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Beyond Peace

By Dr. Keith Beasley | Spirituality

Jul 06
By Dr. Keith Beasley, Faculty Member here at the BodyMind Institute
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I woke up this morning feeling uneasy, which is strange as I went to bed feeling peaceful. I'd had a good day and been able to resolve a couple of issues than had been bugging me. But this morning that good feeling had evaporated . . . as a deeper sense of uncertainty began to surface. In today's world, it seems, there's always something to unsettle us. The thought came:

How can I be at peace with the world when the world is not at peace with itself?

What a question!

The answer came to me as more questions:

  • Is a raging river at peace with itself?
  • Is a thunderstorm at peace with the world?

The questions, to anyone willing to listen to their innate, inner wisdom are absurd.

'Peace' is merely a concept. An idea created by the human mind.

The reality is that even the most peaceful looking mirror lake is teaming with life, with natural creation and destruction.

Even in the most blissful of meditation, our bodily processes are continuing, destroying food to turn it into energy.

Life goes on, death goes on. Many of us may seek an end to disputes between humans but, in this era at least, they are as part of reality as a ladybird eating an aphid from our roses.

The conclusion?

The only way to feel peaceful is to be peaceful. And that means just being . . . beyond labels of peace or otherwise, beyond judgement as to what constitutes peace and what doesn't.

Being Peaceful means Being . . . Beyond Thought.

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About the Author

~ PhD CEng FIQA FHEA PGCertHE Reiki Master Dr. Keith Beasley, PhD has a rare background that makes him uniquely placed as a Faculty Member with the BodyMind Institute. Following 17 years as a Quality and Reliability expert working on state-of the art electronics, he retrained as a Reiki Master/Teacher, eventually running retreats in the mountains of the Algarve in Portugal. More recently he has completed his PhD from Bangor University in North Wales (UK) on ‘Transcending Thought’. These studies confirmed what his engineering and holistic health phases had indicated: that there is far more to ‘knowing’ than we can get from conventional learning.


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