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A Mindful Generation
“Mindfulness” has become quite the buzzword in popular culture today. While we could argue that its vogue-like emergence is just another fashionable trend – embraced, paraded and glamorized by both health enthusiasts and socialites alike – I would suggest that what we are really seeing is something far more significant. I would also suggest that the practice of mindfulness itself actually has some very important implications for where our civilization is going.
Simply The Best
Imagine how things would be if you and your life were uncomplicated, straightforward, uncluttered, and easy . . . #ChrisThomson #Simplicity #Taoist
Body and Mind: Is There A Difference?
I live in Northern Catalonia, right under the Pyrenees. I am within 40 minutes of ten great ski stations, and I pay almost nothing because I am a resident, and because of my age. I tend to gravitate mainly to Alp 2000, which is 20 minutes from my front door.
Gaia’s Spiritual Evolution: The Serpent of Light
Our discussion is now going to take another turn. We are in present time, looking at our past to see our future, so we can learn to be in the NOW!
Reiki: ‘Learn’ To Do It For Yourself!
An increasing number of people are finding the benefit of Reiki treatments: relaxation, stress management & prevention and easing of many other conditions. Now what if you could do this for yourself? What if you could feel these benefits whenever you needed them . . . in the comfort of your own home?
Coherence and Fractals
Coherence is almost a buzzword these days for lining up with one’s own spiritual evolution, while linking together with many others around the world who are of a like mind.



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