The Wholistic Nutrition
Master Practitioner Certification

A unique and extensive depth of knowledge and skills to set yourself apart in this industry.

"With cutting-edge scientific information and the right teachers and mentors, you can accelerate all areas of our lives - financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually."

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Expand your life and career... in the field of Integrative Wholistic Health

(Nutrition - Business - Financial - Life Mastery)

24 Premiere Courses by 12 of our Star Faculty that create one of the most in-depth and advanced wellness curriculums available! This is how we help leap you forward in accomplishing your goals!

  • Integrative Wholistic Nutrition Principles
  • Financial & Business Success Systems
  • Complete Coaching Methadologies
  • Life and Personal Mastery

Testimonial: Online Video Education That WILL Go Beyond Your Expectations

"I found myself not only learning from nutrition basics, herbalry Chinese medicine, super foods, power mushrooms, but also the most intricate mechanisms of the human mind and body in ways that I could have never imagined learning of before..."

Ivonne Delaflor Alexander, President, Delaflor Teachings International

This career package is for you if …

you are totally dedicated to uplifting your life and the world around you into a healthy, peaceful and sustainable future.

What you will love learning:

  • Wholistic living, integrative nutrition principles.
  • Wholistic business, success and financial systems. 
  • Maximized immunity and longevity programs.
  • Simple and wholistic cleansing protocols.
  • Herbal science, history and formulas for a balanced mind and body.
  • Mind, Body and Spirit coaching systems.

I am really enjoying the course and have been having lots of fun putting much of what I have learned into practice. I now have a thriving sourdough starter, some very tasty sauerkraut, my own homemade butter, sparkling water kefir and some delicious and nutritious home made chocolate with superfoods! I plan to make my own yogurts and kefirs and have made many of the raw food and detox recipes too!I particularly loved the raw cooking course and the Fermentation for Life series. I am working my way through the courses and learning so much.

I am finding the content life changing.

Best Wishes,
Suzanne Green

Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification

Introducing Your 12 Teachers

Experience a significant education as you become deeply immersed in the world of Wholistic Nutrition through the Master Teachings of our Star Faculty!

An education program that gives you over 200 of years of life, coaching and business experience! 

David Avocado Wolfe

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

Elaina Love

Raw Chef Certification

Lars Gustafsson

BodyMind Performance

Dr. Terry Willard

Wild Rose College Of Natural Healing

Alexandra Luppold

Sustainable Gardening

Patricia Lager

Human Anatomy

Dr. Henele

Energetic Health Institute

Elaine Starling

The Revenue Formula

Corbin Links

Coaching Profits Intensive

Dr. Joe Rubino

Living Your Dream Life

Robert Tennyson Stevens

Language of Mastery

Dr. Keith Beasley

Making Friends With Time

A Message From The Founder

"Why do we advance our lives?

In life and business we are here to uplift our lives and the world around us into a healthy, peaceful and sustainable future.

We understand your time is precious.

This is WHY we share in your passion for learning from top experts in their fields. We want to help you expand your career or get started in this field, so that you can take action knowing that you will experience pure success in your life and in the world around you - NOW."

Lars Gustafsson, Founder: BodyMind Institute


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Total Course Hours: 700hrs

2yr Program Time Management Planning 

Can I take these courses in any order?

What will my designation be?

What are the 14 Courses that I will receive in this package?

The Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification will prepare you on all levels to be a successful proponent of wholistic nutrition, whether in business, career, and of course with you and your family.

700 total course hours include: Hours of video, time to do quizzes, time to read all of the handouts, study for the final exam by redoing quizzes, and time to do the final exam itself.


Love life to the fullest through a rich and diverse experiential education journey.


Learn anywhere, anytime, and at your own schedule in this 2yr program.


Develop friendships with fellow students and create a worldwide network.

Our Faculty share decades of their life experience with you... so you can GAIN over 100 YEARS of knowledge and experiential wisdom!

Through these courses, you will gain a world of knowledge and be exposed to a large variety of cutting edge scientific advancements in the field of wholistic health and nutrition on all levels - Body, Mind and Soul.

  • Alkaline & Balanced Nutrition
  • Super Foods & Herbs
  • Fermentation & Specialty Food Prep.
  • Wholistic Nutrition Principles
  • Life and Personal Mastery
  • Financial & Business Success Systems
  • Complete Coaching Systems
  • Simplifying Micro & Macro Nutrition
  • Personal, Family and Coaching Programs

Get instant access to our 14 Courses now!

Immerse yourself in the fun, interactive and 100% online education that will quickly catapult your life, health and career into a whole new experience of success!


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Words Of Wisdom From David Avocado Wolfe

"You are made or unmade by your own education. You are at the source; you can control what information you are allowing to enter your awareness. You may study anything you desire. You can recapture a child's ability to learn by becoming inspired by new information. Studies prove that learning causes the brain to physically grow and rewire itself in a whole new way.

We learn in many ways: by repetition, by emotional impact, but the absolutely most powerful way to learn and master any subject is by saturation.

