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Winning the Inner Game of Test Taking


In this ALL (Accelerated Learning Lesson), Bara Sapir, CEO/Founder of Test Prep New York and Test Prep San Francisco, offers strategies for achieving your best grades & test scores, for rising above exam anxiety and tapping into your inner knowing.

Packed with insights, practical tips, amusing stories and fun exercise, this one hour video lesson provides the essence of how to improve your score in any test or exam: it’s all about BEing the real you, in the flow. Take the course now to find out how!




Do you know your material but flunk tests? Do you suffer from anxiety about exams or ‘go to pieces’ before or during important assessments? Would you like to improve your test score and exam results? Then we can help you!

Bringing together established techniques and insights and presented in a light, accessible manner, this single video lesson provides you with:

– Strategies for coming with anxiety and preparing for tests: what to do in the weeks and hours before.
– Insights into improving your performance, through avoiding distractions, improving reading speed, etc..
– Awareness of learning styles, critical thinking and others factors that will help you be more effective in tests
– Inspiration to reconnect to an inner wisdom and natural flow . . . like all the best athletes and sportspeople!

All these approaches apply equally to GMAT, MCAT and most, if not all, other tests and exams: helping you to get beneath the content to an inner confidence.
Packed with practical tips, this ALL not just informs but inspires. Take it now!


“Bara Sapir has a revolutionary approach to the “testing dementia.” If you suffer from test anxiety and it is affecting your performance, there is no better solution than TPNY’s relaxation and confidence-building methodology.”

Testimonial from — Hashim Bello, Bell Curves Educational Services

About Bara Sapir

BARA SAPIR, M.A., CHt, CNLP, Integrated Life Coach, is an internationally recognized expert in high-performance coaching, personal empowerment and transformative test preparation. She is an inspirational, highly skilled, passionate expert and teacher with twenty years’ experience teaching test prep, including six years as an instructor for The Princeton Review.

Sapir is the pioneer in bringing holistic, human potential techniques to the test preparation field, she is the creator of HypnoPrep® and Yoga for Your Mind®, which optimize test-taking results and professional success by reducing anxiety and enhancing concentration, confidence, and ease.

This ALL introduces the techniques and approaches available as video courses and 1-to-1 tuition from Bara at Test Prep New York and Test Prep San Francisco:

About ALLs

This type of brief (short) video e-course is called an Accelerated Learning Lecture (ALL). ALL’s are concentrated on gathering the essential gist of the holistic topic at-hand. Designed to help you assimilate the important features of mindful presence and apply them in your own lives, it concentrates on enabling your own personal growth . . . rather than filling you with facts and theories (which you could probably download for free form the Internet anyway!)



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