The Power of Anger


Learn to curb the destruction of yourself and others through learning to stop inner and outer violence. Humanity is at a very ‘young’ stage in its relationship with anger. For millennia we have modeled two options–implosion and explosion. The result is war, self-destruction through addictions, negative self-talk, and self-sabotage. There is a 3rd option–Moving Anger Energy Constructively! “The Power of Anger” with Ariole Alei is a holistic video e-course which invites you discover how you actually relate to anger. Ultimately, you can learn to recognize that you are not relegated to suffering, or the perpetuation of it! Simply befriend the power of anger!

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The Power of Anger invites you into a powerful, transformative discovery. As explorers mapping this essential paradigm shift in how we relate to anger, we will transcend humanity’s current ceiling, going above reason and logic to “look down, from up”. Learn to shift how you perceive experiences and new information. As action follows your thoughts (beliefs, ideas, patterns, attachments), you will gain a new advantage!

How can coach, Ariole Alei, help you?

“The time I have invested with Ariole has given me huge returns in the area of personal growth and relationship development. She is tender, insightful, humorous, and a gifted teacher. I am a better leader, mother and life partner as a result of my time with her.”

Testimonial from Lesley C. | Executive Leadership Client in Calgary, Canada


”The truth and power in her words will move your mountain if you let them.”

Testimonial from Craig S. | Executive Coaching Client in Saskatchewan, Canada


“Ariole K. Alei delivers. She provides tools, scripts and exercises to get awesome results.”

Testimonial from Michael L. in Victoria, Canada


About Ariole

Ariole’s life story is eclectic. Initially an internationally touring professional dancer, she became a solo artist, choreographer, and designer following the successful healing (deemed a ‘miracle’ by the press) of a broken knee and hand. She has since temporarily retired and returned to the stage twice – following fourteen year and seven year hiatuses, the most recent return being at the age of fifty-one. Ariole has been intuitive and insightful since childhood. A natural capacity to vision possibilities, she inspires and ignites passion and potential in others.

Ariole participated in the United Nations Earth Summit in Brazil in 1992. She has since designed innovative group visioning processes in England, India, Canada and Wales including Workshops, Retreats, and Seminars.

A dynamic leader and profound visionary, Ariole has met personally with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to discuss her visions of ‘A New Model of Exemplary Global Leadership’. In this context, Ariole has been passionately engaged in service to a global project since 1988.


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