Emotional Vitality

4 Simple Steps To Creating Sacred Space: Say “Ahhhhhhh”
Picture your absolute favourite place. Use all of you senses, yes, your sixth one too! Why is it your favourite place? What does it smell like, look like, feel like, sound like. Are there tastes? What is the energy like? Sit with this in your mind’s eye for a few minutes.
Every Day Is A Holy-Day
You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the true spirit of Christmas. “Peace on Earth, goodwill to all men” is an intent understandable to and appreciated by men and women of pretty much any religion or no religion. So as we attempt to bring peace, health and inner harmony into our personal lives, how can we tap into this true spirit of love and shared humanity?
Reiki in the Workplace
Beyond Thought Today is about bringing together the conventional and spiritual worlds. Here's a great example: At the time I took my Second Degree Reiki, 20 years ago, I was working in the electronics industry, on the quality and reliability of the very latest silicon chips . . . such as were used in the first digital telephone exchange (remember BT’s Buzby?). A world away, you might think, from Reiki.
A Cultural Chasm?
As the US faces the uncertain reality of its election result and Britain pursues Brexit, whatever that means in practice, so our nations may seem divided. Both campaigns were bitter and divisive. Although, on both sides of the pond, the winners have called for unity, healing and working together, within the hearts and minds of many Brits and Americans, this intent doesn’t seem realistic.
Crossing the Cultural Chasm
In a number of different scenarios, the idea of a gulf or chasm between two different ways of thinking is very much in evidence. In the West, for example, the Arts/Science divide is often considered insurmountable. But the list of chasms is a long one: young/old, rural/city, and religious beliefs for example. Or even the timeless man/women. Few would deny some fairly fundamental differences in how these respective pairings of mind-sets operate!
The Power of Gratitude
When I was first introduced to the HeartMath system I didn’t really “get” it. There was a lot of talk about brain waves, energy fields and ECGs. I had a hard time trying to wrap my head around how this was going to simplify my life. My mentor at the time suggested that I just give it a try. I did…And I was pretty much blown away. He used a biofeedback mechanism to identify when my was “coherent” and guided me through a very brief gratitude exercise.
For or Against?
In the personal development arena, victim thinking is a major issue. So many of us can’t help feeling that the whole world is against is. And, of course, if that’s what’s in our heads so the universal law of attraction applies, and we bring that very situation to us. All classic justifications for positive thinking. But is it as simple as that? Can we just switch our thoughts to more constructive ones?
We’ve All Got a Heart!
What a lovely, and moving, opening ceremony to the Rio Paralympics. Such a powerful message: we’ve all got a heart. Whatever our ability . . . or disability, wherever in the world we come from, we all have a heart. OK, for a few lucky transplant patients, it might have started out as somebody else’s but we, every single one of us, have a heart.
Create a Vision for Your Dream Life
Dreams do come true. However, if your self-image is tarnished, your expectations of participating in all the great things that life has to offer are likely suffering as well. Perhaps, low self-esteem’s greatest cost is the resulting resignation it fosters. We die inside a little more each day. Before we realize what is happening, we have sold out our dreams for being all we can be, having those things we deserve and living a life fueled by our passions.
Championing Your Children to Develop High Self-Esteem
Studies show that high self-esteem is the #1 ingredient essential for developing happiness, fulfillment, rich relationships, and overall success in life. In the life of every child, usually sometime between birth and age 6, something happens to have the child doubt him or herself. Someone says or does something that has the child believe that he or she is flawed, unlovable, not worthy, imperfect.
10 Easy Ways to Build Self Esteem in Children
Parents can do much to insure that children grow up with the high self esteem that will support their happiness, relationships, fulfillment, and success. Here are 10 specific ways to support their self-esteem development.
Pick Up And Run With . . .
Over the last few months I've been getting a bit frustrated. I've had the opportunity to start or get involved in various interesting projects but, before long, quite a few of them have stalled. Maybe they'll pick up again, or maybe they'll not.
Olympian Brexit
We’ve done it! Team GB have won more medals in Rio than we did in the 2012 London Olympics . . . and we’re up with China at the top of the medals table. How can a tiny country with a population of around only 65 Million do so well on the world stage? Four years ago we could put it down to ‘home advantage’, but not this time. What is it in our make-up and how we work that has enabled such remarkable achievements?
It has been another awesome four weeks in Bali. Just before the 4th week’s juice fast and liver cleanse, we visited the water temple for cleansing and purifying. Our journey continues….
There is little doubt that we live in interesting and many would say, troubled, times. Across the globe we’re seeing more terrorist attacks, or at least more reported ones, spanning a spectrum of isolated individuals with mental health issues to highly planned attack by an extremist group. Then we have the Americans nominating Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and the British voting to leave the EU: neither of which were in any way predicted 12 months ago. What’s going on! Are these developments, puzzling and worrying to many, a sign of some underlying trend, a Zeitgeist?
The Impact of Lacking Self-Esteem on Business Professionals
Studies show that at least 85% or more of the world’s people suffer from some degree of lacking self-esteem. Although one might think that such challenges are only characteristic of the poor, uneducated, or lower socio-economic members of society, people from all walks of life can suffer situational or more widespread challenges with their levels of self-esteem.
Maximizing Your Productivity By Honoring Your Values
Being productive is a natural state that comes from people doing what they enjoy and honoring their most important values. Productivity and having fun are closely related. When we honor our values, life works.
Designing a Future Marked by High Self-Esteem
Studies show that more than 85% of the world’s population suffers from some degree of diminished self-worth. For most people who lack a positive self-image, the future looks like a mere extension of their troubled past. Their expectation of what is to be is consistent with what has been — with a slight and predictable level of improvement. Because of their lacking self-esteem, most are resigned to a life that lacks the excitement and passion that characterizes the lives of those who feel worthy of tapping into the best things life has to offer.
Completing Your Past
Does the following scenario remind you of anyone? Sue was totally in love with Jim. The couple met in high school and dated for eight years. Everyone who knew them expected them to get married and live happily ever after together. Then Jim met Karen. Before anyone knew what was happening - including Sue - Jim had eloped with Karen, putting an end to all of Sue's dreams and expectations. Sue was devastated. All she could think about was Jim and how she had been cheated out of a happy and secure lifetime with him.
Communicating Authentically
You maximize your personal power when you exude an energy of authenticity. When you not only speak from the heart but walk your talk, others get the real you. Living authentically comes from closing the gap between who you are, what you do and what you want others to get about you. Authenticity results when who you are being equals what you are speaking. In contrast, when you project a facade that differs from what you think and who you really are inside, others sense the disparity.


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