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Feb 29

Our Collective Vision

By BodyMind Institute | Blog

We believe that it shouldn’t take 20-30 years for you to get to the leading edge in your industry. We believe that education can accelerate your life, and that there is a way of teaching … and learning … that will spark every level of your imagination and inspiration to take action.

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Feb 13

It’s a Lovely Day to chose Love

By Elaina Love | Blog

Love is in the air here at Pure Joy Culinary Academy. Ever since I got myself into raw food (many Valentine’s days ago), it has been my mission to share ​Love everywhere I go — through acts of kindness, inspiring words, simple sharing with friends, and most especially through the food that I prepare.

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Jul 18

Are You Feeling Hot, Fat, Bloated, Lackluster, or Just Plain Tired?

By Elaina Love | Blog

If so, then you may want to consider doing a short or long fast on juices. Summer is the perfect time for fasting since it is hot and usually our appetites are not quite so strong. A bonus to fasting during the summer (or anytime) is that it reduces all inflammation in the body. So if you feel puffy, itchy, cranky, have eczema or any other skin condition or any ailment for that matter, fasting will clean out your body so you can feel fresh and new again!

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