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Raw Food Passion

By Elaina Love | Nutrition

Mar 04

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[I’m loving to share with you an article written by Rachel Kahn, founder of LoveSelf, a gluten-free wellness magazine dedicated to inspiring self-love through real earth empowered food. Enjoy the recipes included in this article!]

Introducing Elaina Love – A raw food passion story of decadence, beauty, and health

One beautiful woman is changing the raw food movement from ‘broccoli again?’ to holy amazing joy, have you tried that chocolate dessert?! Introducing Elaina Love of Pure Joy Academy. She creates heaven on a plate and no way are we going to sacrifice raw food decadence.

I knew the universe had sparked my meeting with Elaina when I first noticed her name. Love and LoveSelf. Pure Joy and Decadent Wellness. We hadn’t even met and were already a match made in heaven.

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The day I traveled to meet Ms. Elaina, she was teaching a culinary series in Paradise Valley, CA. Hers is no ordinary cooking class. Elaina and her students spend every day together for a month, learning the art of raw food, healthy eating, and body loving wellness. I was lucky to walk in just before lunch and because I just couldn’t help myself, started with dessert first. Imagine chocolate cream raspberry heaven like you have never tasted before.

I was privileged to speak to Elaina’s class while they prepared our food. What I learned was incredible. She had attracted a group from all over the world. One couple, Tony and Jim, had flown in from the Philippines.

As leaders in The Biggest Loser show in the Philippines and Olympic trainers, they spoke of their commitment to Pure Joy Academy by reminding us all that “true fitness includes nutrition” and “balance is everything." Kym, an Australian yacht chef, had heard about Elaina in Bali and flown in to learn how to prepare healthy decadence for her guests.

Andrea joined us from Mexico City with the dream of opening a raw restaurant in her home city. The knowledge of the group was as wise and varied as their global reach. Antonio, a young man with a huge grin, told me laughing that he has “no clue” yet he loves learning for health and nutrition. “I am starting to be healthy, so I don’t want to go back. These people are amazing," he told me.

Speaking of amazing, Elaina Love is the true essence of being healthy from the inside out. And like many of us, her path began because she was facing her own health challenges. Dealing with autoimmune symptoms, depression, and chronic candida this former real estate agent discovered her life’s work by first healing herself.

People began noticing her new found energy, how great she looked, and started asking for her secret. She would introduce them to her latest self-taught raw food dish and suddenly she found herself switching from houses to healing. Elaina speaks of changing lives, of ah-ha moments, and the life transforming power of food. Amen, I say.

And her food is indeed life transforming. Have you tasted raw lasagna that actually tastes like traditional lasagna? Herb cheese made from nuts? A goddess green dressing that is worthy of royalty. Even the crackers are raw perfection!

As the beauty in life can also be its darkest days, Elaina’s son Dominic died of Leukemia when he was a teenager. She recalls his encouragement and her surrender to spirit. Dominic, in his transition, has become the angelic force behind her love journey.

Elaina and I share a philosophy and a knowing. The knowledge that food awakens people. It is our birth right. Our JOY.

I asked Elaina about her next step along the path. She desires a permanent location for her school. Maybe even in her beloved Tucson. She will set the intention, and the universe will respond.

Big news! Elaina gave us two of her recipes, Raw Chocolate Chews and Raw Zucchini Pasta with Marinara! Enjoy and don’t forget to send us a picture of your cooking. We love to feature your inspiring stories. Muah!

Article by Elaina Love, Faculty Member here at the BodyMind Institute
Elaina Love's Raw Chef Certification
Elaina's Website: https://elainalove.com/
Elaina's Live Classes: http://purejoyplanet.com/a

Originally posted in http://www.loveselfmagazine.com/raw-food-passion/ .


About the Author

~ Professional Chef, Instructor and Detox Counselor at PureJoyAcademy.com, Lifestyle Counselor, Co-owner of Pure Joy Academy and Owner/Director of PureJoyPlanet.com Elaina Love began teaching raw food courses in 1998. She is a pioneer of low-glycemic and gourmet raw foods. She has created some of the recipes and everyday products which are used by professional raw chefs around the planet. Elaina has authored 3 popular recipe books, and is known for her “recipes that work!” In 2010, after 12 years of teaching, Elaina co-founded Pure Joy Culinary Academy. Since the academy opened, she has thoughtfully certified hundreds of students around the world. Each of these proud graduates now knows exactly how to be a raw food chef, and can instruct others around then–with an emphasis on Holistic Nutrition! Elaina has created the online "Raw Chef Certification" available exclusively here at the BodyMind Institute. Visit Elaina Loves' Pure Joy Academy here >


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