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How to Become the Ultimate Project Manager


How to Become the Ultimate Project Manager


What do we need to be a good Project Manager? The ideas are simple and profound, the approach powerful and natural: to bring together the best of conventional understanding with an inner wisdom and deeper awareness. To be the Ultimate Project Management we have to use our minds in a more evolved way . .



Somehow life has managed to create mankind

This Accelerated Learning Lecture (ALL) cuts though all the theories and presents the essence of Project Management: the ability to know everything you need to about all facets of your project and it’s context. This powerful and practical course will help you to develop a deep, inner awareness from which the Ultimate Project Manager will (if you follow it’s message) emerge.

About your tutor
As a Quality and Reliability Manager Dr Keith Beasley worked for many years at the cutting edge of electronics research. Amongst his many high-profile projects, he managed the Quality Assurance programme for the design and production of the silicon chips that formed the UK’s first ever digital telephone exchange (System X, in the early 1980s). Totally new, these Integrated Circuits, were designed to last 20 years . . . and were still working many years beyond that.

Aged 39 he took a leap of faith and left his engineering job to become an holistic therapist and teacher of Reiki Healing, eventually running  retreats in Portugal.

More recently he has obtained his PhD, researching evolutionary consciousness: how many individuals and groups are now ‘thinking’ in a way beyond normal rational consciousness.


What you’ll get
A video lesson which:

  • explores the essence of Project Management (PM)
  • identifies 3 ways of knowing and related ways of managing and making decisions
  • explains how to bring a balance to our PM activities
  • encourages and enables a deeper awareness and ‘tuning in’ to our project and it’s context

A quiz to help you assimilate the course lessons

Handouts to help you take the ideas of the course forward in your life

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