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Why Choose Usui Reiki?

Feeling disconnected? Had enough of the current norms of society?
Connect to the source of an infinite power that is streaming through you at all times;

activate your innate healing energy and creative potential.

"Mankind is at a critical juncture. If we're to survive, let alone prosper then we, individually and collectively, have to change how we think and how we engage with ourselves, with each other and with our wonderful planet.  Usui Reiki provides just the tools and insights to enable us to do just that."
Dr. Keith Beasley
Founder: Working with Wisdom

Make Better Use of Your Mind!

What if our mind isn't a computer to be programmed but a receiver through which we can connect to every bit of wisdom there is?  What if you could enhance your awareness so that you KNEW whatever you needed to know each moment?

Imagine how much more efficiently and effectively you could work . . . and how much happier and healthier you could feel . . .

These are just a few of the benefits of learning Usui Reiki.

Dr Keith Beasley

For 17 years Dr. Keith Beasley worked as a Quality Assurance expert at the forefront of microelectronic innovation.  Seeking a career with more heart and soul he took up Usui Reiki, offering life-guidance and holistic health mentoring.  As Reiki has helped him find new meaning in life, so he has evolved this beginners course in Reiki that paves the way for a whole new and better way of being . . .



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