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Pediatrician-Approved Natural Remedies For The Flu
Flu season is right around the corner, and hopefully by now you’ve read my article on the Top Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immune System. But now you’re wondering, what if my kid actually gets the flu? Are there any natural options besides Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Sudafed, or just waiting and watching? YES! If you understand how to use natural medicines, you CAN do something to not only help your child feel better, but to help her recover faster!
Which Type Of Cleanse Is Right For You?
What type of fasting protocol should you do? Whichever way you choose will give your health a big boost, increase your longevity and energy, improve your memory, and help you access more joy.
Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 5: Herbal medicine
In this, our fifth and final blog on The Liver – Our Great Alchemist, we are going to go through the protocol that I have found over the last 30 plus years to be the most effective to regulate, balance and yes, Detoxify the Liver. But before we do that, I want to recap the journey we have gone through so far. In the first blog, we saw how our liver worked somewhat like an alchemist, tucked away in a dark corner, doing many jobs tirelessly, transmuting nutrients and toxins into golden health.
Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 4: Deficiency and Excess
So far in this alchemical adventure, we have looked at a few of the transmutation aspects of the liver, or “liver energy”. We have delved into the aspect of liver detoxification and how it counts on a three-phase process (numbered I –III). We also took a glance at assessing if phase I or phase II were working properly. Now it is time to change our focus onto two other aspects of liver strength: deficiency or excess. Again, we want to find a balance here. Some people might display one or the other of this balance. If they display either set of the symptoms strongly, then we used the appropriate botanicals. Fortunately, as we pointed out in our last blog, liver energies are particularly well suited for treatment with botanical medicine.
Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 3: Assessment
Welcome back for all the people that have managed their way through the somewhat nerdy part one and part two of The Liver – Our Great Alchemist. So far, we have seen that the liver is our internal alchemist, working in the shadows, undertaking many tasks at the same time. The liver also converts many nutrients, food stuff, botanicals and pharmaceuticals into golden opportunities for healing. We reviewed the two major phases of liver detox phase I and phase II. We also threw in a third phase (phase III) that is not covered by most textbooks on liver detoxification.
Liver as our Great Alchemist Part 2: Detoxification
In my last blog, I introduced the liver as – “Our Great Alchemist”. We saw that just like an alchemist, the liver is always hard at work in the shadows, accomplishing many tasks at a time. One of these major tasks is that of detoxification. We would like to concentrate on this task in more detail in this blog. There are two major phases of detoxification in the liver. Some would even argue that there is a third phase that we will touch on here also.
The Liver As Our Great Alchemist – Part 1
One can easily visualize the liver as an alchemist in their lab, working secretly and passionately on ten different projects at once, surrounded by a vast array of lab equipment, never seeming to take a break. The liver is just like this, always working on many functions at once. Indeed, the liver is a major organ in the body and like the brain, lungs and heart, we couldn’t live without it.
Top 5 Pediatrician-Approved Natural Remedies for Your Child’s Headache
If you’ve ever suffered from headaches, you know how awful they can be. I, knock-on-wood, don’t often get headaches, but the ones I’ve had have been doozies and I have endless empathy for kids and adults who get them on a regular basis. And of course, when your child has a headache, the first concern that might pop into some of your heads is that something could be wrong – really, really wrong.
Kirtan Kriya – The Art & Science to Heal Mind, Body & Spirit
Kirtan Kriya is given for everything from breaking negative mental patterns that hold us back from achieving our dreams to establishing emotional balance, heightening intuition & increasing radiance. It also will help to release deeply held impressions from past negative sexual encounters, cleanses the aura, arc line & psyche. It reestablishes your aura as your own, gifting you with clarity, joy & vibrance. In fact, this meditation is considered the highest meditation for a woman in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and was one of the first meditations that Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga taught.
Another Way to Evaluate Your Health
It’s hard not to live and die(t) by the scale. As a professional, I know better, but will admit to falling into the trap of living by the numbers on the scale. However, I’ve learned just how defeating those numbers can be when used as the sole basis for my state of health.
Fat Girl – You Are Beautiful!
