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BodyMind Performance Certification

I first started with your institute at the beginning of last year doing the David Wolfe cert and Elaina Love cert. It has been wonderful watching your school grow in this time. Great things happen when we are in alignment with changing the world and empowering people to be the best they can be from a heart based perspective.

I just wanted to thank you for the effort, enthusiasm, love, grace and knowledge you put into this course. I also appreciate your spiritual self and how this intertwines with the way your institute is. Being part of a group that values how important our spiritual lives(I don’t mean religion) are and to live from the heart it important to me.

The course has given me extra tools for my self and at this time I am still working on how to add it to what I do, spirit tells me that this is a time thing, Im in holding pattern at the moment. However I have had great fun in spreading the word and helping friends with their nutrition to take it up to higher levels. This is part of my being on the planet, to be of service.

A note on your pots your talked about… I bought what I would say are the same brand, full set, 28 years ago and they are still performing amazingly. Unfortunately my ex husband got half of them lol.

I have loved viewing the extra 30 video interviews which have been so informative. Im quite interested in the mindPT so will have a look at that soon. When I clicked on the link for the lesser amount to pay I think it was $29 instead of $49, it took me to the full website so I guess that was only available at the time you were first doing the webinars. No worries, just thought I'd let you know. I was fascinated listening to Kim and on how her system works. I also noted how many times she mentioned during her interview with you about her system, that she used the same words to describe it over and over and very precisely. Very much along your lines of repetition you mention when building clients.

Gina Hunt

Raw Chef Certification

Raw chef certification course was very interesting, Elaina takes us on a gourmet raw food journey where she shares so much helpful information starting from how to organize and clean your kitchen, how to cut the vegetables to have a final product that looks very appealing with a perfect taste and bite to how to make tasty recipes without using dairy or meat, that look and taste like the original product. This part surprised me the most because many times before when i made raw food recipes, they looked like they should but the taste and the bite was way different. I like that she learn us the basic recipes and from there sky is the limit in what you can create. I highly recommend this course for anyone how is looking for adding more nutrition in their diet or who want a transition to raw food and is tired of trying all the recipes available on the internet without success and felling really fulfilled. Here we learn how to make really delicious raw food recipes and how to integrate this lifestyle in our daily living. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity.

Best regards,

Alexandra Cheptea

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I just wanted to say I enjoyed every minute. I learned so much. I have a son onthe spectrum and took this course in hopes of making a difference in him. I haveseen great mental clarity with him. Adding the super foods and super herbs havemade a great difference. I am doing some major detox myself. Well worth itso glad I took this course.
Thank You so much ~ Helen

Helen Calvin

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Hi Tanya,

I loved the course and can’t wait to read all of David’s books. There is so much more I am excited to learn about. I love that David is a living example of his teachings. He is so alive, healthy, fun, enthusiastic and passionate about the work he is doing. I am already so much healthier after eating raw foods and I hope to be able to teach others to be healthier and inspire them to enjoy nourishing their bodies with raw foods. I lost both of my parents a year and a half ago to illness that I feel could have been prevented through proper diet and nutrition. I have always been interested in a more holistic approach to healthcare and in nutrition so I decided to find more information to live the healthiest life possible and inspire the people I know and love to do the same. When I started looking for information I found David’s course was exactly what I was looking for. I want people to see the same joy and sparkle in my eye that I see in David so that they will be curious and want to learn how to achieve the same. J I will continue to follow David and his teachings.

My sincere appreciation to everyone there. I wish you all much love and many blessings.


Laura H. Cook

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Thank you! I really enjoyed the course. It was actually a bit more advanced than I thought it would be. In the beginning I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with it or I'd lose interest because I couldn't understand it however, that was not the case. The course was laid out so that it didn't overwhelm you too much per subject. I look forward to taking more courses in the future. The video segments are great and I really liked the fact that when you did answer a question incorrect, there was an explanation for you instead of leaving you puzzled.

Marina Brock

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Thank you!!
I really really enjoyed this course. I learned a ton and have implemented most of what was taught in the course (some additions I'm unable to afford yet). My family and I are so healthy because of this last year of learning, so much change has gone on, physically, what we have in our kitchen, the way we do things, huge changes. One of the biggest comparison is with my 6 year old daughter and how she functions compared to her classmates, she is able to concentrate, focus and be herself and, of course, she is at the top of her class like last year. There is also no more animal products in our diet, though I'm trying to find someone who will give me some deer antler, since we live in a town where people come to hunt. It feels good to have a kitchen without animal products, I didn't realize how much stress was involved in keeping things separate and clean.
I have to thank my nutritionist, Dr. Jerrod Bergman in Rhinelander, WI, because he is the one who recommended David's course to me. Now we are only seeing him once or twice/year to check in.

My husbands family sees how healthy we are and want to know what we are doing. I look forward to teaching others how to be healthier and feel good, actually feel good. 🙂
Having the best life ever!!


