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Herb And Drug Nutrient Interactions

By bodymind

Herb And Drug Nutrient Interactions


This course is a review of the biological interaction between plant-­‐based therapies and nutritional supplements with modern pharmaceuticals, and contraindications therein.

In this course you receive:
– Credits as part of the NANP Board Certification
– A Complete Foundation In Energetic Nutrition
– Lifetime Access

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A combination of 74 herbs and foods are discussed in detail with consideration to  their interaction with conventional drugs.

This course is a Mandatory course for the Master Herbalist Diploma Program.

1. Pharmacokinetic Interactions
2. Absorption
3. Distribution
4. Metabolism
5. Elimination
6. Pharmacodynamic Interaction
7. Teratogenic Herbs

Credits: 6 classroom hours



Herb Drug Nutrient Interaction

For you, did it all start with a soothing cup of Chamomile tea before bedtime, or are you into very sophisticated extracts used to stimulate particular portions of the human immune system. Those of us who are practitioners or aspiring practitioners all have our stories. But one thing is for sure: no one should ever underestimate or over-romanticize the interest in or efficacy of herbal medicine.

We believe there are four issues which need to be kept in mind as you read the materials in this course: interest in herbal medicines is expanding rapidly; because of the growing number of herbs, sources and manufacturers, quality varies dramatically; there are many schools of thought on the subject of herbs; and there is no easy way to categorize information about herbs. Also, along the way, we will explore quality control in trying to get them into a useable form by the consumer.

As responsible practitioners, we must understand that people who are trying to heal may combine pharmaceutical drugs and natural herbs. We must do our due diligence in making sure herbs and drugs do not have negative interactions. This will all be learned in this Herb Drug Nutrient Interaction course.