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The Revenue Formula

By BodyMind Institute

The Revenue Formula


Your Teacher: Elaine Starling
Access Period: 24-7, 100% Online, 365 Days
Duration: 22 HD Videos and Interactive Review Quizzes – 3hrs

Award-winning marketing consultant, Elaine Starling, takes you on a fun adventure inside the secret to creating a successful business and life. Each intensive video module reveals important insights that create your customized blueprint for success, happiness and fulfillment.


The Revenue Formula Course Description

Module 1: Defining Success
Why NOW is the perfect time to realize the life and business of your dreams.
The unique advantage you offer.
The opportunities that are open for you.

Module 2: The 10/80/10 Rule
Why you don’t have to have all the answers!
How to instantly get “un-stuck.”
Why 90% of people are interested in what you have to offer.

Module 3: The Revenue Formula
The secret methodology used by every successful business.
The three factors that determine your success.
The two behaviors that determine the speed of your success.

Module 4: The Four Results
How those that struggle are actually trying to do business backwards.
How the four measurements of success build and amplify each other.
The effective way to measure your progress.

Module 5: Relevance & Your Brain
How your prospects and clients are evaluating you.
Why you sometimes “blow it” with prospects.
How to immediately align with prospects to create desire.

Module 6 Relevance/Easy
Why you’re losing new prospects.
How to make your product or service experience easy to understand.
One secret strategy that boosts results 40%!

Module 7 Relevance/Engaging
The seven ways to engage prospects and clients.
The secret strategy that makes men more comfortable working with women.
Special win/win strategies that showcase your clients and your business.

Module 8 Relevance/Effective
The Feature/Benefit/Advantage Analysis.
The 10 Benefits your clients want most.
How to illustrate and quantify your product or service value.

Module 9 Relationships
The secret purpose of relationships.
How to “set sail” to great relationships.
Why people are eager to work with you.

Module 10 Relationships/Connect
How to always be confident when meeting people.
Your unique advantage.
Your secret ability to influence millions – NOW!

Module 11 Relationships/Contribute
How to contribute in a way that always adds value.
The most important thing to do first (that most people miss!)
How to get people to take action right away!

Module 12 Relationships/Collaborate
Why not all relationships work out.
The three components required for collaboration.
The tell-tale signs of a great relationship.

Module 13 Presence & Perspective
What your relationships want most from you.
How to create great relationship through Presence.
How to offer your Perspective so your clients want more!

Module 14 Results/Rewarding Experience
How to create a Rewarding Experience.
How to quickly and easily make a powerful connection with a new prospect.
Why your environment and image is so important.

Module 15 Receptive
The Must Have Skill for Success.
Why being Receptive is vital to success.
How to be more Receptive.

Module 16 Receptive/Mission
How to differentiate your business.
The message that engages employees, vendors and prospects too.
How to use your WHY, HOW and WHAT to define your Mission.

Module 17 Receptive/Message
How prospects know they need to work with you.
The top secret strategy for identifying your message.
What your clients most want to learn about you.

Module 18 Receptive/Media
The three ways to connect with prospects.
How to control your exposure.
Where to focus your Media efforts.

Module 19 Resilience
Why you matter.
Why you’re here – the true purpose of your life.
What you can do NOW to bounce back.

Module 20 Resilience/Attention
Why your attention impacts your Resilience.
Your body knows something you don’t!
The super simple strategy to convert Anxiety into Anticipation.

Module 21 Resilience/Appreciation
How Appreciation helps you bounce back FAST!
One question that immediately shifts you into Appreciation.
Three ways to quickly find things to appreciate.

Module 22 Resilience/Action
The fastest way to get in Action.
The key actions that immediately boost success.
How to identify your progress.

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