Cathy Giesell

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I enjoyed every second of the course...David is amazing...he made me felt in love with food...with good food to nourish and take care of my body, I feel now more like my health is in MY hands and that is a huge feel somehow powerful...and just the though of being able to share all that amazing information to serve people in any way makes my heart explode with happiness...that is how grateful I am to have come across this certification!

Diana Perez

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

As English is my second language i found that it was more difficult for me without translation. as i know English but the terms of herbs and since ones were taking me longer. translation like you tube has is a must for international students.
As for the content, the gardening part is nice but will not be used with clients and i think should not be mandatory.
The chocolate part should be extended as david is a master in it and it contains inside of it all the herbs and super food that needs to be taken. so raw food recopies desserts and shakes and juicers should be extended. as its not a lot.
david. wow im in love. he is very coherent easy to understand and fascination even in the hardeds subjects to digest.
the color of food part should be at first not last as its more deep and needs more energy and in the end i had no power to deal with it and found myself coming back to it. it is so important the colors and the body influences.
the water part amazing! and can be extended with a few websites that help us morons find a real spring water:) i mean in Israel we have many wannabe spring water and when looking online to find a real one(and there are high mountains in Israel) i fould it difficult to know where can i go find one. although its amazing the idea of connecting with mother nature.
i found that the videos filmed in davivs Canada home were more deep and lots of info. and a feelling of heavy materiel. and the Hawaii ones more easy to understand and fun.
the videos from conferences and in the apt on the road very interesting.
over all i feel blessed to learn from you guys and i wish david will come back to israel as the last time he was here the organisation of his appearance was not good and since he never comes back.
i wish he would re consider. and connect to good vibe people here because israel needs more of David Wolfe!

Dana Sal ezriel chanel

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

"I have really enjoyed the course and I have learned so much, I just fall in love with healthy food even moor that I have already been. Thank you very much and keep doing it so good in the future.
Best of luck and have the best day ever :)" beti gerzelj

Beti Gerzelj

Fermentation for Life

"I loved the mini course and found it easy to follow and really enjoyable and well presented with the videos. I enjoyed doing the quiz straight after each session too which helped me remember important facts. " Michelina Di Fiore Owen

Michelina Di Fiore Owen

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I absolutely loved the course! The teaching platform was easily understood and I could pace myself.
The ability to study and progress while on vacation was awesome...I spent eight weeks overseas, travelling across the UK and Europe, and I managed to fit at least one class in each day.

The entire course took me a little more than six months to complete, whilst I continued to work full time.

I have learned much, and appreciate all the terrific resources that David has "put into my hands".

Looking forward to future classes from BodyMind Institute.
Thank you

Karen Graf

The BodyMind Institute

Having studied with the BodyMind Institute for over four years, it is my immense pleasure to share some of what the BodyMind Institute means to me. It wasn't long after I started my first course that I realized I was receiving so much more than I had imagined. My experiences with the BodyMind Institute have tremendously enhanced every aspect of how I engage my field of study because, through my education, I myself have become so much more. I have been inspired to open doors leading ever deeper into my own self discovery and engagement in my passions.

I used to view education as a means to an end, but my experience with the BodyMind Institute has redefined what education means to me. I have come to love the process and the wonderful experience of becoming more. I have discovered that the finest, most rewarding and fulfilling education is that which not only enhances what we know, but encourages us to discover our authenticity - that is - who we are.

I am so grateful to the BodyMind Institute and all of the magnificent people whose love, dedication and energy are behind this rare jewel of a school. They are truly a world-class team who take wonderful care of their students. I cannot begin to measure the full scope of how I have benefited, and that benefit hasn't stopped with me. My marriage has benefited, my children have benefited, my family and friends and of course my clients have all benefited. I see how these people who have been touched by this school through me have gone on to touch others as well. Sharing the BodyMind Institute with others is one of the most inspiring things that I have the pleasure to do, because I know the magic and miracles that await them. This school and its people are a treasure and will always hold a precious place in my heart.

Melinda Bond

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

My learning experience at The Body Mind Institute has been like no other experience in my life. Initially I was set to go to another institute but along my research travels I stumbled into thebodymindinstitute. I have been a David Wolfe enthusiast for years and when I found a course taught entirely by David I was thrilled to say the least. After a little contemplation, some fund raising and encouragement from my husband to take the plunge, I dove in to the Raw certification course head first. I have never doubted my choice or looked back for one second. The training videos were like sitting with an old friend going over our amazing discoveries by the fire. David Wolfe doesn't just regurgitate facts like in some college lecture he is enthusiastic and animated in a way that brings the material forth from my own ancient memory banks. He awakens knowledge as opposed to stating facts. I wish all of my schooling had been like this. It has changed not just the way I learn but the way I live and the way I pass on knowledge to others. Last week I helped calm the nerves of my first client, a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer. She came to me fresh from a double mastectomy and scared out of her mind. Thanks to the incredible wealth of knowledge passed on to me from Thebodymindinstitute courses I was able to soothe and lighten the burden this woman was holding. She left invigorated knowing she was in control of this journey and she could change the quality of her life. Thank you bodymindinstitute.