I was a fat girl. In middle school, I asked my mom if I could go to fat camp. I wanted to lose weight and for once in my young life be a skinny girl, so away I went. I clearly remember that first mortifying day when all of us kids lined up – girls in leotards, boys in swim trunks – to take our “before” photos. We got weighed and measured, our fat pinched, every unwanted inch discerned. Our “calories in” were counted to the milli-bite, and “calories out” were tracked with every step and jump in the exercise of our choice. That set me up for a lifetime of this-or-that new diet fad or fitness routine in my never-ending quest to be thin – to have that perfect body that every girl but me seemed to have. One summer in high school I decided to drink nothing but orange juice for a month. I tried my hand at bulimia in college along with several of my girlfriends, but wasn’t dedicated enough to stick with it. As with most women on this journey, I yo-yo’ed between 3 clothes sizes – my skinny clothes, my fat clothes, and my average clothes.
Glycogen and You
Most people want more energy. Increased energy means better performance, longer endurance, greater reach of skill, more prolonged learning potential, and the stamina for profound depths of social interaction. Basically, more energy means more brain power. For the purpose of this post, I want to focus on the theme of executive functioning.
How to set you Goals to Get and Stay Fit Once and For All!
Have you ever wondered how you can actually have long-term success at changing your diet and fitness routine? The answer is: Make it a way of life, not just a diet or quick fix to solve a problem. It’s great to do a one-week fitness camp that’s really hard and kicks your butt, but as great as it is in the moment, it will not create lasting success. Success in anything lies in persistence.
Cardiovascular Disease Part 3: Avoiding Heart Failure
This is one of the most diagnosed health issues in both men and women over the age of 45; but the problem starts way before this age – in the routines of our lifestyle. In our first two blogs in this series, we talked about how the mind and emotions (part 1) played an important role in cardiovascular disease (CVD), then continued onto health in the arteries (part 2). In this blog we are going to concentrate on the heart; but the heart of the issue is not the organ – it is lifestyle! Even though this is one of the most prominent causes of deaths in the world, it is one of the most preventable.
How I Stay Healthy Without Living In A Bubble
I have been in the wellness industry for almost 20 years, and the most dangerous thing I have seen is the “all or nothing” mindset. Sometimes, when you start an extreme diet with the intention of doing it forever, you can’t help but swing to the opposite extreme. One week you are eating 50 bananas a day and restricting your fat intake, and the next week you wind up binging on ice cream and french fries. Sound familiar? The popularity of extreme fad diets over the last decade has strengthened that mindset, even making it acceptable. Extremes can lead to self-sabotage or worse, orthorexia, which leads to isolation.
Cardiovascular Disease Part 2: Atherosclerosis
In our last blog we looked at why matters of the Heart and Mind can affect lifestyle issues that can play a big role in cardiovascular (CV) issues. Here we are going to look more at what happens in the tubes. Arterial disease accounts for the vast majority of patients that suffer Continue reading…
Cardiovascular Disease Part 1: Where Do We Start?
After doing a blog on how statins might not always be good for you, several people asked me what to do, so I decided to do a multiple part blog on cardiovascular issues. We sit at a unique time in history when heart issues, both emotionally and physically, play one of the most prominent roles Continue reading…
Running Is Melting My Fat
After running a marathon six years ago when my son Dom got leukemia, I always thought I would train for another one at some point. Time passed, and after a year or two, I didn’t run anymore. I let myself off the hook telling myself that I didn’t need to …
Why Statins are a waste of time?
A little over two years ago, I got a nasty parasite while adventuring in the tropics that landed me in the hospital so fatigued I could barely move. Fortunately for me, I finally found out what the parasite was and my health is back to normal. At the time, because of my age and being Continue reading…
Peek Inside the Kitchen of 24 Raw Fooders
How would you like to visit my home and the homes of 23 other busy people who thrive on raw foods, peek inside our private kitchens, and "spy" on us as we prepare meals for an entire week? This collection will give you hundreds of brand new ideas to thrill your taste buds and shake up your menu plan. You’ll never again settle for the same boring meals, or wonder what to eat. And it’s yours risk free for three full months.



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