Faculty Interview With Corbin Links

In this fascinating interview, BodyMind Institute founder Lars Gustafsson explores with BodyMind Institute faculty member and founder of Coaching Profits Intensive, Corbin Links, best practices and top tips to create a thriving Coaching or Consulting business. Corbin describes how his own personal journey contributed greatly to his discovery that creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical to business success. After achieving great heights in business, yet being on a self-described train wreck in his health and personal life, and consequently surviving his own personal health crash through massive lifestyle shifts, Corbin is excited to share his insights to guide those who are eager to begin their own coaching journey.

Among other topics, in this interview Corbin shares his greatest advice and time-tested practices on how to get started in business, the best habits to cultivate for success, the importance of continued learning, and the top 3 health strategies to ensure success. Corbin offers insights into testing the market, attracting clients, and maintaining momentum in your coaching business. For anyone interested in becoming a coach, “upping your game” in a current coaching practice, or business success in general, Corbin Links shares invaluable information to get you well on your way to achieving your goals.

Corbin also helps clients win coaching and consulting proposals, and convince decision makers to buy products and services. In the marketing and copywriting arena, Corbin specializes in Identity Access Management (IAM/SSO/IdM), SaaS, Enterprise Software, and Alternative Health verticals.

Corbin has a deep understanding of the enterprise space from both sides of the table. Also known in business and technical circles as the “consultant’s consultant”, he has delivered international keynote presentations on program management and identity management topics. Former clients continue seeking his advice years later. Corbin has written several books on the topic, his most recent is the “IAM Quick Start Guide”, available exclusively at CorbinLinks.com.

Corbin brings both technical “hands-on the keyboard”, and “business savvy to get it done” expertise to very large, and very complex enterprise-class projects. Most projects start in the mid six-to-eight figure range.* Corbin is also a certified nutritionist who is ultra-passionate about helping business owners maintain high-performance health. His latest book, “How To Up Your Health Game In 30 Days Or Less” makes it easy for anyone to pursue his or her health goals with 7 simple steps.

Corbin Links

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