Kiki Wilson

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

This is the best nutritional course you can find on the web at the moment with abundance of scientific and esoteric facts and knowledge. You can actually use these materials as a black box (if you are not interested in why and how it works - you just want to eat healthy), or you can dig deeper and explore the biochemistry and agriculture to the finest details. It's up to you. David is an amazing guy that shares his knowledge in a fun way and you start to appreciate it once you realize how rare that really is - fun and easy to understand language that can upgrade your health in a matter of days. His ability to present facts about fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, sprouts, superfoods and superherbs from different angles is so powerful that before you even reach the end of the course you will find yourself experimenting with presented materials and becoming the healthiest you ever! You are not here by accident.. 🙂

Vladimir Sersic

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I first learned about the David Wolfe Raw Nutrition course at an event that he was teaching at, and from that moment, I knew I was going to sign up immediately.

I have always had a passion for learning, and this course fit perfectly for me as I balance my career between being a chef, teacher, a chocolate maker, and an integral part of the holistic health industry. This course wasn't just a course on raw nutrition, but a mosaic of teachings that help all of us who have taken the course fill in the rest of the picture of what health, wellness, and the best immune system you could hope for, means to each of us in our daily lives, and the way we can teach those around us what we've learned.

As David says many times in the course; the knowledge he's sharing is just the starting point and it's what we do after that counts. I've taken those words and delved deeper into many of the lectures in the course and though my knowledge of nutrition and health was high prior to the course, the way in which he teaches with so much respect and adoration for what the plant kingdom can offer us, offer our health, and offer the planet is by far the best part. There's an intimate knowledge of each thing he talks about and we're drawn in and inspired to do our own research, tasting, testing, and creating with these plants, mushrooms, superfoods, and more!

Being in David's pantry was like being in my own pantry with all the hidden gems - and then to be transported to his backyard where all the best things grow was such a treat. And, then when you think it couldn't get better - we get a glimpse into his work in Hawai'i during the NoniLand sessions!

One of the biggest thrills for me was that after the course ended I was able to really apply my knowledge - I have had the honour to create menus for David when he's in town doing special events. What an incredible opportunity to take what I learned about the way foods can work together and make menus such as "David's Favourite Things" and feed not only him, but the people at the events.

I love taking the time to go over my notes from the course and think about what kind of a menu we should have at each event. I'd recommend this course to anyone, at any level in their wellness journey or education, as there is something for everyone to learn and to be inspired by. Thanks BodyMind Institute for putting together such a well rounded course and an enlightened experience in online learning.

Colleen Heidecker , Nutritional Mixologist/Chocolate Maker

BodyMind Student Support Team

Very friendly, informative and supportive customer service, even at a time when they were very busy! And I appreciated the quick follow-up email with information about the course. Thanks!

Loren Greig

BodyMind Student Support Team

Excellent customer service! Always prompt and positive! Thank you 🙂

Julie McMahon

BodyMind Student Support Team

Better than satisfied. You have all been great in each and every situation if need assistance. Thank you!

Nicole Hunter

Facial Reflex Therapy

I just completed the Introduction to Facial Reflex Therapy, it was amazing! Something I will continue to use with me throughout my lifetime and on my family, it has been a great help now more than ever since I am experiencing health problems. I always knew there was something about facial massages and pressure points 🙂

Juliet Saltmarsh

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Thank you so much!!! My kids and I have really enjoyed the videos in this course a great deal! Every evening my kids would beg me to watch them! Ha ha I'm so grateful for all the knowledge we have all gained!!! We are so sad for this course to be over. Going to rewatch our favorite videos til we can't anymore!

Julianne Fallon

90 Day BodyMind Renewal Program

You have taught me new ways of looking at things I thought I already understood well. You showed me that there is always room for learning, and that expanding my mind can lead to some great results. This program showed that it is possible to get results! I was skeptical, but you helped make it happen!

Shalini Chugh, BSc, MD.

Raw Chef Certification

Pure Joy Academy took my passion for food and healthy eating to the next level! From the daily lectures on conscious communication and thinking, to the demos and hands-on portion where you can literally taste the love energy that goes into preparing food…this invaluable experience has confirmed that I am a chef at heart who is here to help heal the world, one plant-based meal at a time! During my travels following the course, I have learned to eat more simply utilizing what is available, and my brain is constantly thinking, “how can I make this dish more raw or alive?!”

Monique Bogni

Usui Reiki

Since doing my Reiki 1 in 2001 followed by Reiki 2 and doing my Masters and teaching with you, all I can say is that my life has never been the same. Some of the amazing results that have been achieved with my spiritual healing team and myself is unbelievable. To say it has changed my life is an understatement. There is never a day that goes past that I don’t use the energy in one way or another. … I have set many people on the path of enlightenment as to the way you have taught me, which is keeping it simple and letting that person grow on their own journey. Many Thanks.


