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Great Health + Great Business + Supercharged Productivity = Amazing Life

Corbin Links


Corbin Links

Transformational Business Coach, Automation Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Identity Access Management (IAM / IdM) Consultant, Enterprise Architect.

In his extensive career, Corbin has helped companies such as Cisco, Disney, The United States Government, Southern California Edison and Microsoft automate business process, streamline IT delivery systems, reduce costs, manage vendors, and run 6--8 figure business programs.

As managing partner of Links Business Group LLC, an international business and technical consultancy, Corbin helps freelancers, coaches, and consultants build and scale their businesses in just a few weeks.

Also known in identity management and automation circles as the “consultant’s consultant”, Corbin has delivered international keynote presentations on program management and identity management (IAM / IdM) topics. Former clients continue seeking his advice years later. Corbin has written several books on the topic, his most recent is the “IAM Quick Start Guide”, available only at Corbin brings that rare mix of technical "hands-on the keyboard", and "business savvy to get it done" expertise to complex enterprise-scale projects.

Corbin is also a nutritionist who lives and teaches the biz-life equation:

Great Health + Great Business + Supercharged Productivity = Amazing Life

You can take "The Coaching Profits Intensive" as part of your Board Certification in Nutrition with the:


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