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Why Highly Sensitive People Find It hard To Stay Present?

By Heidi Jane | Spirituality

Sep 25

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What is grounding?

Grounding is the concept of having your consciousness fully engaged within your mental, emotional, and physical body. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or an Empath, being present in the physical world is about the most important thing you can do to improve your quality of life.

If you are ungrounded or reactive to your surroundings, you will be less effective at managing the increased information you receive every single day. This can lead to over-stimulation and hyper-sensitivity, which results in a reactive and defensive state of being. That's simply no fun for anyone.

Often Highly Sensitive People create a default disconnection, in an attempt to retreat from the external sensory world. They feel that if they are not connected to their bodies, then they won't have to feel as much; in essence they go to their ‘happy place’.

If you are ungrounded, you will be more affected by the environmental energy around you, and by other people’s shadow thoughts and emotions, not less. This can eventually lead to health issues, including mental, emotional, and energetic illness.

What does it feel like to be ungrounded?

  • Being accident prone
  • Unable to make clear, confident decisions
  • Not knowing what direction to take
  • Bumping into furniture
  • Dropping things
  • Feeling light-headed
  • Being forgetful
  • Losing the thread of a conversation
  • Losing your train of thought
  • Driving and not remembering the journey
  • Being emotionally reactive
  • Being emotionally oversensitive
  • Being physically oversensitive

If you have experienced these symptoms at all, please make it your aim to work strongly with grounding every day, especially while developing your sensitivities. This state can be such a habit for some people they are not even aware what it feels like to be fully embodied!

Why does it happen?

A number of highly skilled Empaths have had difficulty at some point in their lives creating boundaries and processing the huge amount of energy they interact with on a daily basis. This can be other people’s emotions, thought forms, or psychic energy and may feel quite unpleasant for the sensitive person, especially if they are unaware of healthy coping strategies.

Many Empaths have a history of trauma and abuse, which creates the habit to 'check out' if they are triggered. The failure to cope may also progress into self-medicating to numb these feelings and sensations, using both legal and illegal drugs, food, sex, alcohol, and cigarettes. Unfortunately, this is not a healthy nor effective long-term strategy and can lead into a vicious cycle.

Can you change it?

Yes! You can absolutely change being ungrounded! Just as you, at some point, learned to step out of your body, you can slowly and repeatedly train yourself to come back, and stay back for good. Once you have trained your sensitivities and conscious awareness, and mastered your own reality, you won’t need to dumb down the experience of your life.

Being highly sensitive does not mean you have to be highly reactive, and it certainly does not mean you have to be the victim of your environment. You can learn to manage and live with your sensitive nature, leading to a self-mastery state, where you leverage your skills for your benefit and the benefit of the planet! You can’t do this if you’re floating out in the stratosphere!

Try this! I dare you!

Sit quietly, cross-legged on the earth (preferably in the sun), for a minimum of five minutes, morning and night. Imagine that your heart center energy flows down and connects to the earth. Ensure that your heart center energy travels down to the very center of the earth and into her crystalline heart. If you only tap into the surface or just below, you will actually be tapping into the astral realm that is held within the earth.

This layer is about three hundred kilometers in depth and contains the residue of human emotions, entities, and other unpleasant energies that you do not want to connect with or feel in your body, mind, or heart. Your clear and strong intention is to connect with the earth, heart to heart. Visualize the earth’s heart at the center of her body, and then see your heart at the center of your body, beating in synchronicity.

Meditate every day for the next week, concentrating on your consciousness anchoring into the very heart of the earth mother. Visualize your consciousness traveling down through the layers of rock and stone, down through the underground rivers and streams, down though the rivers of fire and lava, and then merging into the earth’s crystalline heart.

Perhaps imagine that, just like a ship’s anchor, your consciousness is now held in the heart of the earth mother. Stay there in this connection for as long as you choose. This is a great way to begin any meditation or to prepare yourself for your day.

This is a very healing process and can be used as much as you wish. I invite you to journal after each meditation, noticing any realizations and experiences you’ve had. During the week, notice if anything changes in terms of your being more present in your life and if there are differences you perceive.

Bottom line is this. If you choose to be present you will be.

If you would like to join My Empath Tribe, a community for like-spirited sensitives, to receive ongoing support, live coaching, courses, resources, and news, then please follow this link.

See you in there!

Heidi Jane

Article by Heidi Jane, Guest Blogger for the BodyMind Institute
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