Making Chocolate at Home with David Avocado Wolfe

Making chocolate is so easy and fun! Our girls love making their own flavours!
AND.. my 10yr old daughter Julienne filmed a chocolate recipe video that is inside this course!

Melinda Bond

Genesis Stress Management Tools 365

Through this class, I have been able to notice problems in my study patterns, and apply small techniques to fix those issues for the better. I have been able to learn my limits and can now work with them for my benefit. These proactive changes are best attributed to an overall change in my perspective. Looking back, I am surprised to realize I was fairly pessimistic, at least in comparison to now. I now find myself at a much higher level of optimism than before. I truly believe this is because activities such as What’s Good…

…My favorite activities have been the What’s Good and breathing exercises. While ‘What’s Good’ really reminds me of the positives in my day and even facilitates noticing smaller things that make me happy as they happen, the breathing exercises help me clear my mind, elevate my energy level, and truly relax. I have been applying these exercises on a day-to-day basis, and I definitely plan to continue using these. I can affirm, both these stress management tools go hand-in-hand for a better and happier day, and that makes a huge difference in the most unexpected parts of my life.

Manmeet Kaur , College Student

Genesis Nutrition Courses

Thanks to Dr H, my husband and I did IgG tests…I am converting the bakery to gluten free and gluten free/vegan. I’ve seen Major changes to the husband; almost no more migraines. He is now willing to consider weaning himself off of some of the big pharma stuff he’s on. He is buying organic on his own. He no longer thinks what I’m learning is a fad or voodoo medicine. WOW!

Heather Ruskievicz , Bakery Owner

Eyesight Essentials

Through Barry’s work my soul was touched and I was able to release emotions held for such a long time. I can now focus on what I am doing and where I am going. I am wearing my glasses less and find that colours are much brighter and sharper. I highly recommend Eye Power to those who want better vision and are willing to take the steps to achieve this.


Eyesight Essentials

I don’t need dependence on glasses or to have them around my neck at all times… I loved the Holistic views and possibilities for eye power and health. Also the fun we had in each segment of the course.


Eyesight Essentials

After one month, I am now able to read a book without my glasses!!

Teresa Fino, Australia

Eyesight Essentials

I can thoroughly recommend Barry Auchettl's natural vision process if you are interested in losing your
glasses & or generally enhancing your view of the world. Barry's natural vision process is easy to follow, easy to apply and produces real results. Thanks, Barry, for all your efforts in assisting me to view the world using my own natural vision.

Pat Scahill (New Zealand)

Facial Reflex Therapy Courses

I just completed the Introduction to Facial Reflex Therapy, it was amazing! Something I will continue to use with me throughout my lifetime and on my family, it has been a great help now more than ever since I am experiencing health problems. I always knew there was something about facial massages and pressure points 🙂

Juliet Saltmarsh

Usui Reiki

Dear Keith, thirteen years ago this weekend I took part in a weekend Reiki First Degree workshop in Northamptonshire. My certificate is one of my cherished possessions. Your teaching has been with me throughout these years. Thank you for that weekend, I have never forgotten you and what I learned.


Essence of Knowing

I feel as if I am looking at the world with my eyes wide open. Feel very elated and would recommend the course and your teachings to anyone.


The Essence of Knowing

I have just taken your course, The Essence of Knowing and absolutely loved it! … I love your teaching style and feel I have a lot to learn from you. I think your course is fantastic!


David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

What an amazing discovery! What a great course for anyone interested in creating a holistic career.
Thank you David for all your hard work, positivity and research!

Katarina Vrkic, Australia

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I loved the way the course content was delivered. The format of videos, handouts and quizzes made the learning experience so much fun. All in all awesomely delivered and the Lesson Transcriptions were the cherry on top ... especially for tackling both Visual and Auditory learning modes.

Daryl Nunes, From Aruba

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I am thoroughly loving this course. I am learning so much and incorporating new things into my life/blender every day. This is so much more than fruit and vegetables! The tonic superherbs are astounding. I love that you film from your home, the authenticity is refreshing and definitely conducive to learning.

Isabelle Oliver, California

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

The whole journey has inspired my passion for healthy nutrition and I found David’s course so interesting in a casual kind of way and learned so much through the way the videos were presented. E.g. while watching David make a chocolate smoothie all this information was delivered in an interactive way!

S. Davis, South Africa

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I have studied David’s work for years ... reading his books, participating in the Longevity Now Conferences and watching his videos but after completing this course the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place. I am now qualified and inspired to continue David’s dream of passing it all on. Thank you David!

Bill Stringfellow

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I found myself not only learning from nutrition basics, herbalism, Chinese medicine, super foods, power mushrooms, but also the most intricate mechanisms of the human mind and body in ways that I could have never imagined learning of before.

Ivonne Delaflor Alexander

David Avocado Wolfe Living Nutrition

David’s courses are such an attractive consortium of up to date, deep down information. I’ve never felt so in the right place at the right time. If this is what school felt like when I was growing up I never would’ve wanted to stop. Being capable of playing the lessons over and over again is so valuable!!!

