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ALL you need! (Accelerated Learning Lesson Pack)

By Dr. Keith Beasley

ALL you need! (Accelerated Learning Lesson Pack)


  • Not sure about your next step?
  • Know there’s something more (to life!), but not sure what?
  • Just want to explore on-line learning for personal growth?

Then take this pack of our Accelerated Learning Lessons and get a taste for a whole new way of thinking and being . . .


Whilst Nutrition has always been at the heart of BMI, we offer courses in much more besides: what and how we think, for example, is just as important as what we eat!

ALL you need gives you a taste for how our on-line training can help you in many other areas of your life. It includes no less than a magnificent 7 Accelerated Learning Lectures containing the essence of:

  • Mindful Presence – just what IS mindfulness?
  • Aspects of Love – we all need it, and there’s more to it than romance . . .
  • How to be the Ultimate Project Manager – in the home or office!
  • The Essence of Emotional Intelligence – from the man who realised that IQ needing balancing with EQ . . . before it became big business!
  • Quality Matters, whatever line of work we’re in.
  • Magic and Miracles: Quantum Leaps in Daily Life – is there any truth in the world of Harry Potter?
  • Making Friends with Time – Whether you’ve too much or never enough, time can be tricky. Here’s some new insights and practical help . . .