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Living Your Dream Life

By BodyMind Institute

Living Your Dream Life


Your Teacher: Dr. Joe Rubino
Access Period: 24-7, 100% Online, 365 Days
Duration: 19 HD Videos and Interactive Review Quizzes – 3hrs

Discover your most important commitments and values and live deliberately to empower your life to live in a joy filled, abundant life path.

  • Learn the Secrets to Living Deliberately and in Alignment with Your Vision
  • Develop the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of
  • Plus much, much more!


Living Your Dream Life Course Description

Module 1: Creating Your Dream Life Deliberately. 
Learn the secrets to stepping into your personal power and acting from intention to manifest your dream life on purpose.

Module 2: The Paradigm of Perfection and How We Don’t Measure Up.
Discover the reasons you have invalidated yourself, played small and resigned yourself to settling for far less than you deserve.

Module 3: Transform Your Self-Talk from Negative to Positive. 
Recognize that small nagging voice – that is NOT your intuition- and manage it effectively to empower your life.

Module 4: Our Emotional Reactive Moods.
Identify the emotional reactive moods that run your life, keep you on edge, keep you in conflict with others and prevent you from reaching your potential.

Module 5: The Gift of Problems. 
Learn how to identify the gifts that come disguised as problems and challenges, declare them, welcome them and embrace them to uncover the breakthroughs that await your magnificent growth.

Module 6: Payoffs for Keeping Our Moods in Place. 
Learn the reasons why we tend to gravitate towards our predominate moods of anger, sadness or fear and how to make choices that are mood-free to propel your life forward.

Module 7: The Vicious Cycle. 
Discover how doing what you’ve always done will continue to get you what you’ve always got and learn how to create new empowered interpretations to exit your drama cycle and support your happiness, relationships, charisma and personal power.

Module 8: Qualities to Manifest Your Dream Life. 
Decide to begin living from a declaration that encompasses the qualities you wish to be known for that will support your dreams and relationships.

Module 9: Doing a Proper Assessment of Our Present Day Life.
Do a thorough inventory to identify the qualities and characteristics that keep you small, stuck, and suffering while taking on the new qualities that will empower your life.

Module 10: Managing Incompletions and Taking Inventory.
Every place you find yourself suffering, stressed out or living regretfully is an area that demands completion and healing. Learn how to put these issues in your past for good as you redesign your life.

Module 11: Evaluating Qualities that Work and Don’t Work Presently.
Living deliberately means identifying what works about who you are, how you think, and how you relate…and what does not work. The first step in taking a new path is identifying which path to take.

Module 12: Putting a Structure in Place to Live Deliberately. 
Structures support personal reinvention and accomplishment. Discover which will enable you to redesign your life to live in alignment with the person you have decided to become.

Module 13: Designing Your Future in Choice and Living Your Life Purpose. 
We all have a life purpose and we are either living it or we are not. Learn how to identify and declare what your life purpose is so that you can begin the process of following your path of heart.

Module 14: How to Create a Compelling Vision for Your Life.
We all have a vision for our lives. Look around you and know that EVERYTHING you have manifested in your life is consistent with your vision for your life. Notice too how this usually is NOT the vision that you want in so many ways. Learn to create a NEW empowered vision that will transform your life in every way that is meaningful to you.

Module 15: How to Manifest Your Vision by Setting Powerful Goals. 
When your goals align with your vision and support your life purpose you are empowered to realize them. Learn the characteristics of SMART goals.

Module 16: Creating an Action Plan to Realize Your Goals. 
Goals without focused actions to realize them are not goals but self-delusions. Match your actions to your intentions and watch your goals become your reality.

Module 17: Embracing Personal Development. 
The secret to learning, growing and expanding to be the best you can be starts with embracing the process of personal development on a daily basis. Become a student of life, understanding yourself and others, and watch your life transform into a most interesting dynamic adventure.

Module 18: Acknowledging Accomplishments. 
We are so good at finding our own flaws and those of others. Watch your life transform by looking for the gold instead of the dirt!

Module 19: Taking Responsibility for Everything in Life. 
An empowered person holds it that everything that manifests in his/her life is the result of them creating it in one way or another. This is not responsibility as burden or fault but as an empowered place to come from to seek out new and exciting possibilities to make life a grand adventure for those who play the ‘master game.’