessons with 76 Videos on Stress Management as taught by Dr H
  • 8 Hours of Video
  • Over 50 Hyperlink References
  • Access to Lessons for 365 days

Stress Management Tools is a great opportunity for you to deepen your knowledge of what it means to eat healthy and learn key principles for lasting improvements in your eating habits. This course is based upon Dr H’s 12 Stress Management Tools, some of which include:

  • What’s Good?
  • The Logic of Forgiveness
  • Building Plus Relationships
  • Responding (not Reacting) to Adversity
  • Being Solution-Oriented
  • And much, much more

(Manmeet Kaur Continued)

…My favorite activities have been the What’s Good and breathing exercises. While ‘What’s Good’ really reminds me of the positives in my day and even facilitates noticing smaller things that make me happy as they happen, the breathing exercises help me clear my mind, elevate my energy level, and truly relax. I have been applying these exercises on a day-to-day basis, and I definitely plan to continue using these. I can affirm, both these stress management tools go hand-in-hand for a better and happier day, and that makes a huge difference in the most unexpected parts of my life.
– Manmeet Kaur, College Student


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