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We’re Moving To UEXL: Book Your Call Now

It's Time! Let's Get Your Courses & Access Moved To Our NEW Learning Portal. 
Please Book Your Move Call Now!


Step 01

Click on the button below to begin the transfer process to our new UEXL Student Learning Portal (UEXL.org) and receive immediate access to check out our our Board Certification Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner 7-Day Trial.

Step 02

Check your email to click on your UEXL account confirmation link (sent from info@uexl.org). It will have the title "[One More Step]" in the subject line.

 After you confirm, you will receive a second email with your login information.

Step 03

Click on this link to schedule your course transfer call.

Please be sure to complete this step, as we are otherwise unable to grant full access and transfer course progress. 

In Your Admissions Move Call You Will:

  • Receive continued access to your courses you are currently enrolled in with course progress transferred.**
  • Receive 2+ Years Of  UEXL MasterMind Live Call Replays*
  • Receive information about all the various updates and the evolution of our institute.
  •  Learn about and get access to the new student perks & bonuses only available on our new learning portal UEXL.org.
  • Receive guidance from our team by reviewing your current goals and assistance in discovering the next BEST step on your journey.
  • PLUS! No More Course Renewal Fees

Course Transfer Window: 
CLOSES ON JULY 01, 2019!
Update: BMI Portal Officially closed on 1/1/2020
All of our courses that we are continuing to support are now available on our UEXL Learning Platform.
If you are a returning student and have not transferred during the 1 year transfer window in 2019, please IMMEDIATELY click the transfer button above and schedule a time to connect with our admissions/support team to see what courses and progress we may still be able to transfer to our new platform.

* Not all courses are transferring to UEXL.org. Many courses received updates, however, some courses are being discontinued and replaced with new/more relevant courses and mentorship/coaching LIVE session memberships.
*Not all course progress can be transferred without proof of completion via a certification as we officially shut down our BMI learning portal and no longer have direct access. Please book a transfer call with our team members so we may transfer your courses and give you access to you new student perks/benefits as soon as possible.

*The Mastermind Club will only be gifted for FREE to students with career level courses like Bodymind Performance, David Wolfe nutrition, Raw Chef, Coaching Profits Intensive, Herbology 101, Herbology 2, and Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner that have enrolled in these courses before 8/30/2019 . Students without at least One of these courses will be given the option of subscribing to our Mastermind Club Membership for $99 per month.

Once You Complete The Transfer Process Steps 1-3, Please Click "Login" Below To Access Your New Student Account.