In my experience, the entire secret of success is saturation. Start bombarding yourself with words and pictures consistent with your goals. Saturating my mind with the secrets of health and the stories of super success has revolutionized my life. The mystery of incredible success is unlocked when one's fascination is met with saturation.”

Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner Certification
Courses Descriptions

Course #01

David Wolfe Nutrition Certification

With David Avocado Wolfe

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

250 live video lessons with health, nutrition, and natural beauty expert, David Wolfe, raw superfood nutrition pioneer. In this course offered exclusively online through BodyMind Institute.

David has condensed his 20+ years of research to immerse you into nutrition, raw foods, health, longevity, super herbs, super foods, health technologies, color pigment science and ancient wisdom. Elevate your wellbeing and upgrade your choices and have the best time ever doing it!

Total Time: 136.3hrs

Total Video Lessons: 250

Total Savings: $189.90

Course #02

BodyMind Performance Certification

With Lars Gustafsson

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

100s OF PROVEN STEPS, PRINCIPLES AND STRATEGIES FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE LIVING!  Getting results in all areas of life is not only possible, but when you use even a few of these systems, it's inevitable! Based on decades of real Life Coaching and application of nutrition, fitness, life and success principles, this course is a non-stop flow of personal success, emotional freedom, and physical fitness achievement.

Life is a grand performance! From Children, to Moms, to Nutritionists, and from Athletes to Corporate Executives... the strategies in this program are geared to support every aspect of living life to its fullest. Everything starts with the core nutrition systems in place and is then supported by upgrades on every aspect of success habits, strategies and consciousness evolution. PLUS!! 32 x 1 Hour Expert Interviews!

Total Time: 149hrs

Total Video Lessons: 133

Total Savings: $179.70

Course #03

Genesis Eating Healthy 365

With Dr. Henele

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Deepen your knowledge of what it means to eat healthy! Learn key principles for lasting improvements in your eating habits, based upon Dr. Henele's 16 Principles for Eating Healthy, including what everyone needs to know about delayed Food Allergies, why drinking & eating at the same time doesn’t often work, choosing ‘Green’ cookware that lasts for generations, and much, much more.

Total Time: 24.4hrs

Total Video Lessons: 40

Total Savings: $11.70

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Course #04

Coaching Profits Intensive

With Corbin Links

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Are you ready to START your own consulting or coaching business? Are you ready to ACCELERATE results, while saving time and money? In this course you will be able to go from start to a fully functioning, scalable business in 30 days (or less), expand your existing business, learn the secrets to true sales confidence and mastery, and how to attract any client with confidence, from an individual to a full corporate board.

Total Time: 21.8hrs

Total Video Lessons: 53

Total Savings: $149.70

Course #05

Language Of Mastery

With Robert Tennyson Stevens

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Language shapes our reality. In this course, we learn to consciously use our words to instantly shift our thoughts, feelings, expressions, and communication skills to a level of impeccability, raising our vibration to accomplish any goal we have.

It is time to go from the language of Confusion to the language of Clarity; the language of Separation to the language Oneness; the language of Want to the language of Having; the language of Co-Dependence to the language of Co-Empowerment.

Total Time: 16hrs

Total Video Lessons: 25

Total Savings: $29.70

Get instant access to our 14 Courses now!

Immerse yourself in the fun, interactive and 100% online education that will quickly catapult your life, health and career into a whole new experience of success!

Course #06

Living Your Dream Life

With Dr. Joe Rubino

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Discover your most important commitments and values and live deliberately to empower your life to live in a joy filled, abundant life path.

- Learn the Secrets to Living Deliberately and in Alignment with Your Vision
- Develop the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of
- Plus much, much more!

Total Time: 5.7hrs

Total Video Lessons: 19

Total Savings: $79.70

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Course #07

The Revenue Formula

With Elaine Starling

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Award-winning marketing consultant, Elaine Starling, takes you on a fun adventure inside the secret to creating a successful business and life. Each lively video module reveals important insights that create your customized blueprint for success, happiness and fulfillment.

- Why NOW is the perfect time to realize the life and business of your dreams.
- The unique advantage you offer.
- The opportunities that are open for you.

Total Time: 8.2hrs

Total Video Lessons: 23

Total Savings: $149.70

Course #08

Wisdom of the Cosmic Garden

With Alexandra Luppold

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Are you new to gardening, and want to know where to begin? Or, are you an experienced gardener who wants to UP your sustainable food security knowledge? This introductory course can teach nearly anyone HOW to begin and sustain a proper garden. In this 41 lessons e-course, you will learn about seasonal and spiritual gardening, soil and seeds, and how and when to best to harvest for nutrition and medicine.

Total Time: 12.4hrs

Total Video Lessons: 41

Total Savings: $29.70

Course #09

Raw Chef Certification

With Elaina Love

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Have you been looking for a way to get your raw chef training and certification online?  Can you do what you love WHILE becoming healthier and more financially abundant?

