Max Morin

~ Founder of Foundational Movement Institute

Max is President of Urban Roots Wellness Centre and Foundational Movement Institute. He is also the creator of Foundational Movement Therapy™. Max has been in practice for 8 years, educating his clients the importance of conscious movement protocols. He developed his practice to be developed around the everyday concepts of Walking, Sitting, Sleeping, Standing and Running. Through his education of Biomechanics, Applied Kinesiology, and structural anatomy. He now teaches his students to become the most knowledgeable therapists, when it comes to Foundational Movement Therapy™. Max’s passion is to educate and empower individuals that have lost hope in their bodies, as they feel victimized with chronic pain.  His partner in life and in work Dr. Tanya Kelloway, both work in conjunction with each other to provide extremely effective treatment to their clients.

Max Morin's 3 Foundational Movement Therapy courses here at the BodyMind Institute.

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$49 Intro Level Course

$799 Pro Certification


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