Mike L.

David Avocado Wolfe Living Nutrition

As a graduate of this course I can’t recommend it highly enough. Innovative, informative and truly enlightening. A must for anyone who wishes to enhance their knowledge of nutrition.

Nicole French

Coaching Profits Intensive

I have found Corbin Links' Coaching Profits Intensive course so useful!

Coming from a teaching job, I have no business background or experience. I can balance a checkbook, but I didn't know anything about the importance of structuring my business for success. CPI has answered the call!

Portraying myself with confidence is an essential business practice. It isn't about looks but about presenting a capable professional to the public. This is an excellent starter course for someone wanting to break into the business world as a coach or consultant. I strongly recommend using Corbin's program as a foundation for success. I've even had my first paying client! More importantly, though, I have many contacts to work with as I continue through this process. Thank you, Corbin!

Maureen Ivusic

Coaching Profits Intensive

This course is priceless! I wish I had these formulas, step-by-step guides, and proven systems when I began my career. The client modules in this course are amazing!

Lars Gustafsson , Founder of BodyMind Institute

CareerHearted Business Essentials

This course has so many tips and trick that I can use for my new business as well as things I can do to push my current business into a higher income bracket. It has brought a conscious awareness of where I want to go and how to get there.

Suzanne Field


In 10 years of weight training I have never transformed my body like I have with the BodyMind Nutrition System! Lars’ knowledge is second to none and his techniques are revolutionizing sport nutrition!

Aric Sudicky , Professional Model


I know that the BodyMind Nutrition System is a huge part of my success in becoming a pro and will be very important in helping me achieve my future goals.Thank you Lars for all of your help and ongoing support!

Luke Way , 4th at 2006 Xterra World Championships, Top Canadian at World Long course, 8th at Canadian Tri Nationals

BodyMind Nutrition Courses

In February 2007 I had the pleasure of going to Tanzania, Africa, to hike up the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, the "roof of Africa". Seeing sunrise from the summit on Valentine's Day was a moment that I will treasure for a long time. Next was a safari trek packed with amazing sights of the gentle and noble animals of the Serengeti. But with these experiences (as with the others over the past year since working with Lars) I found that the lesson learned is something different than what I had expected. From participating in the Omloop ultra marathon (Holland, 2006) I learned not only that I could walk 110 km, but gained a true understanding of the training required and a grateful appreciation of the support essential to complete such an event. One cannot do this alone. From the African trip, my highlight was not just making it to the top of Kili, nor seeing the animals (while both were marvelous), but experiencing the wildebeest migration and feeling grateful for witnessing such an event. Such a grand, magnificent, ages-old procession of life…. the wildebeest, the zebras, the cheetahs, the lions…. and to be part of it. To feel so big, and so small, at the same time. To finally "get it". Thank you Lars for helping me achieve two of my life dreams!

Joanne Jansen , Completed The Omloop Ultra Marathon - 100km Walk

Accelerated Online Course Creation Guide

This course will provide you with extensive knowledge to create successful and highly engaging courses online!

David Wolfe , Superfood/herb Nutrition, Longevity and Beauty Expert

30 Day Meditation Oasis

Ariole is flat out brilliant. High energy, high integrity, high quality communication. She is a powerful, visionary leader in fields including, but not limited to, relationship counseling, spiritual practice, new thought paradigm training, and personal development. Ariole thinks well outside mainstream boxes and helps people tap into universal truths that grant access to depth, richness, and clarity that so many people seek on their life journeys.

Aaron C. , Entrepreneur, H.O.P.E. Retreats Core Team

30 Day Meditation Oasis

The time I have invested with Ariole has given me huge returns in the area of personal growth and relationship development. She is tender, insightful, humorous and a gifted teacher. I am a better leader, mother and life partner as a result of my time with her.

Lesley C

30 Day Meditation Oasis

Thank you for bringing me into your wonderful world – you are so unlike anyone I have ever met… Pure presence and I feel wide-eyed like a kid seeing magic. Thank you, all the light and love.

Chandra Crawford , Canadian Nordic Skiing Olympic Gold Medalist

BodyMind Nutrition Courses

This course was incredible and life changing. I am an endocrinologist, MD, PhD, so it was, and will be extremely useful for may patients too. Thanks a lot to Lars and the BodyMind Institute team for this wonderful experience.
Best regards, Monica

Monica Goia-Socol

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

David's course was fantastic. If somebody had time to do it a 100 times, he would still discover new things every time. It is complete, impowering and David's passion made me feel so happy and passionate too. It was my evening relaxation throughout this year, made me travel in places where I'd want to live, made me understand that learning is easy when you know how to do the teaching. Thank you David for existing and having such a contribution to my life. Go on spreading what you know and inspiring people.