Learn vibrant and delicious recipes for dips, spreads, juices, soups, salads, dressings, breads, crackers, pastas, toppings, condiments, cultured foods, breakfasts, main courses, desserts… and more!!

This 100% online course is designed to help you build a new career, while simultaneously helping you achieve the healthy, fit body you’ve always dreamed of.

Total Time: 34.3hrs

Total Video Lessons: 48

Total Savings: $299.70

Course #10

Herbology 101

With Dr. Terry Willard

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

This course is one of the most extensive herbal courses offered in the world! And, Dr. Willard of Wild Rose College has made learning about plants uncomplicated and enjoyable! This course intelligently instructs learners on the actions, therapeutic uses, botany, and human physiology of many major herbs used in western Herbology. It combines 20th century scientific and clinical experience with traditional natural methods of health maintenance.

Total Time: 101.9hrs

Total Video Lessons: 167

Total Savings: $149.70

Course #11

Human Anatomy & Physiology

With Patty Lager

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

This course is the study of human anatomy and physiology using a body system approach with emphasis on the interrelationships between form and function at the gross and microscopic levels of organization.

The course is offered with sister course Human Anatomy and Physiology 2, both taught by Patty Lager as part of a pre-med and advanced physiology curriculum at the university level. You will learn about anatomy, biological chemistry, cell biology and the body systems.

Total Time: 39.7hrs

Total Video Lessons: 168

Total Savings: $59.70

Course #12

Fermentation For Life - Complete Series

With Dr. Terry Willard and Malcolm Saunders

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Learn the exciting skill of making your own probiotic foods from home!  Did you know that over 50% of your health can be attributed to how healthy your gut is?  In this valuable 12 part course, you'll learn how to create a wide variety of delicious probiotic foods to accomodate any lifestyle, enrich your gut with life-giving and life-saving probiotics, and promote serious immune system nourishment!  Probiotics are at the cutting edge of health and there is much to learn about how these simple foods can create amazing and lasting changes in your and your client's health.  Once you've got this course down, you can easily start your very own workshops to teach others how to make these!  ​

This Complete Fermentation for Life Series Includes hands-on learning with full Sections on:

- Dairy and Coconut Yogurts
- Background of Culturing and Wild Dairy Fermentation
- Kefir – Ginger Ale and Sparkling Drinks
- Kombucha – Kvass and Probiotic Tonics
- Probiotic Condiments
- Vegetables
- Vegetables Part 2 – Cabbages
- Simple Cheeses
- Natural Cured Meats
- Sourdough
- Legumes
- Beer – Wines – Meads and Ciders

Total Time: 44.6hrs

Total Video Lessons: 133

Total Savings: 96$

Course #13 - 5 LECTURES

5 Accelerated Learning Lectures

With Dr. Keith Beasley

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

5 Jam Packed Accelerated Learning Lectures with Dr. Keith Beasley:

1) Aspects of Love: This course takes us back to basics: what IS love? And how can we bring it into our lives? The ideas are simple and profound, the technique powerful and natural . . . and you deserve it!
2) Essence of Emotional Intelligence: offers vital perspectives on the nature of EI and Emotional Quotient (EQ), providing simple but powerful insights into improving them, and thus our relationships.
3) Making Friends With Time: provides a powerful approach to ‘time management’ as it’s traditionally been called, helping you to gain new insights into why we feel pressured and what you can do about it.
4) Mindful Presence: By bringing together the essence of spiritual practices, ideas from neuroscience, and practical experiences, this brief video e-course explains the positive benefits of mindfulness, and helps you reconnect to your own core wisdom and calmness.
5) Quality Matters: This unique course provides an understanding of the essence of Quality, and helps you to gain new insights into how, as a provider of products or services, you can maintain and improve your level of Quality in a cost effective manner, whatever business you’re in.

Total Time: 5hrs

Total Video Lessons: 5

Total Savings: $15

Course #14

Wild Rose College Cleansing Intensive

With Dr. Terry Willard

Full Course Description (opens in new window) >>

Discover the path to holistic internal cleansing practices, to improve your physical, emotional, mental, and personal/spiritual wellbeing. Do You Like To Help? Learn how to quickly help yourself, be a guide for your family, and many others through holistic cleansing and detoxifying!

This holistic video e-course with celebrity herbalist, Dr. Terry Willard, “works” at all levels of your body, mind, and spirit. In this e-course, you’ll learn: Where toxins come from and how do they accumulate in your body, the relationship of your Body, Mind and Spirit within the cleansing process, about your organs and physical systems involved in cleansing. Learn about cleansing by methods such as Fasting, learn about Ionic and Bowel Preparation for cleanses, the Outcomes and contraindications of cleanses, and Supplements and herbal combinations.

Total Time: 20.8hrs

Total Video Lessons: 34

Total Savings: $29

Get instant access to our 14 Courses now!

Immerse yourself in the fun, interactive and 100% online education that will quickly catapult your life, health and career into a whole new experience of success!


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