Michele Paiva

~ Psychotherapist, Business Psychotherapist, Marketing Coach and Life Coach

Michele Paiva is a sage marketer with a strong professional background in communications and business marketing for small, medium and large businesses. She has also worked as a news writer, editor, radio host, television host and producer, broadcast reporter and public affairs and medical anchor, as well as contracted as a telesales spokesperson. She is also an author of several books.

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Michele Paiva’s purpose is to create a domino effect of wellness professionals who are successful, passionate & respected so that together, there is an awakening spreading more rapidly to help, heal and honour, the greater good.

She has worked as a national legal educational advocate, advocating for victims of discrimination, assault and crime in federally funded organizations such as universities and schools. While she sees the incredible value in communications, she has always kept a spirited wing in wellness, owning a yoga studio and working in psychotherapy.

She has, in the last few years, reframed her focus and devoted all of her time to psychotherapy and wellness coaching in her private practice, and has utilized her vast business experiences to help others to achieve and grow within their passions, with prosperity and purpose, integrity and authenticity.

In her spare time she raises Monarch butterflies, (now endangered- plant Milkweed!), enjoys a vegan cooking, yoga, art, kayaking, volunteering, meditation and non-gmo and organic gardening.

Her vast experiences include her thriving psychotherapy and coaching practice, and a background as a news writer, editor and reporter, broadcast anchor, spokesperson, publicist, author and publisher. She knows what the media and the public respond to because she was the media and she’s experienced in public response methods.

Additionally, Paiva is a long-time yogi, beginning passion as a toddler, watching her mother with a daily yoga and prayer practice, and being raised on an organic “farmette”. She has studied and has been inducted, in person, with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. All of her courses, therapy and coaching are woven, like an ancient tapestry, with this spiritual foundation.

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