Best regards,
Monica Goia-Socol

Monica Goia-Socol

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved in providing such an informative and empowering course. David seems such a powerful beacon of light that I wanted you to know that his light has made it all the way to a small town in Yorkshire in the U.K and influenced many people in both my private and professional life as an acupuncturist.

Kind regards,

Wishing you all the best day-ever.

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

BMI Student Support Team

I have always received very prompt, friendly and useful support from the team.

Sarah Jackson

...I surely would have died had it not been for BodyMind Institute and David Wolfe...

I truly learned so much and David's teachings on Super food and Super
Herb Traditional Medicines. I honestly feel that changing my diet to
raw food super fruits, vegetables, and traditional herbs that
strengthened my health to its best.

Incorporating these teachings into my daily diet was actually what kept
me alive when I was extremely ill. My body went into unexpected shock
from food poisoning at a restaurant. I was rushed to hospital after
being exposed to a dangerous toxin laden raw oysters which was 1000
times more dangerous than cyanide.

Before getting ill I was in the best heath ever following David Wolfe's
Nutrition plan for two years prior and I surely would have died had it
not been for BodyMind Institute and David Wolfe. Thank you so much
for helping educate millions of people around the world and saving my
very life.

I look forward to be a Nutritional Coach now to help others improve
their life force energy through nutrition.

Much Gratitude

Deborah Alena Davis

Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification

I am really enjoying the course and have been having lots of fun putting much of what I have learned into practice. I now have a thriving sourdough starter, some very tasty sauerkraut, my own home made butter, sparkling water kefir and some delicious and nutritious home made chocolate with superfoods! I plan to make my own yoghurts and kefirs and have made many of the raw food and detox recipes too!

I particularly loved the raw cooking course and the Fermentation for Life series, I am working my way through the courses and learning so much.

I am finding the content life changing.

Best Wishes,

Suzanne Green

Suzanne Green

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Thank you so much! I absolutely loved the course! I have completed several nutrition certification programs and this was one of the most interesting and informative courses! I love David's personality and the way in which he shares his information. I also loved the way in which he continuously noted the research and names of researchers/scientist behind the research/information he talked about.

Thank you so much for making this valuable course available.

Reeca R.

BodyMind Institute

I have become a different person, I am a healthier, positive person that sees self worth in myself and a strong belief that I can accomplish any of my goals and that I deserve to live an amazing life.

I am truly grateful to everyone at the BodyMind Institute for their incredible work and contribution to myself and humanity, it has changed my life for the better and I certainly know it will for thousands of others. Thank you again Lars for this amazing opportunity. Much Gratitude

Mark Ramotar
(BodyMind Nutritionist and Health Coach)

Mark Ramotar

Love this school!!

We appreciate all of you and the great job you do! We hope to inspire others so they too can have healthy and happy lives. These courses are truly life changing and eye opening.

I myself am graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach) , Institute for the Psychology of Eating ( Eating Psychology Coach) and the Vegetarian Health Institute (obtained Mastery Certification in Vegan & Vegetarian Nutrition). I undertook the studies 3 years ago, once completed each school felt that I needed to know more… Of course I implemented all kinds of changes in my house and everybody’s lifestyle in my family changed radically. I was looking for ways to educate my children-however the other schools were not suitable for my kids, required different level of comprehension, more business approach, understanding politics,etc - I knew it would not be a good fit at this age. Then I found your school!!! The Body Mind Institute - my dreams came true!

The material is suitable for any age and I could not be more happy! I signed up my kids (ages 12 and 14) and my husband for 3 courses each - Alex, Nina & Simon - for the Body Mind 101 with Lars Gustafsson - so they can get good grasp of the basic knowledge and understand why all of these is important, how the body/mind works, The Nutrition Certificate with David Wolfe to further their understanding and to learn about superfoods and all the other aspects that impact one’s health, body and mind and the Raw Food Chef with Elaina Love so they know how to make the healthy foods & plant based diet 🙂

So far, this is been a wonderful, empowering experience. My children understand what, why and how to eat, they understand how it impacts their mood, appearance and how they see the world… They are very capable to make delicious foods and they make plenty! It’s hard to get them out of the kitchen as they want to prepare food, they have their favorite recipes and are creating their own too! In today’s world this is so important, I dare to say the most important education a parent can give to their children. It is a must if our kids are to grow up healthy and have a bright future…

We will record videos and send to you soon. We are also finishing up other courses and will be done before we pack up and head to the Longevity Conference in CA. We are happy and cannot wait to let all the wonderful people there, hoping to make friends within the like-minded community. We are doing our best to share our knowledge and inspire others. Also, currently we are in the process of building out our first physical location for our proof of concept cafe - OutSmart Cafe ™ - where we want not only to serve organic , non-gmo foods and beverages but also raise awareness through the website (work in progress) and brochures, educate people about our menu items (many superfoods) , their benefits, etc. Kids also started their (also work in progress) where they can share their knowledge & skills with other kids/teens. Nina is already working on her first recipe book 🙂 We will see where it all takes us - your school has been the most helpful and ignited my kids to do meaningful things, take care of their bodies and care for others. Thank you!

