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Magic and Miracles: Quantum Leaps in Daily Life


Magic and Miracles: Quantum Leaps in Daily Life


Is the magic of Harry Potter all fictional, or are there some spells we can all perform? Is magic more akin, perhaps, to the miracle of life? This fascinating short course helps you to step outside the conventional perspectives of logical progression and embrace the idea of quantum leaps. Find out how to manifest the magical in your life!



We may not have Harry Potter’s holly and phoenix feather wand, but our minds do have the potential to do some pretty amazing things! Harry’s Magic, like most good Fantasy and Sci-Fi, does have some grounding in science and in reality.

This Accelerated Learning Lecture (ALL) explores the ideas of miracles and magic and related them to the world of quanta and quantum shift: the sub-atomic world where uncertainty rules. But we are all made up of just these sub-atomic particles!

By considering how we often learn by making sudden breakthroughs, Keith brings together the science of LEDs and the art of manifesting. Anything is possible!

About your tutor
As a Quality and Reliability Manager Dr Keith Beasley worked for many years at the cutting edge of electronics research. Amongst his many high-profile projects, he managed the Quality Assurance programme for the design and production of the silicon chips that formed the UK’s first ever digital telephone exchange (System X, in the early 1980s). Today we take these devices for granted (and couldn’t live without them!) but only 50 years ago what they do (by way of digital communications) would have been considered miraculous by most people.

Aged 39 he took a (quantum) leap of faith and left his engineering job to become an holistic therapist and teacher of Reiki Healing, eventually running  retreats in Portugal.

More recently he has obtained his PhD, researching evolutionary consciousness: how many individuals and groups are now ‘thinking’ in a way beyond normal rational consciousness . . . in a way that makes miracles, magic and manifesting our deepest desires a perfectly reasonable thing to consider.


What you’ll get
A video lesson which:

  • explores how magic and miracles are perfectly normal and natural
  • introduces the idea of Quantum Leaps and relates this to sudden breakthroughs in how we learn and grow
  • summarises the essence of manifesting
  • encourages and enables a deeper awareness and ‘tuning in’ to all these ways of perceiving and enabling miracles and magical occurrences in our own lives.

A quiz to help you assimilate the course lessons

Handouts to help you take the ideas of the course forward in your life

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