Fermentation Part 6: Kimchi
Kimchi is very important to the Korean diet. Unlike sauerkraut or those bread and butter pickle slices that you may or may not eat next to your sandwich, Kimchi is unquestionably a part of a Korean meal— it’s non‐negotiable. This single foodstuff has completely infiltrated Korean culture: there is Kimjang, the annual communal Kimchi-making ritual Continue reading…
Fermentation Part 5: Yes, Your Microbiome Can Be Changed Dramatically Even After Childhood
One of the things that has never felt right to me, is the fact that most microbiologist have stated that the microbiome is fixed in humans by age 3 – 5 years old; not to be changed after that time. This is another one of those areas where science pretends it knows everything on a Continue reading…
Fermentation Part 4: Ketchup
As promised here are two ketchup recipes. Ketchup has a long and sordid history. Probably the most commonly eaten condiment in North America; we have all used (and most likely abused) ketchup. Most people think of ketchup as an American invention, mostly because it is used on almost every thing. It turns out it originally Continue reading…
Fermentation Part 3: Mind Body Connection in Digestive Health – A Two-Way Street
You don’t have to look far to find examples of the mind-body connection with digestive health. Remember the first few times you had to stand in front of the class to give a presentation and you had ‘butterflies’ in your stomach? Maybe you still get bouts of performance anxiety that affect your digestive tract. This Continue reading…
Fermentation Part 2 – Enhancing Our Immune System
Even though there are several benefits to fermentation, probably the most important one in our modern world, is for our own immunity. Bacteria outnumber our own human cells by at least 10 to 1 (even though some research is currently debating this). If there are 30 – 75 trillion human cells, this means we have Continue reading…
Fermentation Part 1 — History
Throughout known history, virtually every society ate, drank and enjoyed fermented foods. From this, regional flavors and techniques gradually developed into a large array of enjoyable, low-­‐tech delicacies. This gives a cornucopia to explore of easy to preserve delights that you can make in your own kitchen. When you go out to ethnic restaurants have Continue reading…
YUM, YUM, Ferment, Ferment
T’is that season again! You know it well, when the gardens are so full of abundance, and you are completely over whelmed with such a downpour of produce that you don’t have a clue what to do with it all. Maybe you live in the city and find such great buys at the Farmer Markets or local stores, still what do you do with it all. At our organic farm, we try to be as sustainable as possible.


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