Warm regards,

Dorothy K Warda

Dorothy Warda

Raw Chef Certification

We are so happy and I am proud of my family! 🙂 The Kids are so excited and cannot wait for their certificates! 🙂 They worked very diligently and had so much fun and lots of friends over/shared the food with as 3 people were taking the course in the same household / making delicious dishes, etc. Our favorite are the Curried Carrot Salad & the Waldorf Salad-amazingly delicious! Thank you for all the great work you all do! We are so excited to be able to be part of this meaningful way of living. 🙂

Warm regards,

Dorothy K Warda

Dorothy Warda

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I am thinking and thinking how to descibe it few words,cause there are so many things to be said...

First of all I am in love with My teacher David Wolf,there are years that i am trying to learn and find my kind of people, and now I did ....actually Him, with his cats, his gardens, his way of speaking, his knowledge made me go further for Master, even though I don't know nothing about the other teachers....I am impressed...and touched by this Creature's talent....I met some difficulties dew to my Moldavian English but it was an opportunity to improve it in the end....And now believing in me more I am able to color my speeches as I wanted, my profession is fashion designer and always thought that there is no beauty (Chanel, Louis Vuitton, bla bla bla) if it is not coming from our insides, from how we think, eat, how we behave and so on ....David Wolfe gave me this puzzle pieces that i needed (cause knowledge is sexy ) so now I can help others including me more diligently (as Goenka was saying).

Conclusion: For me it was like a beauty course... Beautiful man, beautiful children, beautiful nature, beautiful knowledge and beautiful feelings.... Complete Functional art ...And I earned those million miles of peace of mind...

Toghether with you, your team, your Institute rock!


Lucia Savin

Lucia Savin

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I forwarded an email to you from one of my friends ,Andreea Rusu,whith whom I have developed a beautiful relation thanks to this course, as David said: share the knowledge...It might sound too sweet her email but she swears it is true....



From: Andreea Rusu
Sent: Saturday, October 1, 2016 4:55 AM
To: Lucia Savin
Subject: Testimonial regarding our 'nutritional ' relationship

Dear Mrs Savin

Hereby you can find my short testimonial about our relationship regarding nutrition. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and please do not hesitate to let me know if you need additional thoughts...

To whom it may concern:

Passion and love for nature and food, a lot of patience and motivation, logical and analytical thinking always supported by evidence are the minimal words I can describe the best instructor I could ever have. She didn't give me a diet, she didn't tell me I will become more beautiful if I follow her suggestions, she just let me discover through food and nutrition a new lifestyle. She always supported me on my evolution and yes, I can say evolution because through her I had the opportunity to evolve-it was always me having the biggest problems in this world, it was only me being the most stressed person in this world, it seemed that only I was a victim of the destiny... always sad, always tired, always lacking energy, always nervous but, through her, I understood the importance of a correct nutrition. She gave me all her availability, attention and involvement taking into consideration also the crazy rhythm of my life..and yes, my life has changed in better. Thanks to her I understood that every mood and every aspect of my life is directly influenced by what I drink, eat, and what I put on my skin. She never forced me to do something, she tried to find the simplest way of introducing changes in my lifestyle and she let me understood it all depends on me. And I am really grateful to her for this. I believe she really is made to change people's lives, to enrich them and to make them enjoy life again.


Andreea Rusu

Lucia Savin / Andreea Rusu

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Thank you again for your help. I have been so amazed at the graciousness of your team in all of your communications with me. I feel so blessed to have completed the David Wolfe Nutrition Certification Course. I learned so much, since it is so incredibly packed with invaluable, insightful, unique nutritional and natural health knowledge. It certainly exceeded my expectations, in terms of what I have been able to take away from it, and reflect on in my own life journey and pursuits.

Jessica Maletic

BMI Student Support Team

I have always received extremely gracious, caring, and excellent support from the BMI team. Thank you.

Jessica Maletic

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

There's SO much incredible information in this course, and the video format makes it way more fun. It contains a large range of topics so you're learning so many different valuable things. The entire course is like a doorway into all things deeper and it definitely brought more awareness into my life. This was a great learning experience!

Debra Prescott

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

I would highly recommend David Wolfe's course for a number of reasons: First and foremost, I think David is an incredible leader with a very powerful message: That there is possibility in the world and believing in yourself and the dream. There is always hope, no matter what you're faced with and there is always help for your health.

I grew up with a severe learning disability, which grossly affected my fine motor, balance and coordination; and I had severe issues learning. especially with visual things. I was often outcasted, and teased as a child because of my difference and struggle with life.

This however, didn't stop me, as I knew I was meant to help others and influence them through my own disability. So, I reamed a dream to become a nurse to help others, and began this journey, as a volunteer in local hospitals; then I worked as a nursing attendant for several years, and then a liscence practical nurse, and finally, a registered nurse.

However, the world often puts limitations on people, and when I became an RN, I developed a stigmatism which off set my visual perceptual disability,which is grossly affected by computers. I was accused of being mentally ill, which I proved wrong, and yet, no help whatsoever was offered. Only, labels, harassment and discrimination. Last summer, I was forced out of my job, that I loved so much, because the system decided " I was too sick to work". Left me without money, couldn't get unemployment. I have been evicted several times due to my financial restraints. I'm living off of borrowed money, the food bank, and the little I receive from my business.

This left me feeling like I was a complete failure, that I failed my whole life, not sure what to do or where to turn, I registered in David Wolfe's course. Most days I couldn't get out of bed, the system broke my soul, and the only thoughts I had were "why bother, I'll just fail again". I remember watching David's videos, lying in bed, crying. Wondering what the point was, and the one day, I don't know, I saw his magic, his love for life, his passion; but it was more than that, it was his message. And this is what I heard him say to me, 'don't ever give up, there's always hope, a cure and possibilities'.

I began to reexamine my life, and the possibilities and was setting goals; I saw his dream, and started dreaming a new dream, and envisioning the possibilities. David gave me hope for a life when there was none. And He helped me to remember my own power, and goals.

He is a powerful person, and great coach, even by long distance. I started getting up every morning, and thinking about what I was eating, as I had gained weight in my depressed state, and giving up on life. I realized, that I can never give up. Through his videos, I saw his confidence and he somehow gave mine back. So, I started my Zumba workouts again, and focusing on wanting to be an instructor. In the process, I started thinking about the possibilities of curing my own disability, and PTSD that occurred from my past experience.

So, one day, I just decided to try something, and I took some coconut oil, and was very surprised by the results. I was focusing, reading faster, and understanding the material better. I was sleeping at night and much calmer. I then decided, to see what else was in my cupboard I could just "try", and I found cayenne, and decided to put it in my eggs with the coconut oil. My energy increased, stressed decreased to almost zero, and my learning issues again improved.

What woukd take me a year to finish two other courses, I got tbrough in months. I now see a new path, and believe this where my success in life lies. David Wolfe opened a new door to my success, life, health and a new way of helping others. I will definitely use this information, in combination for other courses and with my background as a nurse. With my knowledge, I am finding ways to also, help others with difficult life paths, find a better way to live.

This course has changed my life, how I look at life, and has helped my disability and quality of life, through that.

Sharlene Fair

Sharlene Fair

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Studying this course - was so wonderful time of my life! it was so interesting, so useful :)) and I have many impressive changes of my health and my family's health already!! commertial doctors couldn't help us :(( it's unbelievable!!

I am so appreciate, so thankful to David Wolfe, Lars Gustafsson and all Your team! I am living so far from You but I have possibility to take this course and to get this lifesaving knowledge.

I hope that my new profession will help another people to be healthy and live longer.

I will begin my own practice as nutritionist and health coach. And I want to share my knowledge with reading lectures. With God's help:))

Millions of thanks! You are the best ever!

Happy Holidays)))

Tatyana Frolova

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

First off, I want to say thank you to you [BMI Student Support Team], you have been absolutely fantastic every time I've had to contact you. I have a survey in my inbox to take on the customer service which I promise to fill out.

The knowledge I have received from this course is second to none and was/is life changing. My health since meeting David and subsequently enrolling in his course has improved substantially and from the looks of things, I believe I am on the road to a full recovery....not only something that I never thought was even a possibility for me, but also one that has stumped every doctor, shaman and "healer" I have seen over 32 years since I started battling bad health.

This was the most extensive (and unbiased) course I have taken to date and I am very proud to have had the chance to take it....instead of feeling like I completely wasted my money which has happened a few times, I actually feel like I underpaid...I am leaving this course with more useful (and invaluable) information than I was able to gather over the last 5 years....I am finally experiencing life the way it should be!! I am indebted!!!

Know that I am incredibly grateful, and so very thankful to everyone there!!! ~ Lexxia

Lexxia Stone

Raw Chef Certification

I just completed the Raw Chef Certification course. I have to say that this was a fantastic course! I cannot stop talking about it to all my friends and family. I did not want the course to end!!! Thank you, Angela

Angela Martinez , Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Student

WRC - Herbology 1

The course was fantastic! I have decided to take all of the [Wild Rose College] courses and work towards a herbalist certification. I am thrilled to hear about the newly updated course [Herbology 101]. Please do share my comments. The courses have changed my life!

Melanni Loewen

WRC - Iridology

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing the skill of Iridology, it offers an excellent foundation. I found the iridology course to be full of all the vital information that anyone would need to become a successful Iridologist. I felt like I was a student sitting in the classroom the whole time, Listening to Dr. Terry Willard teach the class while following along with the PowerPoint presentation and the handouts made every lesson easy to follow and incredibly interesting. I may pursue the next level of Iridology in the future for now all I need is to practice, practice and practice some more. Thank you for providing the opportunity to learn this amazing wholistic health modality.

Joyce Lee